Chesapeake City VA Pulling A Fast One With New Shooting Restrictions

City of Chesapeake Virginia
City of Chesapeake Virginia
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Virginia – -( It has been brought to Virginia Citizens Defense League’s attention that Chesapeake is trying to fly some new shooting restrictions under the radar.

Well, that didn’t work, but we don’t have much time!

Chesapeake wants to greatly increase restrictions on where a person can lawfully shoot, requiring:

* exceptionally large tracks of land (50 acres or more)
* one owner or lessee
* land must be used primarily for agriculture or conservation
* landowner must get a permit from the police chief
* no “grandfathering” of current home ranges

This effectively DOUBLES OR TRIPLES THE “NO SHOOT” AREAS of Chesapeake!

The Chesapeake website is silent on the “public” meeting on this proposal, and they are not expecting many to attend (gee, I wonder why? If nobody knows about it…).


Chesapeake residents – we need a big turnout for this one!

The meeting is being held at 6 PM on Wednesday, July 20th 2016 at:

Chesapeake Sheriff’s Administration Building
Training Room
401 Albemarle Drive (corner of Holt Drive and Albemarle Drive)
Chesapeake, VA

**You MUST SIGN UP TO ATTEND the meeting and need to do so ASAP**:

Call Karen Green with the Chesapeake Police Department at 757-382-6404 or email her at [email protected] to sign up to attend (only 10 people are signed up, but I’m betting that is about to change 😉 )

I will be running the Virginia Citizens Defense League membership meeting that night in Newport News, but Board of Directors member John Fenter will be at the Chesapeake meeting representing Virginia Citizens Defense League .

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). Virginia Citizens Defense League is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

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  • 25 thoughts on “Chesapeake City VA Pulling A Fast One With New Shooting Restrictions

    1. § 15.2-915.4 allows someone on private property to be able to discharge an air gun as long as they have permission from the property owner to do so and reasonable care is taken to ensure that the projectile does not cross the bounds of the property. Any local ordinances to the contrary, which many localities have adopted, are preempted.

    2. Basically, the meeting was turned into a division into focus groups, farmers, agriculture and target shooters. The intent of these focus groups is to gather information to make a better decision that benefits all. Whether this was the original expected meeting structure or it turned into this because of the 400-ish people who showed up, I don’t know. I can tell you the Chief took a barrage of complaints and was incredibly transparent with the group. I stayed with the Chief the entire time because he was the one I was most interested in hearing. I don’t own much land but my purpose in going was to insure that 2A rights were not infringed upon. Thank you to everyone here that showed up. Americans taking a stand get things done

    3. Here is the latest from the CITY:
      Good morning. Due to overwhelming response for attendance, the meeting location has been changed to Council Chambers, City Hall Building, 306 Cedar Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322. Registration is not required.

      Karen Green
      Office of the Chief of Police
      Chesapeake Police Department
      304 Albemarle Drive
      Chesapeake, VA 23322
      [email protected]

    4. Meeting has been moved to a new location due to “unexpected turnout”, you should have received an email with the new location at city council chambers

    5. Is the Chief of Police the proper authority to create or change existing ordinances? I thought the police were to enforce laws and ordinances, not create them.

      We need a citizens group to draft a proposed ordinance and move forward from there. Or if the CA and CoP are going to draft it it needs a referendum and public vote.

    6. Please see the below information from Chief Kelvin Wright:

      Thank you for your email. I want you to know that there is misinformation going
      about and please feel free to share this email with others.

      The meeting which is taking place on July 20th, is not on a proposed ordinance.
      We are having the meeting to hear and discuss the concerns of farmers, hunters,
      and target shooters so that we can craft or adjust our existing ordinances so as
      to promote the safety of our citizens. Clearly, Chesapeake is not as rural as
      it was 20 years ago. Over the recent years, we have had numerous reports of
      damaged property to farmers equipment, livestock and residents homes from
      errant bullets. We have also had people injured. Our concern is the safety of
      the people. To this end, we have asked members of the Farm Bureau, the
      Agriculture Commission, and called everyone who spoke at City Council Meeting on
      June 28th as well to attend this meeting. We have asked them to tell their
      friends and anyone they think would be affected and be of help so they we can
      hear their concerns.

