Obama Immediately Exploits Dallas Murders to Promote Citizen Disarmament

By David Codrea

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 08 10.46
Obama exploits the murderous Dallas attack on police to attack the right to keep and bear arms. (White House video screenshot)

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- At this writing, all that’s known for sure is that at least five police officers have been killed and others have been wounded in a sniper attack at a Dallas rally protesting the recent killings of two black men in Minnesota and Louisiana. Reports claim there were at least two killers, that an accomplice(s) is in custody, and that others are being sought. Other reports say one of the killers claimed he wanted to kill white people.

So naturally, never one to be late to a blood dance, Barack Obama signaled the administration’s intent to exploit the killings as an opportunity to keep pushing for citizen disarmament at a time when Republican resolve (an oxymoron in itself much of the time)  appears to be wavering.

“We still don’t know all the facts,” Obama admitted during a special press conference from Warsaw, where he is attending a NATO summit. Still, there’s one thing he’s sure of – Americans being armed is something he wants to do something about:

We also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. And in the days ahead, we’re going to have to consider those realities as well.

He’s made no secret of wanting to reinstate and expand the Clinton gun ban since before he first ran for president. In the days ahead, monopoly of violence enthusiasts in the citizen disarmament lobby, opportunistic politicians, apparatchik gun owner control professionals and media cheerleaders will be pulling out all the stops to continue spooking the herd to bleat for more “common sense.” And of course the blame for Dallas will be laid squarely at the feet of the NRA.

Don’t be surprised when the information becomes available to find the killers had been on law enforcement’s radar. Don’t be surprised if there are criminal records. And don’t be surprised to see some attempt to transfer their guilt to those who believe in the right to keep and bear arms.

[Note: A screenshot of a Dallas PD tweet misidentifying an armed citizen as one of the suspects has been deleted from this article.–DC]

Anything that impedes that right is, of course, the exact wrong “solution,” especially at a time of heightened danger for all of us. What happened in Dallas shows that a mere handful of determined dissidents can paralyze a city, tie up all law enforcement resources, and capture the focused attention of a horrified nation.  For some, it will be an epiphany, as they realize the power to do the same and more exists in Everytown, and all supposedly omnipotent government can do is react.

Pray that doesn’t spread, although with the upcoming Republican and Democrat conventions, and with well-publicized statements of disruptive intent from all kinds of collectivist groups (and the even more dangerous unpublicized plans), we find ourselves in a most menacing time. Imagine Dallas events emulated in another city, and another. A martial law response, with (at least initial) widespread public demand, suddenly does not seem such an unimaginable possibility. And don’t think those directing such actions will be doing so with the goal of giving seized power back.

Now is hardly the time to give one inch, especially on guns. Now is not the time to lose heart, to falter or to blink. Now is the time to reflect that, if a handful of malcontents can cause this much disruption, is it any wonder the thought of millions of gun owners, in millions of locations throughout the Republic, scares the hell out of those who would control all?

Why do you think they really want to ban the firearms that would be most useful in times of civil upheaval and/or government overreach?

Now is the time for each of us who may be hesitant and unsure to find our courage and resolve.


David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Buzz Waldron

Obama’s EXTREME RACISM and embrace of criminals, murderers, and addicts caused this Dallas Cops Massacre !!!

Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

Kommrade Hitlery & Kommrades can have my guns and ammo when and IF I’m either down for the count or run out of shells … neither likely.

One thing for sure Kommrade Oblivit, when you come for me and mine be fully aware that knock on ANY door will be one hell of a lot louder than the knuckles! Don’t think so? The ask the ‘departments’ in every jurisdiction I’ve lived in … you have the list …

This IS and will REMAIN the United States of America: DEAL WITH IT!

aleta milton

doesn’t anyone get this? obama is behind these shootings in one way or another…..hitler disarmed the jews and look what happened there. i sure the muslim government we now have wants our guns, how else are they going to control us? oh yes, overloading the welfare system with 70% fighting age syrian somali etc muslim men who are just waiting to be armed with our confiscated guns, controlling our health care (obummercare), dividing us by race, religions, and sexual orientation, and by taking our guns. we now have UN police on our soil and obama has the white house being… Read more »

kenneth wicker

It doesn’t matter what is said here. People are going to do and believe what they want to do and believe. I’m just afraid that we’re all falling into an abyss, from which we may never recover!


Remember what Nikita Kruchev said, We will take America without firing a shot. Remember when Obama opened his pie hole with the microphone still hot in Russia? Why is the Democratic Party now known as the new Communist Democratic Party by some


finally someone with a brain stating the facts,without any rascist,and or hateful attacks.it starts with all our cowardly gutless poticians.they make stupid remarks that incite,anger ,hate,etc from the clintons to that coward Mcain.


Obama has achieved a special spot as far as Presidents are concerned. He has became and made himself the WORST our country has ever had. That is a real achievement given the Demoncraps that were in office before him.


I was a Democracks for 35years ,this isn’t the party I want to belong to,they have totally lost their way.especially with this joker as president.He has completely destroyed the U.S.and I hope we can come back from all his ridiculous policies.Let’s give Trump a shot ,how can that hurt compared to what we have now.

Gregory Romeu

Uh? Policies are NOT law! Congress is the ONLY body authorized to make laws!

That is fundamental and will never change.


