Massachusetts Attorney General Healey’s ‘Guidance’ on ‘Assault Weapons’

Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A)
Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A)
Commonwealth Second Amendment
Commonwealth Second Amendment

Natick, MA -( By now you’ve probably heard that Attorney General Maura Healey has unilaterally reinterpreted the statutory definition of ‘assault weapon’ in a way that would make illegal virtually any semi-automatic firearm with a detachable magazine.

This despite clear and unambiguous statutory language adopted by the US Congress in 1994 and adopted again by the Massachusetts legislature in 2004.

You can download a copy of this new enforcement notice here. Video of the AG’s press conference is available here.

Comm2A is currently working with our members, dealers, trade groups, and other advocacy organizations to address this sudden and unexpected action by the Attorney General.  The Attorney General’s next moves are unclear and whether we see active criminal enforcement of this guidance is yet to be seen.  Even without enforcement action, the Attorney General’s declaration has already had a chilling effect on commerce and on the exercise of an enumerated right.

What can you do?

  • Continue your generous support of advocacy organizations like Comm2A.
  • Write, email and call your state senators and representatives and keep calling.  The legislature is out of regular session but it’s important that these call start now and continue into the next legislative session.  Find your legislators here.
  • Call Governor Baker’s office – 617-725-4005.  Do it again next week.
  • Support your local firearms dealer.  The AG’s actions were targeted squarely at the men, women and families that make a living providing us great products and services and are designed to drive them out of business.
  • RALLY.  Our friends at GOAL will be holding a rally on the State House steps this Saturday, July 23rd at 10 AM.  Be there.  The Legislature will be in special session that day.  If we put on a show they will notice.

About Commonwealth Second Amendment (Comm2A):

Commonwealth Second Amendment is a Massachusetts based 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to preserving and expanding the rights of gun owners in the northeast. Comm2A is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. In addition to legal action projects the organization’s activities include educational programs designed to promote a better understanding of Massachusetts and Federal firearms laws and rights as well as programs to defend and protect the civil rights of Massachusetts gun owners.

For more information, visit:

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Witold Pilecki

“What Can You Do?” Sure, do the things listed in the post. But do you really expect anything to change for the better? Recent past history shows that you will be ignored and demonized. They will say, “take us to court” where they get to use unlimited taxpayer dollars to bankrupt YOU, while their political hack activist judges make up ways to rule against The Constitution and your God given natural rights. Now is your time, Massachusetts Patriots… join the growing movement of #ArmedCivilDisobedience across the country. Say “NO MORE!!” to being made a felon by the stroke of a… Read more »


The list of states not to visit while on vacation is growing. Is this what they mean when referring to ‘fly over country’?