The Truth Behind the Denying Firearms & Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act

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The Truth Behind the Denying Firearms & Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act
Legally Armed America Inc.
Legally Armed America Inc.

USA – -( My name is Paul Glasco of Legally Armed America.

I am personally reaching out to each of you who have been referred to me by persons I trust in the industry to assist in what I consider to be an extremely urgent matter – the building of support for the “no-fly” bill, H.R. 1076


The worst part of this bill is that it removes a fundamental right of every United States citizen – due process.

The left has done a remarkable and sickening job of capitalizing on yet another American tragedy to force their anti-gun agenda. Personally, I think they have the momentum right now and I am very fearful they may win this time. But this is a fight we cannot afford to lose. For my industry friends, many of our livelihoods rely on us transferring and receiving firearms from manufacturers.

As pro-2nd Amendment advocates, we each could be put on this no-fly list for no legitimate reason or explanation, our own firearms could be removed from us, and we could be prohibited from ever owning or possessing another firearm, even though we are innocent.

Again, there are no published guidelines for why one is put on this list. They do not have to have a reason.

How better to suppress pro-2nd information than by targeting the source – us.

My reason for contacting you all is to inform you and to push back with facts and to work towards an aggressive and effective way to educate our friends, followers, and fellow firearms enthusiasts so that they don’t cave to liberal emotions who are hoodwinking Americans into supporting a bill that directly impacts their very constitutional rights.

I am open to ideas and welcome any and all feedback in the comments below and one my website..

Please forward this info to any and all friends of the Second Amendment. I know there are tons more folks who who need to see and understand the threat of this legislation.

Friends, for the first time in my life, I feel as though we’re on the verge of losing this battle and it’s a huge one to lose based on misinformation and spin by the anti-gunners. Thank you all in advance for caring.

Paul Glasco
Legally Armed America | Gun District
“Official NRA News Partner”

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Wild Bill

Does Glasso mean building support against the no fly bill? Because ” building support for the “no-fly” bill” seems contrary to the rest of the article.


I’m sorry, Mr.Glasco but I don’t see how you and others can go on believing that fighting the Commies with reason and legality and common sense is ever going to benefit us or is actually going to convince them that they are wrong. They know perfectly well what they are doing and why and the sooner we acknowledge that WE are the targets (literally) then maybe, just maybe, the “legally armed” will realize that being pro 2nd Amendment is enough cause to get one on “the list”. That’s the whole point! Right now, there is a list with your name,… Read more »

Wild Bill

@COMMUTATUS, fighting the Commies with reason and legality and common sense is cheaper in terms of money, sweat, and blood than any other method. If you think that it is useless, then you form up the revolutionary army. Call formation. Before anyone could respond, you’ll be in the nearest U.S. Marshall Service lock up. The rest of what you write is true, but you have no idea how fast and hard the Feds will come directly to your door, kick it in and grab you by the throat. So lets not give up on winning the hearts and minds of… Read more »