To hand over our guns is to hand over all of our Constitutional Rights for The Right To Keep and Bare arms is the Corner Stone of our Constitution and shall not be infringed on ever! You want some guns Mr Obamachrist then take them from the Muslims and other hate groups that you promote! But to disarm Americans who protect the Right to do so you will never succeed in that and so we shall see 🙂 All gun owners read pages 1013-1014 of the Obama care bill and you will see why he wants your guns so bad!… Read more »


That name is translated from the Strongs Concordance and he wasn’t given that name but rather chose it so that means it wasn’t dumb luck that his name references to none other than the Fallen Angel LUCIFER! WAKE UP AMERICA, WAKE UP PLEASE!

Wild Bill

Which name Barraq or Huesien or Bamma? Or does it take all three together in that order ( Barraq Huesien Bamma) to mean the one cast from the heights of heaven? Hit me again, brother!

Marc disabled vet

I haven’t voted since I got out of MC 40 yrs ago My time like so many others is now! I will be counted
and with the help of god and a few marines Trump will prevail and hitlery and damion will burn in,
hell for their part of all this mess our nation is in due to their lies and coverups




Without a big Gun you’re just another pussy on the street.


Gun control is not the problem. People want to blame the guns and we have the right to protect ourselves. We can kill ourselves by other means if take guns away with gasoline bombs or anything else. I am a gun owner of multiple weapons, and I believe I have the right to buy any gun I want to have. What hurts us is the news and media. This country needs to stop being so damn racial about everything.


Imagine when Donald Trump will blame the the guilty killer if this happens again…. Imagine when we do not have to feel like we are to blame like we caused them do it. Imagine when the maniacs will want to find a place to hide, and wait it out until the next weak president gets into office. Imagine.
John Lennon did not imagine getting shot down in the street. He only imagined a world that brought it on.

Arthur Marzani

With Obama and the Democracks it’s always about the guns,when it should be about them causing the racial lies about police and white people,he started from day one to the present,he can’t leave office soon enough for me.If the Dums get in office in Nov. this country is finished.


“We the people” Isnt that who the government is supposed to represent? What the HELL gives the government the Power to dismember our constitutional right to bare arms? The people have no say in what the government does no longer. So come get my guns, I’m not going to just hand them over willingly. Disarming America makes us all a target foreign and domestic. Law enforcement can not be there for everyone in any situation to protect us all hell they can’t be there now. Take our guns, just try. Obama, Hillary and all those politicians all have full time… Read more »

Arthur Marzani

Obama has destroyed the U.S.,he divided the country and created all this racial problems .I can’t wait till he’s out of office so this country can back to normal, let’s put the Trumpster in to lead our country,its worth it in my opinion.

John Sadler

The Charleston shooter was a Democrat and the other mass shootings were done by Muslims. Sounds like all Democrats and Muslims should be banned from owning guns.


obama is a piece of crap that only wants to destroy AMERICA from within.

Wild Bill

POTUS = Prevaricating Obama the Unapologetic Shiitte.

Arthur Marzani

I believe that

Mike Mosley

The worst part of the torment that this country is going through is it is the voters fault. The voters in this country are
just to stupied to vote, they put Obama in office not once but twice, we get the country we deserve.
I dont blame Obama, I blame the people that put him in office.


Better check some stats, Hillary beats trump by 20pts with voters who have a college degree or better.
Trump leads with uneducated dupes!!!!!!!!!!!lmao!

Gregory Romeu

So who says the college indoctrinated… Er, I mean, “educated” have any intelligence? Most I see that went to college had to because they didn’t have a grasp on the fist 13 years of knowing how to research, study then take a test like a chimp going for a banana?

Jason Rushing

If black lives matter so much why, why, why, are they killing them self an robin each other

Floyd R. Turbo

Not one word about the possible linkage between the Dallas massacre coming IMMEDIATELY AFTER Prezidunce Benghazi O’Selfie saying that police officers shooting two black men in Minnesota & Louisiana are “not isolated incidents,” fueling the MYTH that it’s open season on black men.  

No more than his idiotic remarks about his Imaginary Son Trayvon, the prezidunce’s remarks were another national embarrASSment, blind, wilful ignorance of the FACT that over 90% of the black men murdered in the U.S. are killed by black men.


Yes we can! We can increase the presence of Muslims into AMERICA BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW MUSLIMS HAVE BEEN WITH US SINCE the beginning, and have contributed greatly! Now show me the evidence. Mosques have sprouted all over America with Saudi money and its Wahhabi ideology of hate for none Muslims and its aim to change the world to Islam to please Allah. The president things this is a great religion , while he vilifies Christians at home and ignores the raping, molestation, and killing of Christians in the Muslim world, and now in Europe. Domestically, under Obama’s policies racial… Read more »

Richard Daugherty

Obama needs to go asap. He has done a terrible job to this point. He is an NWO shill.

Arthur Marzani

Obama has destroyed the U.S.,he divided the country and created all this racial problems .I can’t wait till he’s out of office so this country can back to normal, let’s put the Trumpster in to lead our country,its worth it in my opinion.

Arthur Marzani

It’s not only Obama it’s the Democracks as a party,if the people put them in Nov.,this country is beyond fixing

don williams

Then move to another country if you are so upset with the Obama administration and the democratic party.


