Armed Barber’s Return Fire, Robber Caught with Neighborhood Help

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Hero Barbers Jason Pettibone, left, and Ronald Green
Hero Barbers Jason Pettibone, left, and Ronald Green, the owner of Unique Styles Barber & Salon in Brunswick, talk about being robbed at gunpoint Saturday afternoon while there were children in the shop getting back to school haircuts. Thanks to residents who helped police, a suspect was caught.
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( The Jackson Times Union reports this week (8/8/2016) in Brunswick, Florida, just before 4 in the afternoon Saturday, a man wearing a mask, hood and maroon pants came into Unique Styles Barber & Salon in the 1000 block of K Street.

It was drizzling a little outside, so they gave him the benefit of the doubt until he pulled out a .45 caliber pistol, pointed it at the owner’s head and demanded money, The robber said, “You know what time it is. Give it up.’’

The owner said he immediately handed the hooded man all the money in his pocket as did a second barber who cuts hair in the chair next to him. The robber then fled the barber shop. The owner followed him out the door in order to show police which way the man had run.

When the masked man saw that the victim had followed him, he fired a shot over his shoulder as he jogged away. He likely didn’t count on the victim being armed.

The barber said, “When he fired the shot, I fired back at him. I thought I had hit him because he fell, but he got up and started running.”

As the suspect ran through several city blocks, a resident who had seen him flagged down responding police. Several residents directed police to a vacant house. The suspect surrendered from his hiding place under the house. Officers were able to recover the stolen money, his firearm and a hood.

“I’ve been in this shop since 1999,’’ the owner said. “Ain’t nothing ever happened here” The suspect, age 17, is charged with two counts of armed robbery, three counts of aggravated assault and possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime.


Sometimes fleeing robbers shoot at you. If you must follow, keep your distance. This citizen was a hero but also really lucky.

There were lots of comments in this story about the whole neighborhood helping the cops find this guy. Numerous people pointed out which way he ran and the house he was hiding under.

All over the country people are getting really tired of these street punks and gangsters shooting up neighborhoods. Hopefully we will see more of this co-operation in the future.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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Bob boon

You all be dumb fuks. The guns are flowing into the hoods on purpose. The man be wanting us brothers to slaughter each other! Wake da fuk up negro!!!!

Wild Bill

@Bab boon, Let’s just presume for the sake of debate that someone really does want you and your relatives to do some thing, like for example, slaughter each other. Does that mean that you have to do it? And if so foolishly disposed, why wouldn’t your mythical enemy flood the “hoods” with much cheaper and less regulated baseball bats, hammers, or screwdrivers? I have no doubt that something is flowing somewhere because that is the way of freedom, but your enemy is not some mythical “the man”.

Phil Elliott

Bob B And your not slaughtering each other now? You are the Dumb F**8! It isn’t the Police who are killing “us brothers”.

Wild Bill

“When the masked man saw that the victim had followed him, he fired a shot over his shoulder as he jogged away.” The perps are still dangerous even when they turn their backs to you. And that is why shooting the perp in the back is justifiable.

Gene Ralno

I don’t mean to pick, but last I checked, Brunswick is in Georgia, about 40 miles north of Florida. Regardless, kudos to the good guys and the possession charge alone could add ten years to this punk’s sentence.


I wondered about tha,t too, but there may be a Brunswick Frlorida too. I did not see on the list of charges the gun law violations this perp committed, besides the use in commission of felony charge. He’s 17, no state will allow one of his age to carry concealed, or even be in possession of a handgun in public without parent. I didn’t read that the punk’s momma tagged along for the fun. Further, he is barred by Federal law purchasing a handgun from FFL, and in every state from a private party. Thus his simple possession/ownership also is… Read more »

Wild Bill

@GR, Brunswick, GA home of F.L.E.T.C. I been there. Have you been there, Gene?


Glad nobody in the shop was harmed. Good for the two barbers and cudos to the neighbors who assisted police in finding the bad guy. Now only if our criminal justice system worked. Use a handgun in commission of a crime life in prison no parole.


This Tex makes so many comments about blacks. I’m beginning to think he’s just a troll. Or a black man kicked his ass real good and he never got over it. Grow up moron.

Wild Bill

@Pg, Trying to limit debate because you read something that you didn’t like. Not a First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution supporter, huh.


Let’s see here, Tex and wild bill. Hell I want to be Billy’ the kid.
Sorry to all the good folks out their. I know

Wild Bill

@Pg, So now you are the judge of who is good and bad, as well as what thoughts are good or bad. You are traveling down the slippery slope mighty fast.


Good for these guys! Another example of why it’s important to train with your firearm and become as proficient as possible (practicing access to your pistol, understanding the full functions of your pistol, becoming an accurate marksman/woman using your pistol, and being mindful of what is beyond your intended target). Additionally, it is especially great to see a true example of police/community cooperation as the local residents communicated with the police so the bad guy could be located and arrested. Unfortunately we won’t see much about this on the national news or by the “drive by” media outlets.

Bob's Your Uncle

What are you talking about? Are you so blinded by your bigotry that you can’t even see in the picture at the top of the article that the barbers are both black? And although the article does not say, the perp is also black – .

Your racism certainly does not give you credence and certainly does nothing to further unite this country’s citizens. You do exactly what this administration wants – keep us all divided so as to not retake control of this government. Good job working for Obama there Tex.


…and this is how Men in general, Black Men in particular can take back their communities…by getting together and clearing the son’s of bastard baby makers out the neighborhood. Good riddance.