What they are Saying is ‘Death to Law & Order’

Art by A.F. Branco

Death to Law & Order
Death to Law & Order : Anti-Cop Rhetoric – (based on lies) has resulted in the deaths of 5 Dallas policemen, and is just the beginning. Law & order is deteriorating right before our eyes…
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USA –-(Ammoland.com)- What they are Saying is ‘Death to Law & Order'.

Anti-Cop Rhetoric – (based on lies) has resulted in the deaths of 5 Dallas policemen, and is just the beginning. Law & order is deteriorating right before our eyes…

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A.F. Branco is a GrassRoots Conservative Political Cartoonist for Conservative Daily News, Net Right Daily, Legal Insurrection, and now Ammoland Shooting Sports News. Share this page and help spread our pro gun, conservative message with humor.

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  • 21 thoughts on “What they are Saying is ‘Death to Law & Order’

    1. The “Anti-Cop Rhetoric” echoed by BLM started when Obama criticized the cops for stopping and investigating Professor Gates in Harvard Yard.

      1. On the subject of Big Lurch’s matters, at this point in time “What difference does it make?”

    2. LAW & ORDER is the name of a TV show. NOT REALITY! Cops are human and cannot be fully trusted with power no more than the politicians that run them They will do as they are told, they will enforce unjust laws, they will take your money and property under threat of DEADLY FORCE and call it LAW!
      If a cop is brutal, if a cop is unjust, if a cop is wrong, you have no right to resist under any circumstances. He is, according to many Christians, the representative of God, i.e. Romans 13. This is hogwash.
      If your gov’t is un-Godly, unjust and unrighteous it is the duty of the people to alter or abolish that gov’t as they see fit and to establish new guides and guidelines that so suits them.
      BLM is terrorist organization and, 40 yrs ago, would have been treated as such. It is the gov’t that is aiding and abetting their apparent rise to power and influence at the very behest and endorsement of the POTUS and his minions.
      Simply, cops should walk off the job in the areas of the most active venues of these vermin and allow them to eat each other alive. Police are always bragging that they are “going home alive at the end of my shift”. Well, insure that by delaying or ignoring the calls from the nether regions and don’t risk yourself in a foolish and pointless exercise in ego. Serve those who actually pay you, appreciate you, trust you and expect the same from you. Leave the animals to the zoo. You can’t tame them and you can’t train them. Let the jungle be the jungle.
      There are already numerous “hoods” in this country where cops simply don’t go. NO GO ZONES, so the precedent already exists. If you are concerned with “officer safety” then don’t go stupid places doing stupid things for stupid people and expect good things to happen.

      1. Your premise that cops are human and cannot be fully trusted would imply that prosecutors and judges are equally untrustworthy? Under your reasoning our system of constitutional government can no longer work then. The very foundation of it is law and order exercised by men of sufficient moral and ethical probity to enact its tenets and statutes. While your statement about “many Christians” believing an officer is a “representative of God” belies a somewhat neurotic point of view, I don’t disagree BLM is indeed a domestic terrorist organization. However, the idea officers “should walk off the job in the area of the most active venues…” is extraordinary. This would necessitate the abdication of the officers oath to serve and protect rather than swerve from the course of duty. All peace officers serving raised there hand to the square and swore an oath to defend the constitution. Now, if you believe most are bereft of honor and oaths are meaningless, then I suppose you could argue your point, but then I would refer to my previous statement about our Republic, it cannot stand if this be true. What’s more, you would have to write off the innocent, however few you believe their numbers to be, that live in these high crime areas to the animals that would now have the autonomy to terrorize without restraint. Would you have our country resemble nearly every country that resides south of our border? Finally, your comment about having no rights “If a cop is brutal, if a cop is unjust, if a cop is wrong, you have no right to resist under any circumstances” is preposterous. You are obviously not in the profession, and I don’t say that blithely. There is not a country in the world that holds law enforcement officers more accountable than here. The complaint process is written in black and white in EVERY police department around the country. The amount of money paid out to citizens for civil rights or even perceived civil rights complaints is incredible. I pray an officer treats me the way the media portrays how officers act. I would be able to retire tomorrow…and I wouldn’t get myself shot because I would actually comply with the officers commands in the first place. If your postulation is indeed correct, and the country is as decadent and morally deficient as you infer, then these forums are not a economical usage of your time. You should be off the grid and bunkered up.