Moron I have been here 75 yrs I fought for my country and its the worst it’s ever been.You probably want to collect your monthly welfare check and look for any handout and sit on your ugly ass and smoke your dope, you’re are a useless sack of crap

Gregory Romeu


Clark Kent

You first……


Ck,There you go again you lying loser. Think man,think.

Wild Bill

Yeah, Arthur, come to Texas we are a whole other country. We are a country where freedom still flourishes, and the word Obama is not used in the presence of children.


Thanks for the invite,I visited TheLone State and loved it It’s agreat state because of people like you.

Clark Kent

‘If I owned Texas and Hell I would rent out Texas and live in Hell’ – General William Tecumseh Sherman.


Bill,you notice how that Kent POS always quotes that coward Yankee ? Kent is just a coward Yankee itself. ‘TEXAS,LIKE A WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY’ !


We do have Obanana dart boards,firearms targets,and toilet paper. Bill,is right,we don’t mention the African born Muslim terrorist in the presence of our kids.

Charlie Avila

Yes, I know Obama is a radicalized muslim and the worst enemy of theUnited States. He reached the White House with the Latino support and stupid women. He is planning a second civil war. That is why he want to disarm American citizens. He is an infiltrated impostor and want Americans to live and feel the pain of a homeland armed conflict. I think he is planning an invasion from the outside and already have terrorist ready to attack citizens soon before November elections. That is why he want open borders and enemies to continue coming in!…..Obama is a traitor… Read more »


This all correct ecept one thing and you and most don’t know it yet but Obamachrist is the Antichrist.


Black Lives Matter, is a HATE America Group. They are equal to Radical Muslim Terrorist and Isis. They are all the same. ALL LIVES MATTERS. (JOHN 3:16). That’s what GOD said. PERIOD.


There’s a war brewing it’s the people against government to keep the red an white an blue flying the government wants to bring socialism to the USA that’s why fema is building concentration camps all over I think the white house is responsible for all the trouble we are having its the government not the guns creating the trouble we are having

Patriot Oath Keeper

Steven Segal says the administration is promoting these attacks , so they can talk smack about gun control. I agree.


I think that he is right


I don’t doubt that at all with these Muslim that are in D.C.


And that’s all the son of a b will do talk ! The socialists will never get our firearms and they know it !


We need to give the devil a black eye and Learn to Love so we can please God it’s a shame God made everything and made man head over everything he made and ever since he made man we are the only thing that he made that felled him that’s enough and I know God is not pleased with man so we need to stop this bickering and learn how to love one another because we are all God’s children and he made everything and everyone so that he could get the glory out of it I am so sad… Read more »

Floyd R. Turbo

Not one word about the possible linkage between this massacre coming IMMEDIATELY AFTER Prezidunce Benghazi O’Selfie saying that police officers shooting two black men in Minnesota & Louisiana are “not isolated incidents,” fueling the MYTH that it’s open season on black men.

No more than his idiotic remarks about his Imaginary Son Trayvon, the prezidunce’s remarks were another national embarrASSment, blind, wilful ignorance of the FACT that over 90% of the black men murdered in the U.S. are killed by black men.


Puppet Obozo must dis-arm America, by any means necessary ! Create civil war, play the race card, open borders, import islamic terrorists….But Dis-Arm America !!

miles e drake

There can now be no doubt that yet another communist insurrection is underway in this country. This one has already been planned by the Obammunists and their allies in the Ummah, and has been paid for by George Soros and the Chicoms. The last time around in the 1960s was, as Wellington said of the Battle of Waterloo, a “dam’d close-run thing”, and was stopped only by the last-minute wavering of Martin Luther King and the Beatles when the time came to sign on and irrevocably join “civil rights’, popular culture and communism, as well as the resolve of Charles… Read more »

disabled vet

Take away the same guns from his security and see how he feels then, a little less safe, I think so!

don williams

His security is not going around killing people just for the sake of killing.

Gregory Romeu

You have PROOF of that statement?

Chris Kyle?
SEAL Team 6?
4 in Bengazi?
Noveske of Noveske Rifle Works?
…want me to continue with the, “coincidences”?


Neither are the 100 million honest, law-abiding, responsible, adult, gun-owning citizens “going around killing people just for the sake of killing,” either… but that waste-of-human-skin currently occupying the White House damned-well intends all THOSE “good guys” disarmed!

When Obumma orders his security people disarmed… I’ll consider the feasibility of relinquishing my firearms. But not until then… hey, fair’s fair!!


The president needs to be impeached but they would try to use the racist card. And then we need to put the people of the the black live matter people in jail for the team stupid remarks about police officers . Yes we have bad cops but we definitely have a lot more good ones.

Nicholas Parisi

Sorry Barry, no 72 vestal virgins for you, but the 9th level 0f HELL bro.

Ron Miller

When will U.S wise up and impeach Obama before he completely destroys Amarica !!!


Why else would obama want to disarm Americans, obama is Muslim so why wouldn’t he want to disarm Americans so that his agenda of muslims come upon Americans.

Obama is the only one that Cry’s out for gun control when ever something happens, he knows to disarm Americans that will give lead way for his agenda for muslims.


No 72 vestal virgins for you B.O., but Hell at level 9 bro.


Obama and clinton are very evil people.this country has really gotten bad.between crap on tv and violence.wish they can take the gene out at birth so be no more violence.gonna get worse people.

