No Further Restrictions on Lead Ammunition as DEFRA Rejects Flawed Report

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London, UK -( It can be difficult to keep up with politics at the moment.

Last week we were discussing a 9 week Conservative leadership campaign which subsequently ended in a matter of hours. Theresa May, the new Prime Minister, may not have faced the Conservative Party members but she did confirm her support for country sports and the countryside in MPs’ hustings.

Whilst it may not be the most important political story of the moment there has also been a significant development in the protracted considerations of the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) set up by Defra in 2010. As those who have been following closely will know the LAG process has been mind-numbingly slow and increasingly controversial. So controversial in fact that half of the group resigned, unable to work with Chairman, John Swift, before LAG finally submitted its final report to Defra last year.

Those resignations included that of our then Executive Chairman Barney White-Spunner who said at the time that he left because of “abuses of process and evidence that render the group’s work so flawed it can never reach any scientific conclusions.”

I am glad to report that Barney’s position has been entirely vindicated by the previous Secretary of State for Environment, Liz Truss, who has this week responded to LAG Chairman John Swift’s report. In her letter the Secretary of State rejects any further restrictions on the use of lead ammunition, let alone the total ban that John Swift proposed in his report.

The letter confirms that the Food Standards Agency will not be changing its advice on the consumption of game shot with lead ammunition and notes that “the report does not provide evidence of causation linking possible impacts of lead ammunition with sizes of bird populations.”

In relation to both human health and wildlife the Secretary of State is clear: “the report did not show that the impacts of lead ammunition were significant enough to justify changing current policy; we therefore do not accept your recommendation to ban the use of lead ammunition.”

There is one further important point for those who have endured this debate over the last 6 years. The letter confirms absolutely that the LAG process is at an end.

Liz Truss does raise concerns that there may not be complete compliance with current regulations prohibiting the use of lead ammunition for shooting wildfowl or over wetlands, depending on the country in which you are shooting. We endorse her message that those restrictions must be adhered to, and we will continue to work for 100% compliance with our colleagues in other shooting organisations.

The RSPB and Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, amongst others, have campaigned long and hard for a ban on lead ammunition and this long and painful process could have ended in an entirely different manner had it not been for the determination of the Alliance. We were very clear from the start of this process that any further restriction on the use of lead ammunition could only be justified on the basis of real, relevant scientific evidence, and the painstaking work of successive Alliance representatives on LAG revealed that such evidence just does not exist. Politics is about Prime Ministers and Brexit, but it is also about the more mundane issues that affect our everyday lives.

On this matter, at least, I am certain that politics has delivered the right result.

Tim Bonner
Chief Executive
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I heard that the condors in the study were kept in cages that were painted with lead based paint and the paint was chipping. I don’t know if it true or not.

Wild Bill

@CG I concur, and I like that phrase NON-FIREARMS trash. Can I use that? As in John Kerry, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, and all that other non-firearms trash.


The WHOLE thing about Lead shot and the waterways was and STILL IS a bunch of anti-gun BULL; Just like the claims that LEAD SHOT is killing Condors when autopsies find beer tabs, tinfoil , gum wrappers and numerous other NON-FIREARM trash is the cause of death.