The Second Amendment – 27 Words That Define a Nation

The Second Amendment - 27 Words That Define a Nation
The Second Amendment – 27 Words That Define a Nation
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USA -( “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the Right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

27 words.

In the USA, these are 27 of the most important words ever written. 27 words that insure the ability of an armed rebel force to fight for Freedom against those who would attempt to enslave us. 27 words that whisper menacingly…” we will not go gently into that good night”. 27 words that separate us from every other Nation on this planet we call home. 27 words that protect the other 7591 words in the Constitution and Bill of Rights of these United States of America. 27 words that men and women of this great Country are ready, willing and able to live for, to fight for and to die for.

27 words.

Those 27 words evoke more words… Strong. Spirit. Flag. Noble. Fearless. Stoic. Honor. Liberty. Integrity. Independence. Brave. Preserve. Defend. Fight. Rebel. Loyalty. Timeless.

The simplicity of the Second Amendment is in its wording. There are no extraneous or superfluous words or reasoning. It is bare bones, austere and elegant in it's simplistic message.

“A well regulated militia,” as defined in parlance from 1789, meant a civilian military force, using arms in working order, functioning as expected, “being necessary to the security of a free State,” States were expected to defend themselves against a tyrannical government militia, “the Right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” To ensure the ability to form the civilian militia, the people's right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon by the very government they may have to defend against.

The Second Amendment - 27 Words That Define a Nation
The Second Amendment – 27 Words That Define a Nation

Those who suggest the Founders had no idea what kind of weaponry would be available in the future, are quite correct. And due to this inability to see into the future, the Founders did not restrict the arms the People could keep and bear. They understood that warfare and it's machinations change, morph and advance, and by leaving the Second Amendment without restrictions, the People would always have access to the arms of the military they may be forced to defend against, allowing the People to fight against the very tyranny the Founding Fathers had just faced… and defeated.

In truth, the Second Amendment is much more than the sum of its words, it is the line of demarcation for a way of life as defined by either the Left or the Right.

Say “Second Amendment” to a Liberal and it isn't just about guns, its about a perceived lifestyle that is a complete 180 degrees away from their beliefs. Their thoughts might look like this – Rednecks, Christians, Beer, Rural, Stupid, Conservative, Backwards, Selfish, Thoughtless, Racist, Bigot, Hater, Wingnut.

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If a Liberal brings up the Second Amendment, a gun owner might immediately think – Lefty, Socialist, Godless, Safe Space, Trigger Words, Racist, Bigot, Liberal, Self Righteous, Arrogant, Pompous, Wealth Sharing, Free College, Free Healthcare, Libtard.

In the end, protecting the Second Amendment is truly the defense of our Country, our history, our National pride, our individuality, our personal freedoms… our very way of life.

Come this November, America is going to be defined by the voters of this Country. The next President will load the Supreme Court with either Constitutional Justices who will research and understand the intent of the original framers, or Liberal activist Justices who believe our Constitution and our way of life is a thing of the past and rule accordingly – and these Justices will hold sway over our Rights for decades to come.

The Second Amendment is the touchstone of our Constitution and the base that all other Amendments stand firm upon. If the Second Amendment should fall, the rest will follow, tumbling our Country and our American way of life into the basement of history, the trap door slamming shut, never to be seen or heard from again.

This cannot be allowed.

“I want to die a slave to principles, not men.” “I'd rather die on my feet, than to live on my knees.” ~ Emiliano Zapata

Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly

  • 26 thoughts on “The Second Amendment – 27 Words That Define a Nation

    1. What was the primary purpose of the Second Amendment?

      To guarantee the right to keep and bear arms to defend against the reemergence of tyranny.

      When the Constitution was ratified in 1788, Memory of fighting Red Coats and of lost family members and friends was fresh in the minds of surviving patriots. They believed the best defense against tyranny is an armed citizenry. Just three years later the Bill of Rights was ratified. The Second Amendment guaranteed there would be an armed citizenry.

      The Congress shall have Power To …provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions….
      The Congress shall have Power To …provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress….

      2nd Amendment
      “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

      The 2nd Amendment Militia is the ARTICLE I, SECTION 8, CLAUSE 16 Militia. The armed citizenry is not the 2nd Amendment Militia.

      When or if the Militia is called to fight an insurrection or invasion (ARTICLE I, SECTION 8, CLAUSE 15). Armed citizens may be called to augment the Militia. When called, they are expected to bring their private arms of the Militia’s contemporary type and caliber and to integrate with and become part of the well regulated state Militia. Armies require standard arms and ammunition. The authors understood armies and arms.

      Why might the armed citizenry be required to augment the Militia?

      There was to be no standing army.

      Article I, Section 8, Clause 12
      The Congress shall have Power To. . . raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

      I concluded 35 years that the Second Amendment logically guarantees the right to keep and bear Assault Rifles and lesser arms.

    2. The only thing missing is a clear indicator of WHEN there is tyranny and WHEN a would be traitor becomes a patriot by picking up arms and reclaiming the country. Remember Willie Horton and the October Surprise? If they kill Trump in October that is the signal for Rule 308.