Nubria 123

Try George Soros control After all he funding these people. Remember BLACK GUNS MATTER.


Let me be clear. Ovomit is worse than Hitler or any other TYRANT in history. This SNAKE, along with the Bushes and Clintons, have done the most despicable thing a human being can do to their neighbors. When they were trusted with leadership positions, they used those positions to DESTROY their own country by DISOLVING it’s borders. A nation with no borders is NO LONGER a nation. IT’S AN OPEN SORE. NO PATRIOT to ANY NATION would do such a thing. The Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas are NOT PATRIOTS of America. They are GLOBALIST who have never worked a day… Read more »


Wow, that was well thought out and brilliant! I can see why people like you should have been aborted or your father castrated. We need real fact finding humans to run our planet, not people who think like animals and are programmed like rats with fused human brains attached to them, and eventually evolve become political tools and part of a collective ignorance that runs rampant like the plague.

Clark Kent

Wow! That response was ill thought out and stupid! I can see why people like you have no idea who is their father.

Wild Bill

So would this be a small group of fact finding humans that will run our planet? Would these fact finders be like the global warming researchers who faked their data to fit their projections so that they could get bigger research grants? Who will belong to this group, you maybe? So you are not in favor of everyone having a vote? Hey, maybe you could call it the Global Troll Party!


Yeah, you peeps are so low on the educational level ,science to you is pouring piss out of rubber boot, by looking at the directions written on the soul. LMAO

Wild Bill

Ok, jack. I have three college degrees cumulating in a Doctorate. Now, it is your turn. What have you got?


Yeah, and your convinced , because you have sh*t for brains. Your bigotry has got a hold on your balls and your brain and you can’t function!

chris blue

I’m waiting to hear about the new AR15 sniper rifles.

J. Conrad Guest

I believe a contributing factor to the seemingly rise in this type of violence is government. Not only this administration for its failure to defuse race tension, but for the government’s failure to repair our still ailing economy and jobs market, its failure to work together (Republicans and Democrats) to do what is right for America instead of dancing at the ends of the puppet strings of Wall Street and the top ten percent wealthiest Americans. Not to mention an inability, or unwillingness, to combat radical Islam. Does any American today feel safe, believe that another 9/11 type attack will… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

This election cycle is nothing like a revolution and don’t even try to compare anything to it!


Human beings are animals.
Civilization and society demands that in order to live together and survive people must repress their base instincts. Some won’t.


This Muslim President must disarm Americans… PERIOD….The DumboRats have been infiltrated by Communists/Socialist/Marxists & a few gullible ignorant utopia type Americans. Odumbo is using the deaths of anyone, to help this agenda. Once this has been accomplished , it’s open season on America. Odumbo, Hitlery, Lynch are all traitors to America, & must be dealt with.


Tragedy in Dallas, caused by racism in government, especially in the White House. The scum occupying the White House has taken America back to the days prior to Dr. King and his works.
Racism is running rampant and being disguised by the media. We got rid of most of the racism in this country and obama has managed to get it back and set American back decades.
My rant for the day.


Perfect words


He hasn’t set it back decades, he has set it to a place that can’t be repaired. Never has it been like this. I am 75 and have four of my kids that live in Georgia. I am more knowledgeable about Georgia than my home state. I have seen a lot related to race in the last 60 years in the south. Never has it been like this, we have elected a person that we thought would unify the country, that turned out to be a hoot. Now, I am afraid that Clinton will be the next president and the… Read more »


If America is to rid themselves of Racism, it must be started at the White House . Time for a House cleaning !!


When you look at commonalities between all the mass shootings, terrorist attacks and whatnot, you find there were a broad range of weapons used. From knives, to shotguns, to semi-auto handguns, revolvers, AR-15, AK-47, different manufacturers, makes…there is no commonality there. But there is one common item on all attackers: pants. They all were wearing pants. Maybe our liberal representatives will have the guts to outlaw these items of mass murder to save us from ourselves.

Walter davis

Very good observation. They also lived indoors,. Maybe that causes a screw to come loose in the brain, possibly another ban on housing is in order,. I bet they all eat fast food…..

Gregory Romeu

…and were affiliated with the Democrat Party? …and / or psych meds?


Will BLM flags and logos be banned as hate speech since the shooter was inspired by it and the similar media coverage? If not, why the double standard of blaming and targeting confederate flags for what dylan roof did?

Greg Dean

It hasn’t been about color in a very long time!!!


Don’t tell that to the media or obama/hillary/BLM types. Everything is about color to them and always will be.


So trump is blamed by the left and neo cons for the violence when leftists riot at his rallies and start fights. The same logic means Obama, hillary, the black lives matter group, and the media are responsible for the dallas attack. They are trying to deflect from this giant contradiction and blame it on firearms, but we will not let them!


Wait til they report it’s a stolen gun or long history of misuse by other criminal elements. That’d snuff Obama but good. And the left. And probably not an NRA member, just a weaponized BLM member. Getting illegal guns off the ‘Black’ market. Hoping for the best, yet to come


Apparently it is an army reserve vet who used an SKS. He was a radical black supremacist inspired by BLM and media coverage demonizing cops to kill as many whites and white cops as possible. Obama blamed guns, while hillary blamed white people for not listening to blacks as the cause of the shooting.

