Is Hillary Morally Unfit to Be President?

By Pat Buchanan

Hillary Rodam Clinton as Dr Evil
Is Hillary Morally Unfit to Be President?
Pat Buchanan
Patrick J .Buchanan

USA -( Does Hillary Clinton possess the integrity and honesty to be president of the United States?

Or are those quaint and irrelevant considerations in electing a head of state in 21st-century America?

These are the questions put on the table by the report from FBI Director James Comey on what his agents unearthed in their criminal investigation of the Clinton email scandal.

Clinton dodged an FBI recommendation that she be indicted for gross negligence in handling U.S. security secrets, a recommendation that would have aborted her campaign.

But Director Comey dynamited the defense she has been offering the country.

Comey all but declared that Clinton lied when she said she had State Department approval for the email server in her home.

He all but declared that she lied when she said she had only one server, and that no classified or secret material was transmitted. He also implied that she lied when she said she had used only one device and had turned over all of her work-related emails to State. The FBI found “several thousand” more.

Clinton said her emails were stored in a secure area. This, too, was false. Hostile actors and hostile regimes, said Comey, had access to email systems of those with whom she communicated.

Comey said he found no criminal “intent” in what Clinton did.

Yet, he charged her with having been “extremely careless” with U.S. national security secrets, a phrase that seems synonymous with the gross negligence needed to indict and convict.

While recommending against prosecution, Comey added, “This is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequence. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions.”

Translation: Were Clinton still the secretary of state and were such recklessness with secrets to be discovered, she could have been forced to resign and stripped of her security clearance forever.

Yet if Clinton is elected president, our commander in chief for the next four years, and her confidantes Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, will all be individuals the FBI has found to be reckless and unreliable in the handling of national security secrets.

We will have security risks running the armed forces of the USA.

Nor is this the first time Clinton's truthfulness has been called into question. Twenty years ago, she fabricated a tale about crossing a tarmac in Bosnia “under sniper fire,” and running with “our heads down.” Photos showed a peaceful arrival featuring a smiling little girl.

Family members of the dead heroes of Benghazi's “13 Hours” say Clinton told them she would see to it that the creator of the anti-Islamic video that incited the mob that killed their sons would be run down, all the while knowing it had been a planned terrorist attack.

In 1996, The New York Times' William Safire went over all of the statements Clinton had made in Whitewater and related scandals of Bill Clinton's first term, compared them with subsequently revealed truth, and pronounced Hillary Clinton a “congenital liar.”

She has claimed she tried to join the Marines in 1975, and long contended she was named for famed mountaineer Edmund Hillary, who conquered Mount Everest. Only Sir Edmund climbed Everest when Hillary was 6 years old. The perfect running mate for this serial fabricator would be the Cherokee lass Elizabeth Warren.

Still, a question arises as to Comey's motives in airing the findings of an FBI investigation. Normally, the bureau passes on the evidence it has found, along with its recommendation, to the Justice Department. And Justice decides whether to prosecute.

Instead, Comey called a press conference, documented the charge that Clinton was “extremely careless,” contradicted, point by point, the story she has told the public, then announced he was recommending against prosecution.

What was behind this extraordinary performance?

By urging no prosecution, but providing evidence for a verdict of criminal negligence in handing classified material, Comey was saying:

I am not recommending prosecution, because, to do that, would be to force Hillary Clinton out of the race, and virtually decide the election of 2016. And that is my not decision. That is your decision.

You, the American people, should decide, given all this evidence, if Clinton should be commander in chief. You decide if a public figure with a record of such recklessness and duplicity belongs in the Oval Office.

Comey was making the case against Clinton as the custodian of national security secrets with a credibility the GOP cannot match, while refusing to determine her fate by urging an indictment, and instead leaving her future in our hands.

And, ultimately, should not this decision rest with the people, and not the FBI?

If, knowing what we know of the congenital mendacity of Hillary Clinton, the nation chooses her as head of state and commander in chief, then that will tell us something about the America of 2016.

And it will tell us something about the supposed superiority of democracy over other forms of government.


Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 37 thoughts on “Is Hillary Morally Unfit to Be President?

    1. How many millions of dollars did Clinton put in off shore accounts for this piece of garbage.He should have found her guilty.

    2. I saw a song title today that sums up my feelings about the race: “One Monkey Don’t Stop the Show”.
      This can be used to calm fears of Thrump winning the race; he will probably do much like R. Reagan did and make wise appointments to help him govern. HRC on the other hand, lacks the moral character to even value appointees that have moral character. She would shun them and surround herself with toadies.

    3. Is Hillary Morally Unfit to Be President?
      Hell…she’s morally unfit to be a human being.

    4. Returning from vacation just today, I saw 3 car stickers, “America for Hillary” I did not see a one that said Hillary for America, think about it, Hillary and Bill have used America and sold us out for personal gain. America has none so much more for Hillary than she could even think about giving back, even it she were honest

      1. Conservatives are “too conservative” to ruin their automobiles with bumper stickers. Look at the windows for NRA stickers, or military associations. “We the People” do vote!

