NRA News’ Colion Noir: Politicians Don’t Care About Inner-City Lives ~ VIDEO

NRA News Commentators | Colion Noir: "How Not to Fix Inner-City Gun Violence"
NRA News Commentators | Colion Noir: “How Not to Fix Inner-City Gun Violence”
NRA News
NRA News

USA – anti-Second Amendment politicians continue to sit down in the face of increasing inner-city crime, NRA News Commentator Colion Noir is standing up to their hypocrisy:

“You politicians don’t represent these communities—you’re political parasites, where your political career thrives on exploiting the conditions in these places.”

In his new video commentary, “How Not To Fix Inner-City Gun Violence,” Noir takes on Democratic Representatives from Illinois who last week held an anti-gun publicity stunt known as a National Day of Action:

“You continue to throw these ‘look at how awesome and progressive we are because we fight for gun control’ pep rallies, the least you can do is tell the good people stuck living in these inner-city hellholes the truth. They don’t matter, but their dead bodies sure do help the stats.”

While the politicians jumped at the opportunity to be in front of the cameras with pretend solutions, they rarely, if ever, go into Chicago’s inner city where the majority of America’s violent crimes are committed. They don’t appear to care much about the victims of endemic violence, even as they use their deaths to inflate the statistics backing their anti-gun narrative.

“Chicago, home of some of the strictest gun-control laws in America, and in 2015, home of 468 homicides,” says Noir.

Unlike Chicago’s elite who pretend to care when the pollsters tell them to, Noir actually presents real solutions to end inner-city violence: fix failing schools, provide economic stability and break the addiction of bloated government programs. Most importantly, Noir notes that if Chicago’s so-called leaders had the courage to enforce laws already on the books, they’d be able clean up the streets tomorrow:

“Of the more than 294 gun deaths in Chicago this year, they’ve only brought charges on less than 20 percent of the cases.”

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