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Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Chatsworth, IL -( Last week the political pundits, the news media and other big government lovers got a wake-up call they were not expecting, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (EU).

The “BREXIT” forces, tired of seeing their country nibbled away by the EU, pulled out a victory despite the odds. The main purpose is the EU was to make sure the “Political Class” stayed in power. This included everyone from the five Presidents of the EU, to the lowest well paid bureaucrats, governing how long your toaster could toast to how hot you were allowed to have your curling iron (no I’m not kidding).

Such useless nonproductive nonsense of course, gives those who do work a crushing tax burden. I wonder what EU bureaucrats tell their grandchildren when they are asked “What did you do in the great EU government, grandpa?” “Why, I worked in the very important and prestigious toaster control department!” Yuk.

Despite the fact that the big government lovers are trying to play down the “BREXIT” vote, people all over Europe are seeing what the Brits did and now there are similar movements in France, Hungry, Holland, Spain and Sweden. The “BREXIT” movement is related to what is going on in the United States. We too are seeing our sovereignty and freedoms whittled away by nameless unaccountable bureaucrats who smugly go to their cubical each day until their public pension comes. The Second Amendment suffers at the hand of bureaucrats also in all kinds of mysterious ways. All this plays into what is happening in the 2016 General Election campaign.

An example of what happens when the “Political Class” does not get their way occurred in the U. S. House of Representatives last week when a group of Democrats staged a sit in over “gun control”. They hate the fact that our refugee, immigration and national security policies were called into question over the failures leading up to the shootings in Orlando. They do not want to talk about that. They want to change the narrative to the long hoped for goal of draconian gun control for law abiding citizens. We will see more of these efforts before November. Be prepared.

June 28th was the second anniversary of the new ISIS Caliphate. To celebrate in typical terrorist fashion, Islamic radicals attacked the airport in Istanbul, Turkey, killing and wounding dozens. If you will recall, Turkey dismantled the old Caliphate in 1926. I don’t have any idea if the attack on Turkey has anything to do with their actions in 1926, but it is certainly a possibility. I heard today that the reason for this attack is because radical Islam it losing ground and they are disparate; I don’t think so. ISIS territory may be shrinking in Syria and Iraq but it is increasing in other places on the Arabian Peninsula and in Africa – a fact some of our leaders seem to overlook. (You know if there were an “overlooking” contest in the Olympic Games, the American bureaucrats would bring home the gold every time). This is Ramadan, so I am sure we will see more attacks, maybe some here in the USA. I don’t think Islamic radicals are a JV team. I think our problem is we have a JV President.

Summer has just begun but I am already getting advertisements on tree stands, boots, hunting clothing, ammunition and every conceivable gadget for hunting you can imagine. It is hard to believe hunting season is coming soon. In central Illinois, the wheat harvest is underway and I have watched flights of dove swooping over the harvested wheat fields looking for any leftover morsels. Pre-hunting season sales may have a few good bargains this year. Be on the lookout.

Next week is the 4th of July so show everyone that you are a proud American by flying the flag. As a bonus you get to irritate a few jello spined politically correct organisms at the same time!

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