      1. Newt would work well in any number of cabinet positions, to include, U.S. Attorney General and getting the checks and balances of power and the rule of law back in order!

        1. @Gregory,Trump has said (or strongly implied) that Newt would be in his cabinet. Newt would make an awesome AG too. Just the fact that Newt is part of your team is such a positive,great thing for the U.S. ! TRUMP-PENCE 2016 !

    3. I disagree with Branco this time. If there were no police the Committee of Vigilance would take care of those that need taking care of in a faster, cheaper, more guaranteed manner. The police and the courts are to a large extent in the way of the swift and sure punishment that eliminates bad behavior. If there were no police the first to swing would by hiLIARy Clinoon

      1. And what, we have grips of vigilantes deciding who is breaking their perceived laws? Perhaps you have forgotten what the KKK did historically. It works both ways.

        1. The Committees of Vigilance and the KKK are two different things, and have two different histories. Police decide who is breaking their perceived laws, and probably do a less well considered and thoughtful job of it. If you study the histories of the rise of the police forces in America and the decline of the town marshall system, you will find that police forces were developed so that politicians could do political favors in exchange for votes. Each area of the various cities had a block captain, who did favors (e.g. a father would lose his job and the block captain would arrange for a temporary police job until the man could find a different job), then kept track, took the favored person down to the polls, and told him who to vote for. Theodore Roosevelt was famous for trying to reform this corrupt system. Police forces continue to be extensions of the politicians.
          Politicians had an interest in mischaracterizing the Committees of Vigilance, and town marshals. Did you ever wonder why there are no town marshals anymore?

          1. And those ” Committees of Vigilance” Killed many innocent people, Denied them their RIGHTS under the Law to a FAIR and IMPARTIAL judge and Jury and all in all were as bad as the KKK and the other terror groups in this country.
            WAKE UP; Pull your head out and learn the truth and facts about the ” Committees of Vigilance” thugs.

            1. @Colonialgirl, That is 130 year old propaganda. The truth is the Committee of Vigilance saved San Francisco from the grip of criminals when the City could not.
              Today, if you shot an Elk, and the bullet went through the Elk and accidentally killed another Elk behind your Elk, that you did not see. You would be arrested, your rifle seized, your truck seized, you would face prosecution, fine, attorney costs,and loss of hunting privileges. The CoV would say, “Regrettable, but accidental.”

            2. Oh Fk’ing please! – “Denied them their RIGHTS under the Law to a FAIR and IMPARTIAL judge and Jury ”

              Like Cops don’t do that every god Damned Day.

              Quit kissing ass.

      2. You are completely out of touch. I have worked for 3 different Law Enforcemnt Agencies over nearly a quarter of a century, and no one has ever told me or anyone else in the agency who to vote for. The Chief may have some loyalty to the Mayor or the Sheriff to the county board but those two votes are merely a drop in the bucket. Hard hat unions are more of the sort you are talking about being led around by the nose. It’s jack holes like you who are the first to bash the Police but you will hypocritically call upon on those you hold contempt for when trouble strikes home…..then you’ll find something the Police did/didn’t do to complain about. The police are the thin blue line that separates peace from mayhem. Before you go flapping your pie hole about things you obviously know nothing about, bring your azz down to the Police station/Sheriff’s Office and fill out an application, pin on a badge, and get a taste of the real world. But no, you would much rather hide in the safety of your home and criticize what you don’t have the testicular fortitude to do. Have a nice day, Sir!

        1. @Anthony, unless you are 160 years old or did some reading, you wouldn’t know what I was writing about. As to pinning on the badge, I did that. I was on the perimeter at 300 N. Los Angeles St, a half a block from LAPDs Parker Center during the Rodney King riots. Between the military and federal leo career, I believe that I have earned the right to write about the history of machine politics, corruption in government, and alternatives to current police systems. You have a nice day, too.

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