Planning for a More Effective Organisation

The Government Reacts to VicPol's Behaviour
Planning for a More Effective Organisation
Combined Firearms Council of Victoria
Combined Firearms Council of Victoria

Australia -( If things seem a bit quiet lately, it’s because we’ve been writing up a business plan for the next two years. It’ll take a while to complete but the main work has been done.

What is clear from this process is that, as we expected, fundraising and raising awareness of what the CFCV does across the shooting community will remain our key challenges over at least the short to medium term. If you’ve got ideas which would help us do that, please feel free to let us know.

In the meantime however, we look forward to completing the plan in the next few weeks, and make changes to our constitution which will help streamline the way we function.

Proposed ‘changes’ to firearm laws in Tasmania

Some of you may have seen information floating around on proposed changes to firearm laws in Tasmania – or at least the way they will be interpreted – which seek to reclassify firearms based on appearance.

While the issue of reclassifying based on appearance is not new in Victoria, it looks like the Tasmanians want to go further by looking at whether the stocks can be adjusted.

To say this is naive is an understatement. At the moment we’re having a look at this, and what other representations are being made around the industry, before deciding what we’ll need to do.

We’ll keep you posted as this develops.

Neil Jenkins
Secretary, CFCV

About Combined Firearms Council of Victoria:

The Combined Firearms Council of Victoria represents five of Victoria’s major shooting organisations – Field & Game Australia, Firearm Trades Association, Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Victorian Amateur Pistol Association and Vintagers: Order of Edwardian Gunners.

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