Support Darryl Glenn, Help Defeat One of Obama’s Favorite Senators

Darryl Glenn, a great friend of the Second Amendment, surprised the pundits with a resounding win in the Republican primary.
Darryl Glenn, a great friend of the Second Amendment, surprised the pundits with a resounding win in the Republican primary.
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Colorado-( With so much focus on the presidential election right now, I wanted to make sure you were aware of what’s happening in Colorado.

Darryl Glenn, a great friend of the Second Amendment, surprised the pundits with a resounding win in the Republican primary.

He was vastly outspent, but what Darryl lacked in money he made up for with grassroots supporters and an all-volunteer campaign staff.

Now he represents one of the few opportunities to turn a U.S. Senate seat from anti-gun to pro-gun.

And he’s taking on one of Barack Obama’s favorite Senators — Michael Bennet.

Where to begin with Bennet?

Bennet doesn’t think you should be able to buy or sell a personal firearm without first going to the government to approve the sale.

Gun shows would be a thing of the past if it were up to Bennet.

Bennet voted against a concealed carry reciprocity amendment, even though your right to self-defense shouldn’t end at the state line.

He supported ObamaCare, which has the dangerous potential to take guns away from people based on a doctor’s diagnoses (it’s already happening to military veterans).

UN Gun Control

UN Gun Control
UN Gun Control

Worst of all, Bennet voted against keeping the United States out of the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

You might want to read that sentence again.

Michael Bennet, a sitting United States Senator, voted to give up our constitutional right to own firearms — and national sovereignty — to the gun-hating United Nations.

Gun Owners of America has fought for many years to keep this treaty bottled up.

The language contained in the Arms Trade Treaty gives Obama and the anti-gun lobby all the cover they need to implement gun control measures they have long sought without any further legislation, including:

  • A national registry of gun owners;
  • A ban on interstate movement of any firearms;
  • A ban on imported firearms; and, possibly,
  • The elimination of most small gun shops through excessive regulation and paperwork requirements.

THAT’s the treaty Bennet refused to oppose!

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What ever happen to Morse,Hudak,and Giron ? Did that scum ever leave Colorado after getting recalled and thrown out of office ?


Good luck Mr. Glenn. We are pulling for you in Washington State.


I wish Colorado conservatives the best of luck this fall. Godspeed.

Thom Paine

Saw a headline that said ,”Democrats smell fear” . Well that’s just because they and their media shill s are too stupid to smell the rage that’s building. And make no mistake it is RAGE! Anyone that supports the further destruction of this nation by voting for Hitlery ,is neither friend ,nor,family or countrymen to me . They are the enemy and have proven it repeatedly.

Thom Paine

I won’t live in Colorado ,nor support business in that state . But if I did ? He would have my support and vote!

sgm (ret)

As a native born Coloradoan, I have become ashamed of what has happened there. I no longer live in CO and would never return as long as the “Californication” of CO exists. I now live in a state (Idaho) that is what CO used to be when I was growing up. Those true Coloradoans that know how it used to be need to grow a pair and take back their freedoms!


All Coloradans, please vote for Darryl Glenn, we need to save our State / Country !!

Pistol Pete

If Clinton wins freedom and America are gone!

Danny Willard

The colonists only had tax as a reason for starting the Revolutionary War against England. How many reasons are there today? We as a nation, have moved a long way downward since my youth. Not sure there will be any freedom left by the time my son is my age.

barton york

Danny Willard.
The Revolutionary War began after the Government of the time moved to disarm its’ citizens.