      The problems all of us face will not subside if we do nothing. In fact over
      time, it will only worsen and more people will be in jeopardy of serious injury
      or death. Therefore, I conclude that we have the responsibility to come
      together and jointly discuss how best to proceed. I have already had a number
      of stakeholders offer reasonable solutions that take into account others
      concerns and the safety of the community. They also indicate that they will
      attend the meeting.

      Again, I welcome you to attend the meeting so that we can determine how best to
      proceed. I believe that we can all work together and achieve a balanced

      Kind regards,
      Chief Wright

    7. Here we go with the so called illegal deer hunting with dogs. #1. It’s legal to hunt deer with dog’s.
      #2. It’s also legal for a hunter to retrieve their dogs off any property as long as they don’t carry a weapon on them while doing so.

      Yes, all hunter should show so respect and ask first, but like every aspect in life there’s always a bad apple. Don’t butch about all when it’s only a few doing it.
      Stop about hunting and stay on the subject.

    8. I’ve seen comments where this meeting has been cancelled, and it’s dead. I have yet to confirm that. In speaking with Karen Green this morning she indicated that we would be included as attendees, just this morning. She wouldn’t have included us in as attendees if the proposal had been pulled. I’m showing up regardless, trying to sneak something into city regulations without the public knowing is corrupt. I expect me questioning this to be answered Wednesday

    9. That’s crazy, people have common sense, gun owners know how to shoot their weapons on their own property. if you have a proper shooting range set up where no one can be hurt by a stray bullet it’s not problematic, which needs no regulatory measure incorporated. Do something worthwhile, instead of wasting time and taxpayer money pursuing this action. Ridiculous.

    10. Maybe because a rifle bullet can travel 2-3 miles or until it hits something (or someone), Agriculture and Conservation land is less likely to have people (like children). Chesapeak is flat unlike the western part of the state. Or may be due to the illegal deer dog hunters trespassing, no one wants an armed trespasser on their property particularly with everything going on today . The were several people shot this past year in their yards. I would stress more education on firearm owners so not to create problems for the rest of us.

    11. I can see why everyone is being worked up on these new gun related restrictions. Chesapeake is well known for their violent hoods and for being targeted from terrorists, Communists, city folks, zombies, or whatever god-fearing, paranoid hicks and yokels fear. I definitely agree with you on how disgusting it is when the government makes decisions without the opinions or approvals of the people it affects. When you attend the meeting, make sure only the educated people in the group speak. Those two will will shed a better light for the group and make the Council take you more seriously.

    12. What’s with these people , less areas to become more familiar with gun safety . Well the city should look into the , Forrest Cove section of the city , this apartment complex has a shooting range used daily night and day , with no safety control at all . This problem is more important , they need to get priorities , straight . I’ll try to make to this meeting , myself .

    13. When will citizens hold their elected servants accountable. The Fairfax Board of Education is doing the same thing as they rush to implement new policies specifically to deny citizens the right to hear and comment on policies. We need to demand representation. These people serve us! They are NOT our rulers.

    14. Everyone must be very watchful of our legislators, commissioners, city council, etc. as they can be VERY deceitful and sneaky. The Orange County, NC county commissioners tried to do something exactly like that here. Luckily, 100+ hunters and landowners attended the meeting to oppose it.

    15. You need to move this meeting, Virginia Citizens Defense League membership meeting to the Sheriff’s administration building. Make it a two for one deal.

    16. Prepare a press release and send it to the main stream wire services: AP, Reuters, CNN, Fox, and your local media outlets.
      Include the contact numbers and email address. This will hopefully help amplify the outrage. Make sure you include the concern about the secretive approach “they” rely on to “restrict” the 2A.
      I hope this will help. Keep us posted. Thanks for all you do.

    17. What Chesapeake website are you looking at? Is this a city council meeting or a Sheriffs department meeting? City council meets on Tuesday the 19th, not the 20th. I couldn’t find anything about a meeting on the 20th for the Sheriffs department.??

      1. I believe they are referencing a large public meeting room in the Sheriff’s Office building that is frequently used for public gatherings. It has nothing to do with the Sheriff’s Office.

    18. You MUST run these people out of office NOW… Why keep a roach around?

      Always wondering if your getting cheated…no get them out by force…

      1. Their up to everything, and I mean everything, to restrict our second amendment rights !!! They got their spearhead, I mean dick head, waiting in the isles. God help us if she goes in.

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