    3. For those who need to see the post-Scalia SCOTUS interpret and apply the Second Amendment, the twelve pages of the Jaime Caetano v. Massachusetts case unanimously decided 7-0 on March 21, 2016 are a required read:

      It appears that the Supreme Court explicitly wants lower courts to understand that “The Court has held that “the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding,” District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U. S. 570, 582 (2008), and that this “Second Amendment right is fully applicable to the States,” McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U. S. 742, 750 (2010).”

    4. Oldshooter, your post was both stirring and articulate. Thank you, sir.

      “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.”
      John Adams
      Irrespective of the fact it may be nearing that fateful end, we yet bear the same obligation both the founding fathers had and the untold number of Americans who have served and fallen for Old Glory had. And that is to sacrifice, and if need be, lay down our lives for a country that has provided us so much. Unfortunately, this is no longer hyperbole. To every generation there comes a time when the figurative “tap on the shoulder” comes and the opportunity to serve arrives. We are a nation that is beset with meaningless frivolities and idle pastimes . Now is the time to set those puerile pursuits aside and be men of probity and purpose. The desire to stand up for our 2nd Amendment is laudable, but we must be equally provoked towards virtue and knowledge, “If Virtue & Knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslav’d. This will be their great Security.” -Samuel Adams
      I highly doubt God set this country aside as a bastion of freedom and liberty only to be snuffed out by godless liberals and progressives. The good men and women left in this country must continue to bear the standard of self reliance and fortitude. There is a battle looming both here and abroad that I believe with separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. As far as our duty as American patriots goes, remember the words of Abraham Lincoln, “We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts–not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”
      Semper Fidelis

    5. When the Congress submitted the first twelve amendments to the States for ratification, the States did not ratify the first two. What we call the First Amendment was third in order, The Second Amendment was fourth in order. What we call teh Twenty-seventh Amendment is the original first amendment which did not have a time limit for ratification as amendments today include.
      As adopted by Congress the amendment had ONE comma.
      This was verified by the Congressional Research Service in responses to a question asked of Congressman Paul Findley R-IL20 District about forty-five years ago by myself.
      I had noticed that the Second Amendment in the new booklet from the USGPO had THREE commas while all my books had only one comma. I began some research with my limited resources and found that there were several variations. One, two and three commas with the two comma version having the commas grouped in both the first or second clause.
      My question to Congressman Findley was , “What is the correct punctuation of the Second Amendment?
      The answer came back that as adopted by Congress the Amendment was in this form with one comma.
      “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
      The Congressional Research Service noted that the documents were hand copied and there were variations but the correct punctuation was one comma.
      What troubled me was that publishers who had used the one comma version for decades began using the three comma version in the 1970s. With three commas it is possible to read the English formatting like an Algebra equations, comma to comma. Thus `a well regulated militia, xxx ,shall not be infringed.’ The right of the people can just disappear.
      The correctness of the single comma version is verified by the fact that in 1959 when Alaska and Hawaii joined the Union and wrote their State Bill of Rights they copied the single comma version.
      It doe appear that the Supreme Court in HELLER read and interpreted the single comma version.

    6. Good posts @Jim Macklin, @Roy F. Wilt, @oldshooter.

      @Marshall Sprague, nobody’s perfect, but I’m glad you support the basis of the Second Amendment.

    7. The idea that the 2nd Amendment only covers militia service and purposes is incorrect from a grammatical standpoint, and there is no reason to think the drafters were poor grammarians-quite the opposite, in fact. Because of the way the explanatory “militia clause” is used in the amendment, it is not, grammatically speaking, a limitation on the imperative, “shall not be infringed” clause. However, there is a much more far reaching principle involved. If you consider their writings at the time, and the principles the Founding Fathers were basing our country and government on, you will see that the most fundamental principle underlying all others was the idea that the government was instituted by the people, for the purpose of safeguarding the personal liberty of each individual citizen. The basic idea is that your liberty to rant, rave, and swing your fist should be unlimited-until your fist reaches the end of my nose. Or to use Jefferson’s words, your freedom should be unimpaired, “so long as it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” This in fact, is the idea that makes America “exceptional,” as no other country on Earth has EVER been founded on such a radical principle. It is far more common for nations to ascribe to either the monarchical principal that the people (the “Subjects”) live to serve the sovereign/monarch, or a socialistic one (a la the NAZIs) that the individual citizen lives to serve the state, and the benefit of the state supersedes the benefit of any individual citizen. That idea is based on the Utilitarian Philosophical principal that “the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few.” Americans believe the exact opposite, that the liberty of the individual outweighs (and should underlie) the behavior of the government. The Founders weren’t “wimps,” and didn’t see the government’s job as protecting the people, but rather as safeguarding the people’s inherent right, and ability, to protect themselves. THAT guiding principle is ultimately the explanation for why the 2nd Amendment protects everyone’s right to keep and bear (ie, to own and carry) “arms” (ie, weapons, including the most effective weapons today-guns), for whatever use they please, so long as they do not hurt innocent others. It is a direct outgrowth of our exceptionalism-the protection of the individual’s inherent right to arms is, in fact, simply another good example of American exceptionalism. That also explains why anti-Americans like Obama, Hillary, and Socialists in general, neither think America is exceptional, nor see anything wrong with infringing the citizen’s inherent rights to self-defense-they just don’t believe in “Americanism,” that is, in the basic founding politico-philosophical principles on which our country is founded.

