Colion Noir: Politicians, Media Guilty Of Most Despicable Form Of Racism

Colion Noir: Politicians, Media Guilty Of Most Despicable Form Of Racism

NRA News Commentator Colion Noir isn’t buying the shameful media’s abusive use of the word “racism.” In a powerful new NRA ad, “Real Solutions,” Noir asserts true racism lies in the fact that deceitful politicians allow gangs to terrorize America’s inner cities when they could clean up the streets by simply enforcing the law: “Remove the jobs. Break the schools. Pull back the police. Let the streets flood with drugs. Let violent gangs recruit child soldiers and terrorize neighborhoods. Don’t prosecute gun crimes.”

Noir’s new commentary comes after a week of divisive rhetoric from media and anti-Second Amendment elitists, who’ve used tragedies as tools to further their own selfish agendas. Al Sharpton has been amongst the most shameful, telling a room of African-Americans that the NRA believes “the Second Amendment is for whites only.” Noir hit back against Sharpton’s deceit, as well as race-baiting statements from media figures like Don Lemon, Chris Hayes and Russell Simmons with the release of “Media Fans Flames of Racism,” this past Sunday.

In his new commentary, Noir makes clear that every American would be better served if politicians and media members stopped fanning the flames of racism and instead focused on fixing the epidemic of violence in our inner cities: “What has been allowed to happen in our inner cities is an absolute disgrace. If the same epidemic of poverty, gang violence and broken schools poisoned the neighborhoods of the nation’s political class, you’d better believe they’d be talking about real solutions, not gun control.”

“Real Solutions,” is the latest in the NRA’s nationally successful Freedom’s Safest Place campaign. The campaign features ads that tell powerful stories and send honest messages about freedom, the threat of radical Islamic terror, American values and our God-given right to defend ourselves and our families with a firearm. In addition to Noir, commentaries feature Dana Loesch, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso.

Share Noir’s powerful message using #NRASpeaksForMe.

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Al Schmidt

Most Blacks murdered are murdered by other Blacks. Who controls those cities with all those Black murders? Just in case you have your head in the sand, I’ll tell you, Democrats. Why do Democrat controlled cities have so much Black on Black crime? Democrats, they were racist before the Civil War, they started the KKK and they constantly pass laws that will keep Blacks from getting ahead. Democrats are masters of telling lies and making people believe they are facts. As long as the Black community believes the lies of the Democrats, they will always be in danger of a… Read more »


Birth control and a traditional family structure can be the largest single factor to making our inner city communities safer.
Do not reward unwed moms for having more kids. If they are currently on assistance and have more babies, reduce their benefits.


If we stop it the blacks will complain more about being arrested and going to jail. They need to stop it them selfs and pull them selfs up on there own, stop robbing, shooting, selling drugs and stealing. The one guy that got shot had an arrest record 46 pages long, he should have been stopped a long time ago. I am sick and tired of special treatment for blacks because some cant get there shit together in life and the others stand by all the bad ones like they are good people. Blacks need to separate them selfs from… Read more »