Negotiated Settlement to Add over 100 Acres to Game Lands in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Game Lands
Pennsylvania State Game Lands
Pennsylvania Game Commission
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Harrisburg, PA -( State Game Lands 97 could grow by nearly 104 acres in Monroe Township, Bedford County through a negotiated agreement intended to resolve a long-standing legal dispute.

As part of the settlement, the Game Commission would purchase for $235,000 land adjacent to the existing game lands from the Estate of Rae F. Barkman. The estate would be responsible for 2016 real-estate taxes (no proration) and all transfer taxes associated with the conveyance.

The legal dispute to be settled through the agreement concerns the Game Commission’s and public’s use of an access road that crosses a portion of the Barkman tract and provides valuable access to a remote section of State Game Lands 97.

Game Commission Bureau of Habitat Management Director Peter F. Sussenbach said public access had been denied through the dispute and reclaiming the access point had been identified by the Southcentral Region office as a top priority for the agency.

The habitat on the tract primarily is mature forest with stands of dry-oak heath and northern hardwoods. The understory is comprised of blueberry and oak seedlings, flowering dogwood, serviceberry, hornbeam, spice bush and witch-hazel.

Access to the property is provided by Frankies Road and an existing all-year Game Commission access road (WestVaco Access Road).

Two retired skid roads provide additional access within the property interior. Acquisition of this tract will aid in the reduction of indentures into State Game Lands 97 and will guarantee long-term and reliable public and administrative access to this remote section.

About Pennsylvania Game Commission:

For more than 100 years, the Game Commission has managed the Commonwealth’s wildlife resources for all Pennsylvanians. With the help of more than 700 full-time employees and thousands of part-timers and volunteers, the agency provides a host of benefits to wildlife, state residents and visitors.

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    1. Hmm, $235,000 for one hundred acres of land adjacent to the existing game lands. Seems cheap enough. Is the Estate of Rae F. Barkman happy with that amount? Could this be a case of a governmental agency doing the right thing? Whoa, if so, then Joe Pickett would be proud!

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