Steven L

We all know that Guns do not kill people…it’s the people behind the gun doing that. Their logic says that if I have a knife, a standard household tool, and people use them, which they do, to kill other people, then knives will be outlawed like guns. The second amendment states “…bear arms,” but does not specify guns over knives. I carry a knife, a tool, at all times capable of killing by stabbing or decapitation…will O’Fnbama or OClinton be coming for it any time soon? The Feds dig a hole for themselves that is impossible to dig out of.… Read more »


Guns don’t kill people? ask millions of vets that fought in wars. Guns where designed to kill. I’d to see a mass murderer or terrorist, turn in their semi-auto and start using a knife instead. LMAO!
Maybe peeps like you can convince them to use a knofe. LMFAO!


Yeah, I would like to see some terrorist kill thousands of people without a firearm! It is impossible to imagine terrorists crashing jets into skyscarpers or making a giant bomb out of a ryder truck.

Great point, paid hillary troll!

Wild Bill

No Jack Beasley, bullets are designed to kill (except military bullets, which are designed to make clean survivable wounds pursuant to the Hague Convention, to which the U.S. is a signatory.) Guns are merely the directional launch system. Are you sure that you are a vet? You don’s sound like a vet, and tactical trainer. I think that trumped has you pegged.

Gregory Romeu

Gawd, I love people that talk through their butt! It proves they are a real ass!

The four planes on 9/11 that took out the Twin Towers crashed into the Pentagon and the open field or all taken down by box cutters.

Four planes, box cutters and thousands dead, now do the math and state your argument?

Clark Kent

Guns were designed to kill? If that is true, then why have all of my firearms been shot countless times without killing anyone? That is like claiming cars are designed to run over pedestrians. Focus on the OPERATOR, not the OBJECT. By the way, how old are you, twelve?


ck,there you go again coward removing all doubt about your mental competence. You lying piece of trash. Total coward. Think man,think !


The point is that it takes a human to pull the trigger to make it happen. To blame the gun and not the person committing the act is ridiculous. Anything can be considered a weapon at this point…meanwhile alcohol “kills” more people a year than guns by a landslide and in the same fashion, that it takes a human to interact with it to cause a fatal outcome. Guns are a valuable tool at equalizing potential threats in our daily lives. Alcohol, on the other hand, we could probably all do without that…but you’ll never see that banned with all… Read more »

Roger Baker

You know that is right, every time something like this happens the right wings want to blame it on guns, but that is not the fault, The fault lays with those that are in leader ship right now, over the 8 yrs that Obama and hillary were in the leader ship roll, they have done nothing to even try to bring whites and blacks together, Therefore the blame is on them and they know it, they did nothing at all to bring about the racism in this country so what’s up with all that, but did nothing to try and… Read more »

Lewis Saintsing

The right wing? It’s the left wing is the anti-gun!!!


Soros has everything in place for the RNC. He is ready and has his army on standby. After this is over let’s see if this administration can say the words to describe it. Bet they can’t.


Now they are saying this guy acted alone, yet all of the initial reports and eye witness accounts said at least two shooters existed.

Cecilia L Robarge

You are sooooo correct, These are the real terrorists. duh….

george ennis

democrats….never let a good shooting go to waste. if george soros were not funding the terrorist group” black lives matter” and the democrats were not supporting them we would not have this problem. someone start a petition to congress to label this group as a terrorist group and a hate group. after that lets see who all will participate in this crap.


Dream worlder. Even if Soros weren’t, Obama has words with other Caliphate to take the US. These useless pawns will find out they are being used. So stupid are they, when Muslim’s will make them work or toss them off rooftops too. They have it so good now and don’t realize what’s over the horizon. It’ll be much worse. But you reap what you sow. Hope they like the orning prayer song, no more hip hop, no more rap. They will be so screwed

Carol Guffey

You are so right

joe M

blacks kill each other at 5 times the rate of any other group. they kill each other 7 times more than they are killed by police. maybe when blacks start acting like black lives matter they will be believed. as for obama…toothless tiger. we have the guns, if he comes for them i suggest he lead the charge not from the safety of the oval office but up front with the confiscators….america will not be disarmed…but we may revolt if you try.


Joe M., I couldn’t have said it better myself! Totally agree with you!


BAM! 🙂

Woody W Woodward

Dancing in the blood already. That didn’t take long. Just how long does he think disarmed citizens are going to at least have an opportunity to defend ourselves while we’re waiting for the good guys with the guns who, in this incident, weren’t able to successfully prevent 11 of their own people from being killed and/or wounded. The only thing that kept the kill count from being higher was the willingness of potential additional victims to go to the sound of the guns. And, no, dammit, police officers aren’t, any more than the rest of us, paid to be killed.… Read more »


Communists, socialists and a certain hi-level crypto Muslim whose family members were documented communists will do what they will do–but first they have to get rid of that “damn Second Amendment.” Heeeeeere we go…

john mcinerney

President needs to be impeached or resign, that we have 6 more months of this man who hates America, God, the military and law enforcement. He has no real idea as what going , that Dallas Law Enforcement , sent him and America a great message to wake the hell up, its not about color.


He has an Agenda B 4 he leaves, & that’s to Dis-Arm America !! ..And that is by any means necessary..Your grave , my grave. or sacrifice all of our entire police force. Obozo does not care, nor does power hungry Hitlery. This administration is pure 100% evil & will stop at nothing to get their way.

