Become the Arrow, by Byron Ferguson

Become the Arrow by Byron Ferguson
Become the Arrow by Byron Ferguson :
Target Communications Outdoor Books
Target Communications Outdoor Books

Mequon, WI -( Byron Ferguson — archery trick shot, longtime bowhunter, longbow manufacturer and frequent performer on such television shows as Super Humans (History Channel) — developed a modern barebow aiming and shooting system called “become the arrow” for longbow and recurve shooters.

It is easy to learn, reliable and puts your mental and physical focus where it belongs – on the target.  He calls it the art of MODERN barebow shooting, taking archery accuracy one long step beyond the bow.

“When you become the arrow, you extend your mental approach to accurate shooting,” Ferguson explains. “Coaches often advise ‘become the bow’, but the bow is only a launching device. The arrow is the ultimate and final part, whether hitting a target bullseye or cleanly striking game in the vitals. The arrow is the only thing that extends from shooter to target; it is the only projection of yourself, of your concentration and focus.”

By applying what Ferguson says, you also will learn the incredible value of visualization.

“When you extend your mental framework to the arrow…when you visualize the arrow hitting the exact spot you intended it to hit,” Ferguson says, “then you truly have become the arrow and will be a more deadly shot.”

BECOME THE ARROW also includes extensive, in-depth material on bowhunting. A skilled hunter, Ferguson has tagged more than 160 whitetail deer, plus record-book black bear, moose, pronghorn, mule deer, upland game birds and countless small game. He gives you the benefit of his wide-ranging, hunting experience in sections on tidal charts and moon phases, treestand placement, funneling deer, how to handle the moment of truth, hunting from the ground, hunting a creek, deer body language, scouting a new area, finding lost blood trails, the five priorities of bowhunting and the 10 most-frequent mistakes.

BECOME THE ARROW is paperback, 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”, 112 pages, $13.95 plus s/h.

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