Practice Complete Scent Control with the Scent-A-Way MAX 10-Piece Kit

Scent-A-Way® MAX 10-Piece Scent Control Kit
Scent-A-Way MAX 10-Piece Scent Control Kit
Hunter's Specialties
Hunter’s Specialties

USA –  -( Scent-A-Way MAX 10-Piece Scent Control Kit contains everything a hunter needs to practice scent control from the home to the woods.

The 10-Piece Scent Control Kit comes with Scent-A-Way MAX Bar Soap and Antiperspirant for the pre-hunt shower and MAX Laundry Detergent to get clothes clean and odor free. For the hunt it includes a 32 oz. bottle of Scent-A-Way MAX Spray, a Fresh Earth and Pine Scent Wafer and HS Windicator. It also comes with three individual Scent-A-Way MAX Wash Towels for in-the field clean up.

The Scent-A-Way MAX 10-Piece Scent Control Kit sells for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

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Hunters Specialties is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa based leading manufacturer and supplier of hunting accessories. Hunters Specialties manufactures and supplies quality hunting products, under the brand names, Hunters Specialties, H.S. Strut, Scent-A-Way, Buck Bomb, Carlton’s Calls, Johnny Stewart Predator calls, Vita-Rack, I-Kam Xtreme and others. The company’s customers include leading mass merchant and sporting goods retailers and distributors. For further information about Hunters Specialties, please visit their web site at

Hunters Specialties
Hunters Specialties