Paul Ryan (R-WI) to Cut Gun Control Deal, Major Vote Next Week

Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan
Wisconsin Gun Owners
Wisconsin Gun Owners

Wisconsin – -( While you and I prepare for a weekend of R&R in celebration of this nation's freedom, Wisconsin Republicrat Paul Ryan is working behind the scenes to crush what little freedom you and I have left.

That's right, Ryan — according to a story on AmmoLand News and again on yesterday, “House Plans Vote on Guns Next Week” — will urge the U.S. House early next week to vote for “a counterterrorism package that will include a provision to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns” and a so-called mental health bill that will effectively disarm and prohibit gun ownership for millions of Americans without due process based on phony junk science and the “diagnoses” from any anti-gun doctor with an axe to grind.

Of course, these politicians — people who have made a career out of habitual lies and broken promises — are trying to reassure gun owners that they will build in an appeals process for anyone wrongly placed on the government's East-German Stasi-style secret watchlists.

Yeah, right.

As our friends at Gun Owners of America points out here, even IF there is an appeals process for being wrongly placed on a watchlist (as millions of Americans are) no one will be able to afford the attorneys' fees to fight that legal battle.

Sadly, the institutional gun lobby is offering a so-called “compromise” which will arguably be just as bad as the anti-gunners' bill … all in an attempt to try to look ‘reasonable.'

You and I know that's a very, very bad strategy: like trying to feed scraps of meat to the crocodile that's about to eat you.

Anti-gun bills being introduced include:

  • Obama’s “No-Fly, No Guns” program, labeling you a “terrorist” because some bureaucrat doesn’t like your political views.
  • Implement mental health gun ban, so any hand-picked “doctor” can declare you mentally unfit to own firearms … with no due process or right to appeal.

Again, this attack on our firearm freedom will be launched right after politicians return from the July 4th 2016 recess — so after getting rested up during a weekend of phony homage to freedom, they will turn right around next week and attack your freedom.

So PLEASE take this threat seriously. Sign the online NO WATCHLIST GUN BAN petition.

Equally important, consider a pro-gun gift of $100, $250, $500 or more … if you can.

The more funding Wisconsin Gun Owners has available, the more we can do RIGHT NOW to hold our Wisconsin congressional delegation accountable.


Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S. – Wisconsin’s congressional delegation, lead by notorious compromiser Paul Ryan, is cutting a deal with the democrat gun controllers to ran into law a massive nationwide gun ban targeting millions of unsuspecting Americans who should NOT be on any government watchlist. This major SELL-OUT being hatched between Washington neocon republicans and the democrat gun banners will be the largest gun control package — and the most insidious — passed in years.

Please sign the enclosed NO WATCHLIST GUN BAN petition and consider a pro-gun gift to WGO: $25, $50, $100 or more will make a big difference.


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  • 15 thoughts on “Paul Ryan (R-WI) to Cut Gun Control Deal, Major Vote Next Week

    1. I remember when Ryan said he cannot support Trump. Just as I figured, the elitist and the Never Trump movement are really for Hitlary. They should come out in the open and should change their name to PRO HILLARY. Shame on these elitist, no wonder why they said that the’ll let Hitlary rule for four years instead of Trump. No wonder why our country is in this deep hole of a shit not just because of Obama but also because of these elitist shit who only think of their careers and political ambitions. A wise man once said the quickest way to enrich yourself is to join politics or put up your own religion.

    2. LOOKS like a drunken wino from Skid row and is certainly NOT a friend of Conservative, Intelligent Ameicans.
      He’s just another liberal dimocrap butt kissing RINO that SHOULD be put out to pasture or into a padded room.

    3. RINO Ryan caves again, what a shock. These turncoat turds cant understand why they are on our shit list. GO TRUMP !

    4. For some time, I was arguing that Ryan was only a conservative on fiscal issues and progressive on everything else. His recent midnight push to fund Obama’s left wing wish list made me eat those words. Typical RINO.

    5. Put a turban on his head and change his name to Achmedd. You can’t tell the difference.

    6. Call every Senator, Congressperson and Governor you can. Pro and anti gun both and tell them you don’t support ANY more gun laws. If you don’t we are partly to blame for what comes.
      They who make the most noise, win…

    7. I’ve known Paul for many years and I feel he has had his arms twisted so hard that he is backed into a wall no one can get away from. We are about to lose the election to an A-hole Clinton, who will do nothing to stop from taking away all our rights, even though she has around the clock protection. All Citizens need to rise up and take back our government at all costs. How is that Hope and Change now working out for all you dumb A**** who voted for him. You gave a Liberal a foot in the door and they now have you bent over the barrel with your pants down, and they are ramming it home with all these new laws to punish the common citizen. I do believe if you are placed on a terrorist watch at anytime, no firearms for you, period. But you should be able to appeal the process. I do not like the mental health issue, since that should stop all elected official in Washington, D C from owning a firearm. My opinion, and I don’t thing the A-Hole in the White House has done an executive order against me from saying this.