    8. Any weapon is an arm that is protected if it could have a military purpose. During the Vietnam War the Army had Ruger Standard Model .22 pistols with noise suppressors for covert operations. The Air Force and Navy issued 38 Special revolvers to pilots. The Army and Marine Corps issued Winchester Model 70 in caliber 30/06 or 7.62×51 or Remington 700 and 40X target rifles for sniper use.
      Off the shelf Remington 870 and Ithaca 37 riots guns and Winchester Model 12 and 1200 shotguns were in short civilian supply because the government was buying so many of them.
      In 1939 the Supreme Court said the only thing they were sure of about the Second Amendment and the militia was that when the militia was called to duty “they were expected to appear bearing their private arms” of contemporary type and caliber.
      That means the AR and similar in caliber 5.56×45, 9mm, 45 ACP, and older military issue arms such as the M1A, M1 Garand, M1911 and M9 pistols, shotguns… You are also expected to have a modest supply of ammunition to tide you over until the supply chain can supply your needs.

    9. Even People who support the Second Amendment don’t realize that We really are one Heart Beat away from the Second Revolution. If Trump loses this election, Hillary and the Democrats WILL come for your Guns. Then you have only Two choices: 1, Turn them in. or 2, Shoot them. There will be no in between, no sitting on the fence. So if you are not willing to Die for the Constitution I advise you to sell all you Guns and Ammo now! Oh Yeah, I forgot, sell all your knives, hammers, pointy sticks, and all the rocks in your back yard! So when you get on that Boxcar, you can say that you tried to get along!

    10. On many issues I am very liberal.’The Constitution ratified in 1788 contains the Militia Clause and the Organizing the Militia Clause. The Army Clause was intended to control The President from waging war without congressional approval. With no standing army and small state-controlled militias the nation was vulnerable to invasion and insurrection.

      What was the purpose of the Second Amendment?

      After the Constitution was ratified in 1788, Citizens demanded that individual rights be protected. Just three years later, 1791, the Bill of Rights was ratified. The Second Amendment resulted from the belief that the best defense against tyranny is an armed citizenry. The Second Amendment guarantees the individual right to keep and bear arms to defend against any future tyranny and to aid the Militia when needed. Muskets were used to fight the Red Coats. Technology has improved 1776 Assault Rifle. However, the purpose of the Second Amendment has not changed. To guard against tyranny. citizens must keep and bear current technology arms. Those arms are called assault rifles.

      Regarding the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, absent is an explicit right to self-defense. I did not find any consideration of licensing to purchase or carry, hunting for food or for sport, stand your ground, registration, private militias, castle doctrine, survival prepping, home defense, background checks or competitive shooting.

      The Second Amendment only guarantees the right to keep and bear Assault Rifles.

    11. The Bill of Rights became the selling point for ratification of the new United States Constitution which had to be ratified by the States. Many spoke against ratification because the rights of the People were seen as vulnerable to Federal power. Patrick Henry spoke against Virginia ratifying the Constitution speaking of the States depending on an organized militia, paid by the Federal government and under the Control of the President. He spoke the simple truth, if the states were only allowed to have arms supplied by the Federal government and only the organized, or Select Militia, was to be armed, then the militia, said Henry, “will desert you and fight against you and what then will you do about your rights?”
      It was clear in recent history that the Revolution began with British attempts to confiscate arms, muskets, powder, flints and lead, that were stored in government armories at Concord and Lexington.
      Thus when the amendment was drafted the right of the whole People to keep and bear arms was protected.
      The Senate rejected adding the words FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE into the rights statement because it was the right of the individual to use their private arms for purposes from sport, hunting, self-defense as well as militia duty when the need might arise.
      The HELLER case is pretty clear about the history and scope of the amendment. Recent cases have clearly explained that arms include more than just muskets. Arms include ammunition and modern contemporary firearms [in the 1939 MILLER case] and knives, stun guns, any weapon with a use is an ARM.

    12. I like Branco too! Especially the way he makes Hillary look like the Demon she really is.
      As an aside, if it comes down to it;I will die standing in a pile of empty Brass and empty Mags with a smoking hot rifle in my hands! I won’t live on my face with a boot on my neck, or looking out the slots of a Boxcar.

    13. Come this November, America is going to be defined by the NON voters of this Country. Those who are too lazy to bother to REGISTER to vote, much less cast a ballot. Those who care more about Monday Night Football and celebrities than the future of the USA. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’- Pogo.

    14. Thank you for finally going with something other than mediocre Branco. It’s a breath of fresh air. For a while, it was the same thing over and over again.

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