Crosman Proves the BIGshot Extreme 500 Is 1,500 Times Stronger Than a Buffalo!

BIGshot Archery
BIGshot Archery
BIGshot Targets (BIGshot Archery, LLC)
BIGshot Targets (BIGshot Archery, LLC)

Downingtown, PA -( Since January, the BIGshot Extreme 500, the industry's first 500 fps-rated archery target, has been the go-to choice for Crosman to stop their wildly popular 450 fps Pioneer Airbow.

In a release published in February, 2016, regarding Crosman's decision to use the Extreme 500, marketing manager, Chip Hunnicutt, explained, “We needed a target we knew we could trust to stop the extreme-velocity arrows the Pioneer Airbow sends down range. We tried another target company that assured us their products could handle the work but within a few shots we were blowing through them.”

Recently, the results BIGshot had been waiting for came in. After taking over 1,500 arrows from the Pioneer Airbow, Crosman requested another Extreme 500.

“We put over 1,500 arrows into the Big Shot Extreme 500 earlier this year without a pass-through and each one pulled out easily,” stated Hunnicutt. “We were stacking arrows at 50 yards during the 2016 Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) Conference and even with so many arrows hitting the same spot it held up. Where the Pioneer Airbow has destroyed many targets claiming high-speed resistance, only Big Shot has proven it with the Extreme 500.”

“The target we originally sent Crosman is back in our shop and we couldn't be more pleased with the results,” stated BIGshot Archery President, AL Pirelli. “While Jim Shockey killed an American bison with a single shot from the Pioneer Airbow, the Extreme 500 absorbed over 1,500 shots at 450 fps!” Perelli added, “I'm sure it can take quite a bit more but I also know they want to replace the target before they eventually have a pass-through. I'm happy to work with Crosman. They have given the Extreme 500 a run for its money and I think we've more than proven our quality and value.”

Benjamin Pioneer Airbow
The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow by Crosman

BIGshot unveiled the Extreme 500 IRON MAN Series Target at the 2016 ATA Show and it also turned heads at the 2016 SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range where Crosman trusted the target to stop Airbow arrows shot by scores of outdoor media members.

BIGshot Extreme 500 archery target
BIGshot Extreme 500 archery target

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About Crosman:

For over 90 years Crosman has led the world in the design and manufacture of airguns and airgun ammunition, along with airsoft, optics and shooting sports accessories. Headquartered in Bloomfield, N.Y., the company sells its products worldwide under the Crosman, Benjamin, CenterPoint, Game Face and Undead Apocalypse brands.

For more information about any of these brands or products, please contact Crosman Public Relations at (800) 7-AIRGUN or visit

About BIGshot Archery:

BIGshot Archery, producer of archery and bowhunting’s most innovative personal and industrial-strength target systems, was founded in 2003 with a simple vision – to provide quality targets that solve real problems for archers, bowhunters, archery clubs and ranges. From recreational, hunting and professional shooter targets, to game-changing, patent pending, interactive hunt simulators and video systems, BIGshot Archery has revolutionized the way you compete, the way you practice and the way you prepare for your next bowhunting adventure.

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