Gun Owner Saves Wife, Kills Robber, but Dies From Bad Guy Gunfire

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. What went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from defense with a gun.

Gun Owner Saves Wife, Kills Robber, but Dies From Bad Guy Gunfire
Gun Owner Saves Wife, Kills Robber, but Dies From Bad Guy Gunfire
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( Shooting reported in Duluth, Georgia area, the owners of the Time Internet Café had locked up their shop and heading to their car when they were approached by a 22-year-old armed suspect just before midnight. He was wearing a white mask and dark hoodie.

The male owner, age 52, was also armed and exchanged gunfire with the would-be robber.

“The victim was armed, took out his firearm and fired back,” said Gwinnett Police. “Unfortunately, he also lost his life. But at least he was able to try to defend himself and his female companion.”

The owner’s 53-year-old wife told police she was behind their SUV when she heard gunshots and saw the suspect crawling towards another car. The armed robber made his way to that getaway car, where his girlfriend was waiting.

The car sped off and the wife called police. The 22-year-old getaway car driver drove to the McDonald’s on Pleasant Hill Road, pulled into the parking lot and called 911. Police arrived there and found the male robbery suspect already deceased.

The husband died in front of his business. The female getaway driver was arrested and charged with armed robbery but police said additional charges could be added.


The shop owner did all he could to defend himself and his wife from an armed robber. If circumstances do not allow retreat, as in this case of defending your family, try as you can to use cover or distance to be a difficult target.

Sometimes there is no “right” answer. Stay armed and practice!

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Female accomplice should face TWO accessory to Murder charges.


She should but the Feds didn’t even charge the wife of that radical Islamic terrorist in Orlando. She was with him on the purchases and was aware of his intentions too. Go figure.

Wild Bill

@Irontigger so you prefer an incomplete physical description so as to forward the liberal narrative.


Good old “Tex” has to make a point of defining the robber by his race. In the days of having your stereo robbed from your car I lost a few to white punks but I only referred to them as ass””es, the same way I refer to Tex. Maybe the guy should have given him the money-that’s also a good line of retreat. Or toss the money at him then pull out your gun because you know the jerk will instinctively go for the cash (that’s why he’s there, right?) and still step away because really, killing somebody for taking… Read more »


another talking a-hole


if LE need a more complete description of the perp, why do we, the concerned public, have to settle for less? Suppose the guy was seven feet tall… should a witness leave THAT information out of his report? Ten years ago his race would not be signficant, but in these days with the Black Lives make me Madder meme, and their increasing arrogance and direct animosity toward those of a race other than their own (animosity toward their own has been a feature for decades) defining such perps by race IS signficant. This is a result of the current reigning… Read more »

Chuck M

Iron tiger65 you got the Tex part right.


Chuckie,better watch out or that jersey city,jersey cu*t will put that hammer upside your head. No point in fu*king up a good hammer.

Chuck M

Wow the keyboard tough guy is back, better log off
before he says something else stupid.


Chuckie,quit fighting mental health. Get that mental evaluation you so desperately need you poor pitiful bast*rd ! “TEXAS,LIKE A WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY” !


Chuckie is from upstate NY,..just outside Buffalo ! ‘Nuff said about that poor pitiful bast*ard !

Jim in Conroe

If your in a gun fight, or drawing against an armed opponent, movement, cover, and concealment are as important as getting your firearm into action.


,you’re right ! There are situations where cover is limited or non-existent. You have to improvise and double down with movement attacking the enemy at the same time. Just curious,your in Conroe,have you carried open since the law went into effect on Jan.1’st ? I’m really suprised that none of my friends want to open carry but were at rallies with OCT to get it passed.

Jim in Conroe

I do not carry openly, not did i support the open carry movement. If people want to open carry, now that it is legal, that is up to them, but i think it makes you a target for an armed criminal or someone who wants to steal your gun.

It has also caused a backlash against concealed carry. Once businesses decided they didn’t want open carry in their establishments, several went whole hog and banned concealed carry as well. Before, it wasn’t an issue.


,I don’t carry open either primarily for the reasons you described. I’m glad it passed because it expands our 2A freedoms in Texas. The only time I carry open is at the deer lease. Take care.


I don’t feel comfortable carrying open either for the reasons you described. I just got use to concealed carry. (since ’95) I never really could get onboard with OTC either. The only time I carry open is at the deer lease. Take care.


My bad,OCT Open Carry Texas !


I cringe everytime Bob Irwin writes anything for Ammoland. At least we didn’t really get any legal interpretations from him on this.

Chuck M

Well tex, lets see, Mr. Irwin has a very successful gun store in Vegas not to mention a radio show to go along with it with a cult like following, and not to mention the informative articles he shares with us readers on ammoland. Now I would venture to say that about 99and 9tenths percent of the readers here probably enjoy what he has to say, and then theres you, always making your pissy little comments about a guy you know nothing about. You just bring nothing to the table. Mr. Irwin has the respect of a lot of people,… Read more »


Well chuck,let’s see. Mr.irwin is an idiot and and Mr Irwin is not an attorney. As far you,you’re irrelevant just like Mr.Irwin ! The son of a bit*ch tries to come off like an authority on everything. The exact opposite is true.


Tex the liberal moron from NJ spews his load of idiocy and hate.

Chuck M

@colonialgirl you hit the nail right on the head.


You admit being from that sh*thole jersey ? Priceless ! LMFAO !

Chuck M

Well, Well junior, you certainly are entitled to your opinion,
but in this case we know your the irrelevant one. You
obviously must not read the comments on here daily, or
you would surely know what people think about you. you
like bashing people for no good reason, and think people
will agree because you say so? Get over yourself.


Not that I agree with Tex, but just because you have a successful store, a radio show, and/or a cult like following doesn’t make you credible. There are tens of thousands of idiots that respect the likes of Jesse Jackassson and Sharptongue as well as Hitlery and Ovomit, but that doesn’t mean they are smarter, more respectable, or know what they are talking about. Just sayin!


Tex you are right about that old coot. tick bit for sure.


As soon as I read the title of this article, in my head I was thinking that at least he had the opportunity to defend himself, and wasn’t led to slaughter like a sheep. This is why I left California over 20 years ago, they deprived me of my ability to defend myself in public. I know if I have a shootout with a career criminal that I may not win, but at least I died defending myself and wasn’t killed groveling on my knees begging not to be killed, like so many others have. My condolences to his family,… Read more »


He defended his wife and stopped a crime, that is a win.


If you are going to die, at least take the perp with you! This victim can now stand in front of God and watch the robber be sent to hell!


@SuperG,well put.