Gregory Romeu

You forget, due to the incompetence of this administration, it has not been able to accomplish one positive thing in over seven and a half years. Six more months of their failed wanna-be agenda isn’t going to allow them any time to accomplish anything!

Jack Beasley

Yeah, the GOP was totally incompetent. Passed no jobs bills and sat on their ass while blaming Obama, Oh yeah the slouches shut down the government.

Gregory Romeu

Well? @Jack-ass, why don’t you get way up on your soapbox and rooty-toot your little horn abov all that you have done or are doing for your country?

Please, put on your big-boy pants, adjust your balls and induldge us!


The president will be running for the office of Black Lives Matter president after he leaves office in January. He is the most racist president in the history of the USA.


Have you noticed how white O’Bozo’s hair has become during his time as POTUS? Either the stress of breaking all those laws is taking its toll, or it’s all the cocaine….either way, the fagola has grown much older! Maybe we’ll luck out and he’ll have stroke before he finishes what he’s started!


I think you a**clowns are the dumhbest, most ignorant peeps I’ve ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a good thing you don’t multiply and produce more Freaks. Trump likes dumb f*cks. This forum is full of em.

They need a gun to get testosterone. I guess if they had to defend themselves mano to mano they’d get thier ass kicked so bad , they’d have to unbutton their sh*t to take a sh*t.



I’m an Veteran, gun owner, teach survival, and advanced weapons tactics.
I also have all the arms licenses. And you sir are full of shit!!!
You and everyone like you that promotes fantasies for the gun lobby. The gun lobby wants to sell guns, i know all about those idiots, and your a lacle for them. Everytime Obama says anything, and this goes way back, the gun promotes it and clueless dummies go out and buy guns. Don’t listen to the bullshit and you’ll pay alot less for guns and ammo.

Clark Kent

‘Lacle’? What is a ‘lackle’? Seems like you are the clueless dummy. And you claim to teach ‘advanced weapons tactics’? God help us all…


Its a typo, for the word lackey, which is like a king’s servant


Jack is a troll


ck,think man,think !

Clark Kent

Tex: What in the world do YOU know about thinking or the thought process? Like asking a chimp about nuclear power…..


Lacke, as in lemming. You know the people who kiss the gun lobby’s ass!
The people who are programmed like rats with fused human brains that bitch about obammason, but have no ****ing solutions themselves, except to promote anarchy.


It’s the gun lobby that feeds these morons the BS. The article is typical of GOP projection/propaganda. Hate to bust all your hat’in hymens but Obama isn’t disarming anyone or calling for that.


Ck,There you go again coward. Think man,think.

Lewis Saintsing

The gun lobby helps the gun owners of America!!!

Gregory Romeu

The gun lobby helps any side that is willing to pay it money!

Whores have far better morals and ethics than the lobbists and those that pander to them

Wild Bill

, what are “… all the arms licenses.” Who is it that that is “…full of sh*t.” What gun fantasies are being promoted? What is it that you know about “those idiots”? How is it that we will pay less for guns and ammo if we don’t listen to the bull sh*t? I am not trying to give you a hard time. I am just giving you a opportunity to clarify your statements.

Very respectfully,
Wild Bill


I suggest you first need to understand what sells guns and drives up prices .President Obama is the most successful gun salesman in history, according to new data published in the Journal of Public Economics. Federal tax receipts from the sales of pistols and revolvers increased 90 percent from the fourth quarter of 2007 to the fourth quarter of 2008, when Obama was elected. This makes the gun lobby very happy and ammo producers too! The more Hype, Bullshit, the more panic and higher the sales. The “Obama Effect,” as it’s called in the paper, reached record growth following Hillary… Read more »

Wild Bill

So, your complaint is the price of firearms and ammunition, and you blame Obama, the NRA, clueless dummys and panicked buyers? I would think that you would want clueless dummys and panicked buyers to buy firearms and take your classes. I would also think that you would support the NRA so that you would have more credibility when you advertise your classes. It seems like your positions are in opposition to each other. Oh and just out of curiosity, what branch of the military were you with?


Gee, paid hillary troll, why would someone who does not believe In the second amendment and openly calls on banning the best selling rifle in america from the oval office possibly cause guns to increase in sales? What a real mystery that puzzle is! when one political party calls on banning guns over and over and advocate australian style solutions to banning most of the popular home defense weapons, it is a real mystery why the public would run out and buy the same items that lifelong fascist gun banners are proposing to make illegal.


Why do I think you are not telling us the truth?


You’re a Veteran POS! A trolling Troglodyte who’s also so illiterate that he can’t compose a single coherent statement.

Your incomprehensible screed above is prima facie proof as to why fruitcakes like you need a straight jacket and a padded cell instead of a computer chock full of pedophile porn.


We can only pray God will remove this man as our president soon and very soon; and, remove Hillary as a candidate for presidency in an expedite manner

don williams

And put an idiot in that thinks like you?. I don’t think so. Stop all of the hating and get a grip on what is really going on.

Gregory Romeu

Please, explain exactlx’, WHAT is going on?

Clark Kent



ck,there you go again trying to act like you know what your talking about you sissy bit*tch ! Think man,think !

