Armed Samaritan Stops Suspected Robber At Gunpoint

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Armed Samaritan Stops Suspected Robber At Gunpoint
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( The Tribune in Greely Colorado reports this week (6/30/16) just after 6 p.m. a suspect entered the west wing of Frasier Hall on the University of Northern Colorado campus.

He held up a UNC custodian at gunpoint demanding his wallet and watch.

The suspect then fled and the victim followed him. A nearby local resident had just picked up a food order and was walking back to his car. He then saw a guy with a wallet in his hands running past the restaurant. Seconds later, an out of breath older man walked up to him asking for help. He said the runner had robbed him and was armed with a gun.

That resident grabbed his Smith & Wesson handgun from his car’s trunk and took off after the robber. At some point, the suspected robber ditched his gun but found himself facing the resident holding him at gunpoint.

“I told him to freeze. I pointed my firearm at him. I told him to drop the wallet and wait for the police,” the resident said. The suspect dropped the wallet, but tried to run. The resident put his gun away, tackled the robber and kept him there until police arrived.

His robbery weapon, recovered by police turned out to be a replica firearm. The would-be robber had only been out of jail for a week. He had arrested for felony menacing on May 28, and he bonded out on June 22. This incident is only 8 days later.


A couple of brave citizens! First the victim follows a suspect he believes to be armed, then an armed citizen jumps in to help and ultimately captures the robber. No shots fired, stolen property is recovered and a bad guy goes to jail.

Following a suspect to find help is OK if you keep your distance. The resident joining in to capture a suspect he believes to be armed is a clearly total hero.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Its to bad the chrominance will be back out on the street next week

Tom Webster

Over here in the UK felons use a variety of attack weaponry. Favoured are lump hammers, screw drivers and kitchen knives. Taking away the guns will only affect the victim’s ability to respond appropriately.


A VCA who puts his victim “in fear for life and limb,” even by brandishing a faux weapon, usually iss prosecuted under at least aggravated assault charges. a few years ago, I read about a New York VCA with two felonies in his record, who attempted to hold up a bodega, using a cucumber in his pocket to simulate a hand gun. After the female clerk had laughed and said, “Oo-oo-oo! Is that a cucumber, or are you happy to see me?” the police managed to arrest the VCA. Under the “three strikes and you’re out,” he is now serving… Read more »


Interesting the gun grabbers have no plan to eliminate faux handguns, often used in place of real ones to rob and such. In this case, a non-firearm had all the effect of a real one to accomplish the robbery. Thus, even if we do get ALL the guns “off the streets” there will still be those who prey upon innocents for their own gain.

What the grabbers always fail to consider is that the issue is never one of hardware, always software. And their plans and schemes never address that.


Me too !


I learned all about it from the US-wide LameStream EneMedia—NOT!