Great Bow Sight Options For 2016

By Jason Reid
If you need help picking a new bow sight, here are some of the best for 2016.

(Rochester, New York) With some archery seasons opening in just a matter of weeks, the summer rush to the archery shop is on.

Regardless if your target is just deer behind the house of a range of animals in the western mountains,  picking the right gear is important to make sure the other 51 weeks of dreaming are not squandered.

Friends ask constantly  for my recommendations on bow sights.

Here are my top five sights for 2016 you might want to consider in the next two months.

Apex Accu Strike XS Bow Sight Series:

If you are new to bowhunting or are trying to buy a sight for your eager youth hunter, This apex sight is simple and easy to work with. Adjustability is a central key to the Apex Accu Strike XS Series. Today’s market allows both hunters and target shooters the ability to customize unlike any other time and this sight delivers.  No worrying about having to wait for a specific hand model since the 5.5oz 5 pin Accu Strike XS provides the ability to make the sight right or left handed.

Accu Strike XS also allows bowhunters an alluring option with OPTI•CHOICE II Pin Selector.  With low light conditions the Achilles heel for many hunts, OPTI•CHOICE provides the power to adjust the illumination of each individual pin.

Apex Accu Strike XS Bow Sight A sight perfect for young bowhunters.
Apex Accu Strike XS Bow Sight A sight perfect for young bowhunters.

Spot-Hogg Fast Eddie XL Bow Sight :

The 2015 Fast Eddie frame was wildly To improve on the 2015 model, Spot-Hogg added a 6 inch dovetail bar which increases the strength of the sight while keeping weight to a minimum.  Staying true to form, the Spot-Hogg Fast Eddie XL Bow Sight can be adjusted without the use of tools, a silent, quick release yardage lock and are available in a single or dual fiber optics for full-draw adjustments. Ensuring accuracy, shooters don’t need to worry about detaching and reattaching the sight since Spot-Hogg quality maintains perfect sight alignment throughout traveling.

The Spot-Hogg Fast Eddie XL Bow Sight is easy to install.
The Spot-Hogg Fast Eddie XL Bow Sight is easy to install.

Trophy Taker Option Sight 6 Platinum Bow Sight :

Increasing hunters adaptability, the Trophy Taker Option Sight 6 Platinum Bow Sight is a hybrid sight which allows shooters to set up for any situation. Interchangeable, this sight transitions from a single pin to a multi pin quickly due to the magnetically held outer housing which is perfect for the hunter mixing both whitetail hunts with jaunts to the West..  The Platinum 6 also provides micro-adjust capabilities for windage and elevation long with a 4-inch extension bar. Reflecting the rugged power of  mountains in which they are built, the Option 6 Platinum is constructed with titanium weighing 8.8 ounces.  This sight is also available aluminum, which provides the same features and is slightly easier on the wallet.

CBE Tek Hybrid Pro Bow Sight:

Archers are constantly pushing the limits of their skill by throwing arrows at further distances.  The CBE Tek Hybrid Pro Bow Sight helps archers train for and ethically make longer shots. Machined from aluminum, the Tek Hybrid Pro features the Armed Guard Fiber Management System to protect the fibers from the abuses of the season. Available in 1, 3 and 5 pin options, this sight is a true hybrid sight since the bottom pin is adjustable for further distances.  A great option for those wanting the ability to shoot long distances without the clutter of excessive pins.

CBE Tek Hybrid Pro Bow Sight
CBE Tek Hybrid Pro Bow Sight by Custom Bow Equipment (CBE)

Trophy Ridge React One Pro Bow Sight:

Building on the platform of the React One and Trophy Ridge’ s React Technology, the Trophy Ridge React One Pro Bow Sight offers both hunters and target shooters enhanced options.   Machined with both stainless steel and aluminum, the React Pro features hunting brackets and dovetail mounts for targets to  give those addicted to both disciplines the ability to maximize the use of the React Pro. Trophy Ridge also added illuminated yardage fiber optics in order to help hunters dial in under low-light conditions.  Tool-less, the React Pro provides both micro-click windage and elevation adjustments and second & third axis leveling.

Best Bow Sights

Sights have gone from being basic to complex as technology and innovation change each year.  While all sights on this list are a great quality, the question I pose to people who ask for recommendation is, will you hunt as hard as this sight will hunt for you?  In other words, do you need a premium sight to withstand the abuse you will put it through in a season?  Of these five carefully considered and handled separately at the ATA show, I made a choice and will give a full review of the sight I chose next week.

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