Real Ideas That Make America Safer

By Rob Morse

Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- (  The mass murder at a LGBT nightclub was a tragedy.  President Obama said the death toll would have been worse if the people in the nightclub were armed for their own defense.  When asked about the Orlando mass murder, Hillary Clinton rejected armed self-defense and continued her call to disarm civilians.  Why would ordinary citizens believe the outrageous claim that we’re safer if we’re disarmed?  Some people think honest American civilians should be disarmed because they can’t imagine anything else.   Let me show you another way.  See how we can defeat these vicious armed murderers here in the US.

stock-broker-panic-phone-600x398You and I cannot respond to a violent attack in ways we have not imagined.  An armed attack is not like a child’s game of tag on the playground.. only louder and bloodier.  We won’t invent a defense in the moment we’re faced with a life or death violent encounter.  We can’t.  It is too late by the time we are hiding in the bathroom and huddled in fear and clutching our cell phone as we hear people dying next to us.  Then it is too late, but we can change that today.

A world-class firearms trainer reminded me of this again today.  He said, “You have no time to think.  Your body can’t go where you mind has not gone before.”  That means we won’t defend ourselves if we’ve never imagined doing so.

confused womanMy friend’s statement about imagination is a political truth as well as a physical one.  Most US civilians can’t imagine defending themselves.  They don’t carry a gun every day.  These unarmed Americans can’t imagine someone who carries.  These unarmed Americans don’t see themselves stopping a violent attack.  They naturally assume everyone is as helpless as they are.  I can’t blame them; they don’t know what they don’t know.  It is time unarmed Americans heard the truth.

We walk past armed Americans every day.  Over 13 million US civilians are licensed to discretely carry a firearm in public.  Unarmed Americans ignore the thousands of examples of armed self-defense that happen every day.  Unarmed Americans can’t imagine fighting back.. and winning.  No one trained their hands.. and their minds.  For all the talk about the virtues of diversity, the Socialist politicians shout down anyone who mentions fighting back.  Armed Americans know something they don’t.

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Armed Americans are different in profound ways.  They know violence exists.  They studied how we are attacked and how we might respond.  Armed Americans considered how they would respond to violence if they were with family, with friends, or alone.  They imagined an attack happening in places they frequently go.  They visualized how they would escape or stop the threat until law enforcement arrived.  Armed Americans reached answers that are shockingly different from the average unarmed citizen.  Armed Americans know murderers can be stopped.

Barack and Hillary are talking to their unarmed base of support when they advocate being disarmed and helpless.  It is an easy sell.  The Socialist political base prefers to be dependent on government.  Self-defense is simply another example of socialist citizens letting the government take care of their personal problems.  At best, the government responds in hours when the citizen needs help in seconds.

handsmear-l-800x1000Socialist politicians said we would be safer if the victims were disarmed.  Socialist politicians said the same thing after muslim terrorists murdered christians in a gun free school in San Bernardino.  Socialist politicians again supported disarmament after a muslim terrorist murdered people in a gay nightclub in Orlando.  Socialists politicians always say that more state control is the answer even though that answer never made civilians safer.  State control works for politicians, but not for citizens.

Armed Americans know what works.  Armed Americans stop violent criminal attacks over three thousand times every day.  Terrorists suffer bullet wounds like any other violent criminal.  Armed Americans know that.  Socialists politicians demand we surrender our safety to an all-powerful government.  In contrast, armed Americans have seen where that political ignorance leads, where that political surrender leads.  Armed America doesn’t like it.

We are watching a political struggle over the issue of disarming honest civilians.  There are few commonly held beliefs between the two sides and the level of ignorance is staggering.  We can summarize the debate in these few words.

The body cannot go where the mind hasn’t been before.  Terrorists are as easy to kill as anyone else.  Socialists pretend it isn’t so.  Armed America knows it’s true.

Now you know too.  Learn what you can do.  America doesn't need to be afraid any longer.

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Rob Morse: Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 13 thoughts on “Real Ideas That Make America Safer

    1. Last week my employer distributed to all employees an Active Shooting guide the size of a book marker. It read, Run, Hide, Fight, and Comply (when law enforcement arrives).

      I quote the book marker
      – “Fight as a last resort when your life is in imminent danger.”
      – “Act with as much physical aggression as possible.”
      – “Commit to your actions – your life depends on it.”

      I would much prefer having my friends Smith and Wesson with me.

    2. Liberal democrats are at the top of the liberal cockroach feeding chain. THEY are NOT stupid–they have a goal and they know exactly how to get it done. Once the “damn guns” are restricted or eliminated, then they can protect us from ourselves–sort of like Germany after the 1938 NAZI Gun Control Act–which thanks to ultra-anti Second Amendment Senator Thomas Dodd was used as the basis for the U.S. 1968 Gun Control Act–voted in by the massive loaded Democrat House and Senate and signed into law by democrat Lyndon Johnson.

      1. @Jim, I have a copy of that 1938 Nazi Act and a side by side comparison with the GCA of 1968. I bought it from the JPFO. Interestingly, the Nazi were also socialists.

    3. The strength of America is centered in it’s armed and ready citizens. Brave non-sheep help keep others safe as well as themselves. There is too great a chasm in the U.S. right now. The gun rightist who believe our rights to unfettered weapons are misunderstood by many. While we gun owners do not understand the fear and complacency of those who believe that an armed population is dangerous to it’s self. We believe that to depend on a police force and military, however efficient, is a failed strategy. The politics of today pit Senator against Senator in an almost straight party line for or against the right to carry a gun ready to thwart an assailant. I suggest to you that if one party or the other were always right that we would evolve into a mono-party system. My friends that isn’t happening. In order to keep our rights we as a group would be well advised to act as honorable and sane people and show respect for other’s beliefs as well. You catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

        1. Wild Bill, I do not support Hillary. But I choose her over Trump. I believe in voting for the best , most qualified candidate. I worked for the election of another Republican. The people who voted for Trump successfully as the nominee caused me to switch. I am not a single issue voter. Secretary Clinton is in no uncertain terms not our ally on gun issues, but she is sane and I believe Trump is not only ill prepared but mentally incompetent.
          No one person can take our guns away, what Trump might do as President scares the hell out of me.

          1. JohnC – Support who you want, but if you think Clinton is sane then think about someone who the FBI said mishandled classified information will do with the nuclear codes. God help, the Russian will be able to launch our own nukes against us because she can’t protect them. Good choice there skippy!

            1. Clark Kent – but in another post you said that elections are the term limits in place. Better make up you mind!

        2. Because he’s a closet liberal, To afraid to come out, but wanting his own powerful elite’s to stay in power!

    4. Don’t forget for the last few decades Americans have been trained to be victims. Don’t resist, don’t fight back, run, hide. The media, schools, and politically motivated police “chiefs” all tell you how much safer you are if you submit without resistance. The sheeple are starting to wake up and Bill Jordan’s simple message is spreading – There is no 2nd place winner in a fight for your life.

    5. ” Armed Americans stop violent criminal attacks over three thousand times every day. ”
      This may be only half the actual number. Most often the defender does not have to fire their weapon. As soon as the attacker discovers that they are at risk, they surrender, flee. It does seem that terrorists commit suicide.
      The police will take note of the events but the media often won’t publish to reports such as “housewife with gun scares burglar” or “armed robber arrested when police arrive” leaving off the fact that the clerk was holding the robber at gun point.

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