Florida Home Invader Shot & Killed by Resident

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Florida Home Invader Shot & Killed by Resident
Florida Home Invader Shot & Killed by Resident
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- The News-Leader reports in Florida (7/4/16) the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office received a call at 6:30 a.m. in reference to a shooting.

Apparently an adult male pushed in the front door of a home on Miner Road in Yulee. The homeowner was sleeping on the couch.

The resident woke up, saw the intruder inside his residence and shot him one time with a handgun. There were two other people sleeping inside the residence at the time, an adult female and the son of the homeowner.

The Sherriff told a Jacksonville television station that at this time there is no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the man who was asleep on the couch. He added that he did not know if the homeowner and the intruder knew each other.

Asked if it is the right thing to do, to shoot someone breaking into your house, the Sherriff said, “Certainly people have guns in their homes to protect themselves and their property. If you break into a home you might expect to get shot, so I would suggest not to break into homes.”


Great! An armed homeowner in the right place at the right time to defend his family. A clear consideration in a home defense gun is availability on very short notice. Had this been in a state where you are required to lock up your guns, the result could have been national headlines about a family murdered.

One could not explain home defense more clearly than plain spoken Nassau, Florida County Sherriff, Bill Leeper. Right to the point!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Farmer, is there a check list you need to go through, aftrr being woke up from a deep sleep, before uou use the gun, while you go though your list he molest your wife, kills there kid, maybe you and your list will
Be done in time?


Greg Tag, very well said. There will be no family members trying to enter my home by unconventional means. If a door is smashed in or a window broken to gain entry it will not be my wife or daughter that is committing this act. It will also not be one of my friends, my wife’s friends, or my daughter’s friends. This act of lawless violence will be met with lethal force. My family nor I will be victims of indiscriminate violence in our home. 911 will be called, but it will be after the fact as local law enforcement… Read more »


Did some days with TAG East …

Greg Tag

In many jurisdictions, the fact of a perpetrators forcibly crossing the threshold into A dwelling automatically allows the resident to be ” in fear of his life”. I do not know the Florida statute, but in Texas , Penal Code Sec 9.32 states that it is PRESUMED REASONABLE to use deadly force against someone who ” unlawfully and with force enters or attempts to enter unlawfully and with force the actors occupied dwelling, vehicle or place of business or employment”. It’s is also presumed reasonable if someone attempts to remove you unlawfully and with force from your dwelling, occupied vehicle… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Your phrase “no worries” made me think that you might be in Australia. Which branch were you in? No, shoot first and ask questions later isn’t the best policy. Wild is a nick name that referred to enthusiasm that kind of stuck to me when I was a new second lieutenant. And welcome to this site.


I am and spent 27 years in the military – so I have a measured amount of reserve when it comes to pulling the trigger. What is your point? I hear shoot first and ask questions later …. is that it Wild Bill?

Wild Bill

, Are you in the U.S.?


Wild Bill … I don’t take it wrong, no worries. All I’m asking is …. did he shoot the owners cousin who came home late from a party with no weapon, but “scared” him by waking him up abruptly?


That homeowner exhibited excellent ‘gun control’ !

Wild Bill

, Don’t take this wrong, but, the issue is, “Did the resident have a reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm?”


I need to see more detail on this story … there are some unanswered questions. Was the intruder legitimately in the house (as in relative of the owner)? Did the individual pose a lethal threat upon entering (did he have a weapon)?


A Buddybar might save a door, but a good firearm will save a life.

Big Bill

A Buddybar probably would work for a door.
But not for a window. Most homes have more windows than doors.


Buy a Buddybar from Amazon to help keep intruders out of your house.