The Clinton Email Coverup Is Unraveling

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Judicial Watch
Judicial Watch

Washington, DC -( If you’ve been getting your information solely from Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch you might have assumed that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is behind us.

Our briefs and the upcoming hearing show otherwise. We are pursuing her sworn  testimony to get to the heart of her incessant and flagrant mishandling of government documents.  As I wrote this week for Fox News:

It is no surprise that neither Hillary Clinton nor the Obama State Department agrees with our request to depose Mrs. Clinton concerning her exclusive use of her email account to house and send tens of thousands of official emails throughout her entire tenure as secretary of state.

What is notable is that the State Department finally admits that Clinton’s practice of supposedly emailing other State officials using her account was not an “appropriate method of preserving federal records or making them available for searches under FOIA.”

Second, it is both significant and disturbing that Hillary Clinton now asserts a private “claim of right” over her email account, including any of the 55,000 pages of federal records she returned to the State Department.  She further claims that these and other emails, including emails that may have contained classified information, have “never been the property of or in the possession or control of the State Department.”

Also important is the difference between the State Department’s and Mrs. Clinton’s most fundamental claims as to why neither agency staff nor Mrs. Clinton should testify.

The State Department claims that no one at the agency really knew anything about Mrs. Clinton’s email system, so there is nothing left to say.

Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand, claims that everyone at the agency knew all about her system, so, once again, there is nothing left to say.

Our lawsuit is forcing more government transparency.  Following a prior court order, the State Department asked the FBI for any Clinton emails it recovered.  This week the FBI wrote back that it would turn over the emails that Mrs. Clinton had either deleted or held back from the American people.

Slowly, but surely, the Clinton email cover up is unraveling.

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  • 27 thoughts on “The Clinton Email Coverup Is Unraveling

    1. @Janek All It ever says is bla bla bla. James Comey didn’t say that hiLIARy actions constituted nothing but oddball theories. Comey shredded all Hitlery defenses, and laid out her crimes against our country. It belongs to the global troll party, and gets paid when we respond to him.

    2. That’s the best you got? E-mails? No secretes sold to the Russians, nothing but oddball conspiracy theories.

      No wonder conservatives are going to loose this time and loose big- despite all the armament and bullets you buy and stockpile you keep bring a knife to a gun fight!

      1. @Irontiger65 – And you’ve got a party full of ‘Frosted Flakes’, and like Tony the Tiger you think ‘They’re Great’.

    3. Hildabeast is a disgraceful, despicable, lying sack of crap.
      She MUST be STOPPED!!!!!!
      Make a real difference and send a message that no one, not even the Hildabeast, is above the Law!
      Vote for Donals Trump.

    4. For more than 20 years I’ve heard “THIS (insert scandal here) will be the end of the (insert Clinton here). So far, it’s never been so. Good luck.

    5. It is beyond me, and I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of politics, but how can she even be a nominee at this point? She has been caught living, cheating, covering up information, but still is allowed to run for President???
      I’m afraid those less informed only hear what they want to hear, that’s he will give free college, increase min wage….BULLSH*T! She is a liar people, what part of that don’t they understand.

    6. Vote for Trump if you’re tired of constantly seeing the Hildebeast on TV. That tact should work if you don’t really know what’s in the Clinton’s closet.

    7. Voting may be a useless act at this point. See the documentary “HACKING DEMOCRACY” on youtube.
      I know there are those of you who will deny the authenticity of anything on the web. Just remember you are here too. This is not the first time the security of electronic voting machines has been found sorely lacking.

    8. This is what needs to be accomplished quickly. Indict the witch quickly.
      Once / if Crooked Hillary Gets into office, its too late.
      There is enough information and proof that she has been lying and
      ducking responsibility for her actions. Obama and Lynch and Comey should
      be taken down with her. A FBI agent has announced there was a deal struck between
      Bill Clinton and Lynch on her private plane a couple day prior too Comeys report speech.
      She has lied to the public for years about every matter that she gets caught at doing.
      Then Comey says she was not interviewed under oath ? That’s another free ride thru the
      corrupt legal system for her.

      1. Yep, the fix was in. If the Famous But Incompetent gang interviewed us it would not be in the comfort of our house, nor at a time when it is convenient to our schedule.

    9. We truly have a traitors in both clintons but she should get what moose-ill-leany got.

      She has sold our country to the biggest donor to the clinton crime foundation…..

      One only has to see how she was from the start.. see why she was fired as a lawyer from watergate investigation

      she was fired because Jerry Zeifman said she:

      was a liar unethical dishonest lawyer
      who conspired to violate the CONSTITUTION
      The rules of the house and committee
      and the rules of CONFIDENTIALITY.

    10. The email scandal is a distraction from the real crimes found throughout the Clinton Foundation. The emails are scrip-scraps. Keep demanding answers on the CF. That is how she goes down, and takes many a tyrant down with her…

    11. deserves nothing but prosecution at the highest level people have gone to prison for far less than the blood on her hands
      Absolutely no reason to think she is above the law and the American people are we now a lawless country? And to think that she is still allowed to run and possibly run your country as corrupt as she is just sickening….

    12. It is now up to the American People and her trial is in November. We will then see just what direction this country is going. Every citizen has a right to vote. With that right comes an obligation to make a smart and well reasearched vote. The liberials don’t teach that in schools, It is time to take our country back. Lets don’t make another Obama mistake. If you don’t want to vote for Trump, don’t vote.

      1. Quote} “If you don’t want to vote for Trump, don’t vote”.{quote

        An absolutely worthless advice. TRUMP is the Republican nominee, won states with the largest majority in history; If you “Don’t Vote” You ARE giving Hillary one more vote AGAINST US.
        Hold your nose if you don’t like Trump and vote for him anyway; I had to do that with Nixon, Dole, McCain, TWO Bushes and the namby-pamby Romney. ONLY people I really Liked were GOLDWATER and Reagan. I voted Twice for Reagan as Gov. of CA and TWICE for President.
        VOTE TRUMP and HELP defeat the liberal aniti-gun crook Hillary.

      2. if who sits in the White House does not matter to you, why are you still here? Go find another country to infest. If you DO care, then VOTE… vote for the best candidate on the ballot. If you refuse to make your mark, you make a mark by default fot the worst one. Grow up and stand in the rsponsibiliy you have as an American. Else go somewhere else. I’m sure North Korea and Cuba will open their arms wide for you. Or maybe the newly liberated UK. Or if you prefer a more liberal regime, I’m certain you could find a place in Germany or France.

        We will NOT “take our country back” by surrendering her to the highest bidder, which is precisely what not voting will do.

    13. Sooner rather than later a federal judge will rule that you have “no standing” in pursuit of this suit and that really will be “it”.

      1. And it will PROBABLY be a liberal moronic judge appointed by a dimocrap and has not a single clue about the Constitution and LAW.

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