Six Shooter Shot Glass Gives New Meaning to the Term “Another Round”

Six Shooter Shot Glass by Bullets2Bandages
Six Shooter Shot Glass by Bullets2Bandages

San Diego, CA -( Meet what may be one of the most entertaining ways to take a shot – the Six Shooter Shot Glass by Bullets to Bandages!

This shot glass draws inspiration from the classic colt revolver, by replicating it’s cylinder– however instead of loading bullets you may load your favorite bourbon, whiskey, tequila, or shooter of choice.

These shot glasses are shipped as pairs and come standard with the Bullets2Bandages branded gift box. Holds 1.25oz.

About Bullets2Bandages:

Bullets2Bandages is a mission-driven, socially conscious apparel and accessories and unique company designed to give thanks to veterans, those fighting for our country, and the families who provide them with love and support at home. B2B got its start in mid-2011 doing what Erik and Cole thought would be a few short-term fundraising events for the Travis Manion Foundation. They quickly realized that there was sufficient demand for B2B’s products — and interest in supporting veteran charities — to create a sustainable business. A small initial line of necklaces and bracelets quickly evolved into the bottle openers, keychains, and other accessories you can find on our website today. You can also find B2B’s products in large retailers such as Cabela’s, the Navy Exchange, and the Marine Corps Exchange, as well as nearly 100 craft breweries and military gift shops.

For more information, visit:

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Hopefully they’ll do a 2oz Taurus Judge shot glass for us bourbon drinkers.



Cool,I can have them cylinders when I have my Jack Daniels shots ! Them little shooters ! Jack Daniels is really a smooth sipping or shots whiskey !