    5. When that POS bull dyke dies the bi*tch will putrifry the ground and it will throw the cu*nt back up !

    6. I Wouldn’t Trust Her To Be A trash Collector. I Have Much More Respect For Them.

    7. It seems to me that the most important issue in the 2016 election is which party will pick the Supreme Court nominees. Trump has provided a list of Judges he would consider which has been judged acceptable by conservatives. Trump is not who I voted for in the primary but it is a poor value judgment for anybody to vote against Trump because of personal dislike. The party who nominates the Supreme Court justices (conservative vs liberal) is far more important that the individual running for President. Hillary would be a disaster just as Obama was and is.

      1. @Rick, that is right, she is unfit to be part of out society because hiLIARy would sell out every other member of our society for her own personal gain.

    8. Patent what the Clinton’s have that won’t let anything stick and you could be rich !! till the goverment takes it’s cut,
      and decides the public don’t deserve access to it.

    9. The truth of the matter of why she isn`t going to prison, is, There currently is no orange jumpsuit with an oversize posterior, available to accommodate the excessive width of her gluteous maximus. More akin to a pumpernickel.

      1. @David Telliho–To take your comment further, beyond the definition of “is”, you must consider the why of the thorough investigation of Hillery’s server that yielded plenty of reason for her indictment, and yet the FBI chose not to. Our government’s problems and malfeasanse are systemic as evidenced by one that will allow a known dangerous and unethical person run for president.

        1. Vote Trump!! Remember he said that 5 years Statute of Limitations was a looong time.

    10. If this “crooked hillary” becomes president, well, this nation is over and done with, end of story!! The clinton’s are awful, criminal, horrible, unethical, scum [email protected]@@@

    11. Hillary studied the law in a ‘reverse’ action style whereby she and bubba learned what they could get away with and not be held accountable for their actions.

      Her morals and ethics are ‘non existent’, so far as “We the People” are concerned.

    12. It’s possible that Trump will do a great job as president. It’s probable that Clinton will not. Hillary has already shown herself to be a compulsive liar. So while “The Donald” seems a risky choice for some, Hilary is a known poor choice for the highest office in the land. In fact, she and Bill should place Mrs. Clinton on their own “enemies” list due to her poor decisions. Another thing to consider is the position that each of the candidates take on concealed (open carry in some states) carry. Too often, people find themselves in the position of having to protect themselves or others with a firearm. Our everyday citizens don’t have the luxury of having armed body guards. Hillary would use every available resource to strip our citizens of right to carry a firearm for self protection. Donald is more practical in this regard, he understands that there are times when one needs to have the opportunity to protect themselves. All in all, the next presidential choice is an easy one for me to make.

      1. Trump has enough sense to hire the right people to do the jobs they hired for RIGHT. not like Hitlery.
        her friends and family plan will turn this country upside down from the sideways it already is.

    13. Unfit? Is pig butt pork? As if the White House isn’t filthy enough after Billy B.S., ( aka. in Arkansas) and the current nefarious residents soiled the entire building. It’s going to take sealing the windows and doors and flooding every level with Lysol. Just for starters.

    14. I totally agree,but don’t believe the other side is any better,what are we to do?

        1. Wild Bill, while I feel almost anything, including bear scat, is far better than the Hildebeast…Trump isn’t exactly the choir boy that all of the Trumpaphiles believe he is. He just happens to be the lesser of two evils…but evil is still evil in my book.

          1- he’s a crony capitalist who has lobbied and used the force of government to further his business ventures.
          2- he’s made no bones about violating the Constitutional rights of citizens to “keep us safer”.
          3- he’ll surely violate the Constitution and the rule of law like O’Community Organizer has, albeit in a different way.

          Be careful what you wish for. Remember, O’Community Organizer promised hope and change too.

          That said, I’ll probably be a hypocrite and vote for him anyway but not without reservation.

          1. @ Jeff, Lets just say for the sake of continuing the discussion, that everything that you have written is true. At least Trump does not know how to get things done in the federal bureaucratic system, yet. Hillary, on the other hand, knows how to make the federal government her cash cow and make the numerous bureaucracies cheat the American people out of everything from their money to their civil rights.

          2. So you want POTUS HiLIARy to determine who will be nominated for the Supreme Court? THINK, man, THINK.

      1. VOTE FOR TRUMP and AGAINST the Shrill LYING CRIMINAL HAG Hillary who has allowed TOP SERET information to be leaked world wide and has accomplished NOTHING other than collecting MILLIONS in Bribes from foreign governments and 20 minute pseeches.

    15. Amazing, too bad most voters only see a brave little woman running for president and gender equality instead of all the skelletons in her lawn.

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