Clark Kent

Tex: ‘Bit*tch’? You can’t even correctly spell the word you used to attempt to insult me! ULTIMATE FAIL, MORON! Now go back to your room and play with your Legos. This forum is for adults only.


ck,I’m not insulting you sissy,I’m just calling it like it is. You lie about everything you say and you’re a Yankee coward too. When you said you were a former cop that was it,coward. This site is for men. Now leave you god*damn coward. Think man,think. ‘TEXAS,LIKE A WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY’ !


That’s because your a racist. He’s more popular than either candidate and would probably win a third and 4th term!!!!!!!!!!!! What i propose is all you ingrates move somewhere that you don’t have to interact with the rest of the population. You don’t seem to believe in the constitution and our government for all the people, not just rightwing lunatics, and fascist. Maybe we could gather up all you peeps and send you to fight ISIS. I mean you have guns, use them, instead of bitching like someones’s gonna come take your gun. “Mommy, the bad black president is gonna… Read more »


Jack, are you really as stupid as you sound/write ?

Wild Bill

Yes Mick, he is. He is just another socialist troll whose job it is to push the liberal agenda, make a minority of idiots seem like a majority, and he does it by writing things that are more shocking than my pasture fence. The Clintoon campaign
admitted that they pay people to do that, and they get paid by the response. So we don’t talk to them. We talk to others about them or just chuckle to ourselves.


Paid Hillary troll, is this the best you have? I would feel bad for crooked hillary wasting her ill gotten blood money on you if she was not such an evil sociopath who thinks laws are just for poor people.


You sir are an idiot… Just because someone doesn’t like Obama or disagrees with them doesn’t make them racist. He is not a popular president, even his supporters see through all of his b/s… well all but you apparently. You insult others that can think for themselves and believe in the CONSTITUTION in its entirety. Which is unlike you, have you forgotten that the SECOND AMENDMENT, the RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR ARMS, is a part of the constitution? Your president is the one that doesn’t believe in the constitution. Your president is the racist one, if a citizen is… Read more »


He’ll be back as soon as he dances the tango and goes to a ball game. We can’t let this effect what we do. I can’t believe our president has such little respect for the people of then USA,

marc usmc dav.

the Manchurian Candidate was elected 7.5 yrs ago. look what he’s done ! Damion the Omen was
at the movies 50 yrs plus ago, there are some unnerving similarities .

Jack Beasley

I’m an Veteran, gun owner, teach survival, and advanced weapons tactics.
I also have all the arms licenses. And you sir are full of shit!!!
You and everyone like you that promotes fantasies for the gun lobby. The gun lobby wants to sell guns, i know all about those idiots, and your a lacle for them. Everytime Obama says anything, and this goes way back, the gun promotes it and clueless dummies go out and buy guns. Don’t listen to the bullshit and you’ll pay alot less for guns and ammo.


What exactly are “all the arms licenses?” You sound like one of the people hillary pays to troll for her online. Those people have a hard time answering basic gun related questions, so I am curious what that even means.

Wild Bill

Yeah, trumped, I am wondering about all Mr Beasley’s claims and conflicting logic, too!


It reminds me of when media figures/gun banners try to talk about guns and say things about how someone is licensed to own a gun or they have reigstered a pistol in a state that does not require it, which is almost all of them. Or maybe Jack can explain why a barrel shroud makes a rifle an assault weapon, or even explain what a barrel shroud is to those who do not have “all the arms licenses.”


I guess this lying POS has all CHL’s in 50 states,all local,state,federal licenses too. Theres a lot of these stolen valor type of morons coming on this site. What the fools don’t realize is there are a lot of legitimate vets here that can detect their lies and bs very easily. This Beasley fool is just another one. Disregard the moron.


Beasley,you’re more full of sh*it than a X-mas turkey ! Don’t leave mad just leave !

Gregory Romeu

Beasley, I too am a Veteran and hold many licenses, guaranteeing I have held some weapons / explosives licenses and / or permits that you would never qualify for.

Please, you have been asked several times now, just WHAT are, “ALL THE GUN LICENSES” that you brag to hold?

Gregory Romeu

Jack? It-s been requested of you time and again to explain and list, “all the arms licenses” that you hold.

Now either you are going to support your statement with facts or we’re just going to have maintain that you are full of crap and a liar? So, which way do you want to go with this?


Paid Crooked Hillary troll “jack” has refused to answer this question because he cannot.

Mike Tanco

And if the Second Amendment is taken away from citizens, our government will take complete control just like what happened to Germany when Hitler took over.

Gregory Romeu

“IF” the government seriously tries to take away the Second Amendment is the exact moment that the Second Amendment will be fully utilized.


,well put !


“The beauty of the second amendment is, we won’t need it until they try to take it.” Thomas Jefferson

True then, true now.




All the peeps suckup rightwing bullsh*t 24/7 and promote it to divide the country and promote hate and violence. It’s pretty evident most are racist bigots! Two black men were murdered by cops, one had a concealed carry. Where’s the outrage from the NRA or any of these so called gun rights advocates? Like i said it’s all bullsh*t. No ones out to take guns. This writer is a rightwing wacko. I’ve investigated his background.
Most of us gun lovers and professionals, want no part of this racist bullsh*t and think wayne pierre is a Dick!


