Surrounded by Armed Guards, President Attacks the Gun Rights of Law-abiding Americans

Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Springfield, VA -( The shootings in Louisiana to Minnesota to Dallas have gripped the heart of our nation.

Sadly, but predictably, the anti-gun Left is using these events to push even more infringements on the Second Amendment.

The President is renewing his push for a ban on semi-automatic firearms, given media reports that AR-15 styled firearms were used to ambush police officers in Dallas.

Speaking at the start of a NATO summit in Poland, the President targeted these weapons in his prepared remarks:

We also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic, and in the days ahead we’re going to have to consider those realities as well [that is, enact more gun control].

As I listened to the President say these words, I was reminded that this is the same man who was tagged with the “Lie of the Year” in 2013.

It helps to remember his struggle with truth-telling, because what he said today was a bald-faced lie.

Banning semi-automatic firearms and magazines will NOT make Americans safer, and the overwhelming majority of law enforcement would agree:

  • 91% of officers say that banning so-called “assault weapons” would either have no effect or a negative effect in our efforts to reduce crime; and,
  • 95% say that banning magazines holding more than 10 rounds would NOT reduce crime.

The President is using “officer safety” as an excuse to ban firearms, but our first responders have already rejected his premise.

Our law enforcement gets it. The Liar-in-Chief does not.

About Gun Owners of America (GOA):

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul.

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The caption of the picture is wrong. It should be: “LIAR ‘N’ Thief”.


Maybe it’s time to seriously start impeachment proceedings on these senators,etc.for not upholding the constitution and bill of all their names publicly.

ed pugh

The dam fool goes down to Texas for a Mem service then He stands up there and reads all that BS off the teleprompter stuttern and stamen like Hes doin on his oun all that BS about Him and His failed polices complainin about the cops in all these citys not doin there job My whole family are cops Sheriffs and Mps and I think We are just about fed up with listen to this round heads mouth Then Killery goes to Springfield ILL today and spews that same crap What a bunch of thankless B—-ds!!

D. Murphy

Obama would not know the difference between a G19 and a XDm or a Stg44 from an WASR10 if they were put in front of him. Yet he stands up and lectures the country on the Bill of Rights and his democrats stage sit ins because the adults in Congress will not let them deny citizens the protection of the 5th Amendment without due process. Amazing!

2War Abn Vet

Why was the master prevaricator even invited to Dallas to dance on the graves of the police officers when he bears so much responsibility for their deaths?


I doudt that he was as you say invited He just cant help himself its just a dam shame a person has to be that stupid that cant see when they are makrin a fool out of them selves


I love what Tennessee did recently, now business owners in Tennessee are legally responsible for the safety and security of their patrons if the owners choose to ban guns in their establishment, and can face at least civil lawsuits in court by the patrons or their families if they are injured or killed if and when a criminal decides to terrorize such establishment.


Benjamin Franklin said it best “Any society the gives up liberty for a little safety and security deserves neither and will loose both”. This is where we are now, what the dictator wants to do is take away all of our safety and security, and strip this country of all that is left of our rights.

Jacob M. Opperman

Any of these idiots who want to take our right to protect our selves away and who are going against there oath of office which is to protect and defend the Constitution should not only be impeached but have there Secret Service protection removed no questions asked, PERIOD. Let them worry let us common folk who is coming around the corner to maybe hurt me, let them worry if the person on the front porch is some one who is going to hurt them or just some one pleasant, let them worry if there child who just walked out the… Read more »

Clark Kent

What specific mental health laws did Reagan relax? You are aware that Congress makes laws, not the President? And that during both of Reagans terms the Congress was controlled by Dumbocrats?


Obama has also said that we do not need stricter mental health laws. Look back at all the tragedies that have occurred since Ronald Reagan relaxed them, and tell me that it is not relational.