Antonia Okafor: I Am Not The Victim You Need Me To Be

Antonia Okafor: I Am Not The Victim You Need Me To Be

The NRA has released “I Didn’t Listen,” a powerful new commercial featuring Antonia Okafor—a millennial woman who refuses to be put in box. She opens her commentary saying, “I’ve been told that black women aren’t supposed to support the Second Amendment.”

A passionate advocate of women’s issues and Southwest Regional Director of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, Okafor has been told her whole life that she shouldn’t want to have the right to protect herself, and that she should fall in line. She’s not listening to those who want to control her beliefs and freedoms: “To all those who have called me a sell-out, an Uncle Tom or a pawn for someone else, here’s what should scare you: I never changed my beliefs. I woke up and realized that you don’t represent them.” In the face of anti-Second Amendment discrimination, Okafor continues to teach her peers about their rights. She doesn’t care what names anti-gun bigots call her. “I am not the victim you need me to be. And I’m talking to more women like me every day,” says Okafor.

“I Didn’t Listen,” is the latest in the NRA’s nationally successful Freedom’s Safest Place campaign. The campaign features ads that tell powerful stories and send honest messages about freedom, the threat of radical Islamic terror, American values and our God-given right to defend ourselves and our families with a firearm. Okafor’s story is airing on national television and can be accessed at, along with other Freedom’s Safest Place commercials, which include commentaries from NRA News Commentator Colion Noir, Dana Loesch and Battle of Benghazi hero Mark “Oz” Geist.

Share Antonia’s powerful message using #NRASpeaksForMe.


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Bob Tompkins

I am so proud and thankful that Antonia has the courage to standup for an issue that the left would like everyone to believe is strictly a white male belief, I hope more women and women of color stand up like Antonia has so bravely done, please keep spreading the word and when your ready to get involved serving the public, I will gladly support you and if your ever feeling defeated by the haters on the left, I / we will have your back!
Thank you and God Bless You.


Antonia Okafor is an American who knows what is right regardless of what the criminals who claim to represent minority cultures say about our once great country. I thank you Antonia for what you stand for and your beliefs. God Bless.

We must be great again vote the DAMN DEMOCRATS COMMIE LOVERS OUT. Vote for America.

Lonnie Mullenix

Beautiful young woman with a most appropriate message for everyone that is concerned about their present and future safety. Thank you Antonia.


I would love to meet her Dad and Mom and kiss them on the forehead for such a great job of raising their child. That is where it all begins!!


What an amazing young woman !

Wild Bill

These commercials are wildly effective in an election year that we need effectiveness. If there were no other reasons to support the NRA, these commercials would be reason enough!


Here Here, couldnt have said it better myself!

Jacob M. Opperman

It is nice to see a young person no let me restate it A Young Black Lady who knows who she is. A young Lady who not only cares about her self but care about all others like her self. If is refreshing so see this in a Lady her age. All I can say to her You Go, You Rock and You Just Keep Being Who You Are and I Think You Will Go Far In To Where Ever You Are Heading. Peace Go With You Miss Antonia.