A Gem in Chicago ~ Shocking VIDEO

By Thomas Sowell

Red Paint Smeared Protestors Disrupt Republicans Speech at Rutgers
Red Paint Smeared Protestors Disrupt Republicans Speech at Rutgers
Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell

USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- We have gotten so used to seeing college presidents and other academic “leaders” caving in to so many outrageous demands from little gangs of bullying students.

It is a long overdue surprise to see a sign that at least one major university has shown some backbone.

Dr. Robert J. Zimmer, president of the University of Chicago, has spoken out in the plainest language against the stifling of opinions that differ from political correctness, on campuses across the country.

“Free speech is at risk at the very institution where it should be assured: the university,” Dr. Zimmer said.

“Invited speakers are disinvited because a segment of a university community deems them offensive, while other orators are shouted down for similar reasons,” he said. Demands have been made that assigned readings in some courses be eliminated because they “might make some students uncomfortable.

Worst of all, such demands “have been supported by university administrators,” Dr. Zimmer pointed out.

By contrast with many other colleges and universities where speech codes restrict what students can and cannot say, freshmen students entering the University of Chicago have been informed by a letter from the Dean of Students that “freedom of expression” is one of that institution's “defining characteristics.”

The Dean of Students spelled it out: “Members of our community are encouraged to speak, write, listen, challenge and learn, without fear of censorship. Civility and mutual respect are vital to all of us, and freedom of expression does not mean the freedom to harass or threaten others.”

That such things need to be said is a painful commentary on the academic world in general. It is doubtful if any such declaration or policy could be made at any of the Ivy League universities, which are bastions of political correctness.

At Harvard, not only have invited speakers been shouted down and sometimes assaulted, even a Harvard professor's classroom was invaded by disruptive students who didn't like what he was teaching. Such things have also happened at Berkeley and other elite institutions across the country, as well as at less renowned institutions.

The uniqueness of the University of Chicago is not something new. Back in the 1960s, as campus riots spread across the country, and academic administrators caved in to even the most outrageous demands, dozens of disruptive students were simply expelled from the University of Chicago and dozens more were put on probation. As Professor George J. Stigler, a Nobel Prize-winning economist, said, “our faculty united behind the expulsion of a large number of young barbarians.

But such faculty support required a sense of mission, beyond a quiet life on campus in which to pursue one's own career. Even as grade inflation soared, and failing grades virtually disappeared in some colleges and universities across the country, that was not true among professors of economics who had been trained at the University of Chicago.

A survey in the economics department at Cornell University, during a year in the 1960s when I taught there, showed that the only students who received a failing grade in any economics course that year were students who took courses taught by professors who were trained at the University of Chicago.

In later years, when I gave failing grades to one-fourth of my class at UCLA, I discovered that this was not at all unusual in UCLA's economics department, which had a sizable contingent of economists trained at the University of Chicago. We also opposed many politically correct policies of the UCLA administration.

One of the many name-calling responses to people who do not go along with political correctness is to use the all-purpose smear, “racism.” But the first time I saw a white professor at a white university with a black secretary, it was Milton Friedman at the University of Chicago in 1960 — four years before the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Years earlier, the first black tenured professor at an elite white university was Allison Davis at the University of Chicago. But who cares about facts in these politically correct times?

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    1. I just watched this little video and read this story and my biggest interest in it is this. How many Moms, and Dads worked there butts off, or put them selves in hock to send these kids to a good college just to have them pull this crap. Now some of these parents are going to be on the hook for the money and there idiot, desrespecful kids are not longer in school. If I were them and there kids came back after being expelled and ask for or expecked more money for college I would tell them nope me and Mom are going to take the rest and have a nice cruise. If you want money for college go earn it.

    2. Irontiger65 – So you think it your country. Keep up you pussy ideas and when the middle east comes calling your be stuck in a corner sucking your bitch ass thumb and crying for someone to save you. Better hope us true American are still around to help your candy ass out!!!

    3. Irontiger65 – Sure am glad your not in charge and never will be. With your logic and thinking we’d be a third world country by now. We almost are because of pussy boy Obama and his crew!

      1. Maybe a liberal like “Irontiger” should change its screen name to “RustyPussy” ? Just a thought is all…
        I volunteered to serve, am partially disabled (non-combat related) my dad served, my son was USN Corpsman for USMC. Many of our friends and family did the same. We would all do it again. Lock and load!

    4. Hasn’t this all come about because the occupants of the ‘faculty lounge’ now occupy ‘government offices’? LOL

    5. Wonder what these little whimps are going to do when they get in the real world and the boss tells them to do something. No going to their safe place and sucking their thumbs. It’s work or get fired!!! Guess they’ll live off the government until the money runs out and then they well really get a life lesson!

    6. You have to go all the way back to the upheaval of the mid-late ’60s to understand how this situation came about. At that time many young men answered their nation’s call, and went off to an unpopular war. Others opposed that war, and wanted, instead, to smoke dope, save their precious skins, and experience free-love. They either went to Canada, or into academia to avoid military service. Those who elected the academic route sought to justify their life decisions to every student passing through their classes. The elderly college professors of today are the students of that period.
      I learned that as soon as I came home through San Francisco in ’66. At the time I was surprised by the bitterness and abuse, but I’ve had a lot of years and experience to come to understand that hatred of country, and those who serve it, can be generated by media, educators, and politicians who see profit in it.
      I am grateful, however, that today’s veterans do not suffer the same vituperation that greeted us “back in the day”.

      1. Today’s Veterans won’t take it !
        They Will defend THEIR RIGHTS.
        They all joined the Military on their Own.
        No Draft , Just patriotism .

          1. Semper Fi brother! We took an oath to defend the Constitution not the government or to act on UN lawful orders. Our constitution also says that the United States military shall not be used against the citizens of the United States but we’ve seen that the government is willing to call upon the national guard to quell civil unrest and in times of national emergency like Hurricane Katrina to sieze private weapons under the guise of Public Safety leaving individuals unable to protect themselves or their property at gunpoint.
            In 2007 I suffered catastrophic injuries and now I’m 100% disabled. After this I return to San Francisco State where I earned my degree is in psychology including my MA. At 40 years old returning to an institution of higher learning I found out how many professors do not teach how to think but rather how to look something up and spew the rhetoric they’re pushing back at them in order to receive a passing grade and when you disagree with their position your fundamentally penalized for it.

      1. They don’t graduate, thy are passed along. As long as they their tuition is paid they get a diploma. That’s why so many of them can’t hold a job other than at McDonald’s.

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