      1. If Ryan has had his “arm twisted” then he should resign and tell the world that he can not put up with the corruption any longer.
        AS for YOU… “I do believe if you are placed on a terrorist watch at anytime, no firearms for you, period.” If that is what you believe then you also believe that due process is not necessary. Unaccountable bureaucrats put someone’d name on a list for any reason or no reason or for a political reason and then you lose your Second Amendment Civil Right. They make up something about you and you spend the rest of your life trying to prove them wrong. You have the shoe on the wrong foot, brother.

      2. thousands are on that terrorist watch list… with NO justification at all. Due process would require that BEFORE anyone can be placed on that list, he will have opportunity to examine and contest the evidence against him. If being on that list equals the denial of any fundamental right, it is no different than being placed behind bars. One’s freedom to move about and associate are denied once locked up. So, the agency wishing to add MY name to that list must propose that addition on the basis of PROBABLE CAUSE based on affirmation of a witness, and then I MUST have the opportunity to examine that witness prior to my right being terminated.

        Dueprocess does NOT mean that my right gets removed/denied, THEN, after the harm is done, I have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that that adjudication was in error. That denies the provision that I am presumed innocent until/unless I am proven guilty before a court of competent jurisdiction.

        You have it backwards. Go and READ your copy of the Constitution. Don’t have one? SHAME ON YOU. Get one and READ it. Have one and don’t know what it says? DOUBLE shame on you. Again, the medicine is READ IT.

        1. There is no ONE list there are MANY lists. The list process is NOT new it has been around since my days in the drug interdiction community going back to atleast the late 70’s
          The only way the lists work is to have them being clandestine. If they were made public then no terror group would allow anyone on the list to be associated with them. DUH!
          “Lists” have been created from every department in every jurisdiction since the beginning of time. Every group has groups of people they need to watch out for or watch out against and the like. If we can’t highlight members of society do to some basic information then we can’t expect any potential for a secure society. Yes admittedly limiting the freedoms of list members is a stringent length to go to but then the issue comes into play how much are we as a society will to pay to have the lists fully vetted and what do you do with members who we know are in the act of bad things but so far haven’t yet acted officially in an illegal manner? Do we wait for them to blow up an aircraft or a nightclub and then go “see I told you they were going to do something evil”
          This is about balance and to create balance between peace and freedom is the real issue. To the society in general the gun supporters are as bad as the lunatic anti gunners. We are locked down and refuse to negotiate any more then the anti’s refuse to accept that the elimination of guns won’t stop the issues they are most concerned about. Looking at the most recent Bangladeshi killings instead of guns they used explosives and sharpened weapons like knives. I would MUCH prefer a BG to come into a club with an AR or AK then C-4. Atleast some people might be able to duck in the rifle scenario the bomb situation is shear gloom and doom.
          How do we handle the situation like the 911 killers? We knew they were here we knew where they lived and what they did BUT they technically did NOTHING wrong. So in that case even putting them on a no fly list would be impossible. They did nothing wrong in your eyes to justify being on a list
          Of the 50 million people current the various lists there are MAYBE a few thousand who are wrongly accused. For them the current process to get them off is terrible and expensive. The new process COULD include language that makes getting off easy and even free if we all supported it rather then screaming NO. Instead of screaming we won’t negotiate and then having guys like Paul simply do what they want against our will it would be MUCH better to have a negotiation point that requires the lists to be used with safeguards and that any accused of being on one and refused either a seat or a gun could instantaneously know why and have a preset path to appeal things. We could negotiate all that into the law and the process BUT to do that we have to first be open to working out a plan and right now we are not open to ANYTHING at all. FULLY expect Trump to act WAY differently then we are used to when he takes POTUS over in January. he is a principled negotiator and that means he knows to get you have to give and to give you need to be only attached to the basic of principles. If you are attached to the details then you can’t negotiate or can’t do it well.
          We need to be firm in principle but flexible in procedures. I am FIRM in our ability to own and possess guns for self protection. I am NOT attached to how we accomplish that end
          If allowing more vetting in order to keep guns free for all those that should be allowed to own them and not for those who shouldn’t I am 100% in favor of that. What we can’t allow is to be trapped in the “no changes” mentality as that will surely put the opposition in the driver’s seat and changes will happen because we will look like children screaming and not mature adults solving a very concerned problem
          Dr D

      3. The poor crybaby replacement needs to grow a pair and start standing up for Americans instead of the Muslim supporters. Start impeachment immediately on Obama.

    8. Anybody see the picture on Ryan’s FakeBook page? He’s posing dressed in ‘camo’ with a shotgun and a turkey decoy. Should that picture be described as “Two Turkeys” or “Two Decoys”? Shall we take a poll?

      1. I noticed that all his clothes were clean and new and he had not shot anything. Just another anti hunting, anti firearm Civil Rights faker. How about a fake turkey and a fake hunter?

    9. Obliterate all, ALL, gun free zones.
      The 2nd Amendment is not to be infringed, period.
      No, NO, new rules imposed.
      Begin enforcement of existing rules which are currently being ignored by the justice department @ the federal level.
      Begin enforcement of the constitutional laws at the federal level and in the courts.

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