No one is out to take guns kind of like “it was a peaceful rally until the shooting started.” Hillary and obama have both stated they agree with australian forced buybacks of most firearms, neither believe the 2nd Amendment is an individual right, the ny times called for confiscation of america’s most popular rifle, ultra liberal and dem fundraiser matt damon called for banning all guns and taking them like they did in australia, and there are dozens of quotes from media figures back in the 90s calling for banning all pistols and rifles. Maybe next time do a little… Read more »

Wild Bill

The NRA (and the other gun rights advocates) only advocate for gun rights. They are dedicated to protecting our Second Amendment Civil Rights. Other civil rights issues are not their job. “… to divide the country ( I think that you mean nation) and promote hate and violence is a Saul Alinsky technique currently practiced by president Barry Soetoro (aka Barrack Obama). As to the rest of what you have written, you must be pulling my leg.


He is a paid hillary troll. She pays millions for people to post nonsense because she does not exactly do very well in an open exchange of ideas.

Wild Bill

Yup! I think that you have Jack Beasley pegged. He is a troll alright.

Gregory Romeu

EXACTLY Wild Bill!

Gregory Romeu

GEE BUNK! You’re BACK! Must have taken you all this thme getting all that sticky stuff off your keyboard?


Tell it Jack ! The way to promote gun control is to put a minimum IQ law on the books. Then 95% of people promoting arming themselves would have to turn in their guns, IF they could even read ! There are some pretty sick, racist knuckleheads following this nonsense….people who think that there is actually good reason to allow assault weapons into the hands of the general public. What possible use could there ever be to market high powered rifles with 40 round clips to the average citizen? As for those citing Second Amendment rights, what may have been… Read more »

Erin hunter

You are the one who has a very low IQ your comment shows that! If you do not understand the importance of the constitution and you do not cherish your rights and freedoms then move to Cuba!



Wild Bill

Just another troll paid to push the socialist agenda and make inflammatory statements. It may even be a troll that has used other names, here, in the past.


I would gladly stack up an IQ comparison between membership in the GOA vs black lives matter members – I think we all know how that iq testing would end. If we really applied iq testing to using the bill of rights as you propose, then that would eliminate the speech rights of the gun banners base members – pretty much all of baltimore, chicago, detroit, most of washington dc, etc. Trust me, you do not want to go down the path of mandating IQ testing for using the Bill of Rights – Dems would never win a national election… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

IF you are an American citizen, you would understand the simple and fundamentals of being such, like a RIGHT v. a PRIVLEDGE, a CONSTITUTION v. a TREND.

And if you DID in fact believe that the differences are relevant, then you wouldn’t be babbling like such a dumbass?


BeBop… My brain hurts from reading that manure excuse for a blog item. 1) There is no such thing as an “assault weapon” (not in the real world). That term was coined by anti-gun advocates as a scare tactic. And private citizen ownership of true military “assault rifles” is already legally prohibited. AR-15 (the CIVILIAN rifle) is not a military weapon. US troops are NOT sent into combat with semi-automatic rifles. 2) AR-15s are not high-powered (some pistols are more powerful!), and some states prohibit the use of AR-15s for deer hunting, precisely because they are not powerful enough to… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

Jack, has there ever been a day in your life that you were NOT a dumbass? Because if there never has been such a day, we could possibly get you a pell grant to get you some education.

So far that seems to be about the only option available where we can get you to raise your IQ above that of a crack-smoking monkey.


The LEFT (aka Democrats) are the ones who promote racial hatred and violence – NOT the Right. Read the history of Leftists here and in Europe. Socialists, Marxists, and Communists are all Leftists. That also includes Nationalist Socialists (which is what NAZI stands for). The Democrats are the ones who created the KKK and Black Lives Matter. Both are racist hate groups. Both are terrorist groups. Both a re left-wing creations of the Democratic Party. Most of REAL gun owners know the difference between the left-wing bullsh*t you’re spewing and reality. But, I guess it’s hard to see things clearly… Read more »


Now, more than ever, law abiding citizens need to borrow, buy, or keep their weapons for self defense. This country is coming apart at the seams, in part due to the actions of the inciter-in-chief Obama!


Hey if you don’t like america, f***in move! Nobody’s asking you to stay!!
Nothings going to f***ing change, get use to it. BTW, there’s no such thing as a muslim/communist you dumbass!
Get educated, the last time i checked the taliban (muslim) ran out of the country (russia) communist.
The second amendment was for people defending a country 200 yrs ago! It seems you peeps have your own version.

Personal IP


Who ever said 2nd amendment was for poeple 200 hundred years ago is the dumbass ! Constitution never expires no or will it DUMBASS! GUNS ARE FOR YOU TO PROTECT HOME, FAMILY, PROPERTY AND COUNTRY IF NEED BE!!! IT IS THE CORNER STONE THAT HOLDS UP ALL THE OTHER RIGHTS THAT YOU HAVE DUMBASS! AND CANNOT AND WILLNOT BE INFRINGED APON!

Jack Beasley

Hey, did you hear it? The government’s out to get your guns! The mass shooting last month was “staged” by the government! The president is intentionally trying to kill Mexicans to justify an attack on the Second Amendment! The government is gearing up for civil war and martial law! The United Nations is about to invade us! These are the ridiculous assertions that the pro-gun extremists want you to think (or, if they are schizophrenic, that’s what they think themselves). This isn’t the belief of mainstream, average gun owners, but rather the delusions of the fringe extremists and fearmongers. Unfortunately,… Read more »