Armed Home Owner Shoots Intruder in His Bedroom

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Home Invasion
Armed Home Owner Shoots Intruder in His Bedroom
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( The Las Vegas Review Journal and KSNV News 3 reported recently (7/5/2016) the owner of a home on Refectory Avenue, that’s near Desert Inn Road and Town Center Drive, awoke to find an intruder standing over him in his bedroom just after 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The resident fired a shot at the individual and who then tried to flee the home. The intruder was arrested by responding Metro PD Officers in the home’s backyard and was transported to University Medical Center with a nonlife-threatening injury to his thigh.

“Just imagine waking up and finding an intruder in your home,” said 13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert, retired police Lieutenant Randy Sutton. The homeowner was fortunate there was a gun by his bedside, a place where it normally isn’t.

Investigators say the suspect was able to enter the home because the victim’s garage door opener was inside his unlocked car in the driveway. The suspect was transported to UMC Trauma with non-life threatening injuries.


A quiet burglar here in Las Vegas. An alarm system and/or yappy dog can be a big help with sneaky burglars. Getting some warning that lets you wake up also usually causes the intruder to find a different target.

Sometimes what you perceive as a false alarm was not, the noise just sent the prowler off to a quieter target.

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