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USA -(AmmoLand.com)- Dove hunting season kicks off in much of the country on September 1st and Jeff Miller, the owner of Field and Marsh Outfitters, has got some good advice on where to find dove and how to hit these acrobatic flyers.

Grouse season is also going to be in full swing starting September 1st and Steve Belinda with the North America Grouse Partnership is back to extoll the fun you can have with your friends at Grouse Camp! Waterfowl season is also not too far away and Brad Emerson with King Salmon Marine has some tips that will come in handy for buying your first duck boat. On the fishing side of the show we'll talk to Crissy Cooper about the Slam'n Salmon Ocean Derby taking place September 3rd and 4th along the border of Oregon and California.

Finally, we'll tell you about a couple of western rivers where the fish are in big trouble and about a very tough species of salmon that seems to thrive even in polluted waters.

About America Outdoors Radio:

Join host John Kruse every week to explore fishing, hunting, wildlife watching and a wide variety of other outdoor recreational opportunities across the United State and North America! We’ll share the latest tips and advice from experts on the water and in the field, share some great outdoor destinations with you, and run down the latest in outdoor news from around the nation. John Kruse is the host of Northwestern Outdoors Radio, heard on over 50 stations in five states, and can’t wait to share his passion for our great outdoors with the entire country!

For more information, visit: www.americaoutdoorsradio.com.

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