Artemis – Keeping Your Family Safer

Artemis Biometric Security Case
Artemis Biometric Security Case :

USA -( The biggest tragedy that can happen in your home is a loved one getting ahold of your gun and harming themselves or someone around them.

Introducing Artemis, the new, revolutionary, and affordable biometric security case! Artemis was designed to protect the innocent in your home by providing a safe, tough, and reliable location for your gun. Artemis uses new Second Touch technology, a much more reliable alternative to safes that require you to swipe your fingerprint over an infrared scanner.

This gives you instant and reliable access by simply touching your fingerprint to the Second Touch scanner.

Artemis Biometric Security Case

Artemis’s Second Touch technology also allows you to have 200 fingerprints saved to your case. We recommend programming each of your fingerprints multiple times at different directions and angles to increase the reliability of Second Touch. Artemis Biometric ability requires the power of 4 AA Batteries (included with purchase). These 4 batteries typically last 1 year before needing replacement.

For added convenience an alert will sound from the case when your batteries are low. Each Artemis case also comes equipped with a high security tubular key for added convenience and accessibility. You can also mount Artemis to the location of your choosing or use the included security cable for enhanced peace of mind. Artemis is compatible with most Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Glock, Kimber, and Springfield pistol models (Interior: 10 5/8 x 6 7/8 x 2 ¾ (inches) / Exterior:11½ x11½ x 3¼ (inches)) so that you have enough room to fit your favorite pistol. For increased safety Artemis comes standard with a tamper alarm.

This alarm is set to go off after five failed attempts at opening your safe and is loud enough for those around to hear it. To stop the alarm, it is as simple as placing an approved fingerprint on the Second Touch scanner.

Artemis biometric security case
Artemis Biometric Security Case :

Artemis Story:

After a frightening encounter at our home, I decided to purchase a handgun to store at my bedside in case of emergency.

My wife and I realized the current location for my gun could prove to be a place that was not safe. We wanted to make sure our grandchildren had absolutely no access to my gun when they came to visit. Young children could not be trusted to leave the gun alone if they happened to stumble upon it and need to be kept safe.

I decided to move my handgun to my upright gun vault, while also knowing I was sacrificing the instant availability of my firearm if we had another frightening encounter.

I searched for an answer. I considered a trigger lock or hiding the gun in a location that was harder to find but neither of these options put my mind at ease. I finally found several small gun safes available at my local gun shop. I bought a biometric fingerprint gun safe that I thought to be the answer to my problem. Unfortunately, I found the fingerprint scanner to be unreliable so I kept looking. After considerable searching I found the cases on the market were either unreliable or too expensive. I realized something needed to be done.

Artemis after over a year of developing and perfecting the “Second Touch” biometric fingerprint scanner, the Artemis Security Case was created. The case was developed with a Polycarbonate polymer. We felt it was tough enough, yet inexpensive enough to create exactly the type of case families could afford and depend on when it came to the safety of their children.

The quality and strength of our safe is equal to the safety of any steel vault or safe, and would cost less and protect our loved ones just as well. Consider that bullet-proof glass is made of layered Polycarbonate, and Kevlar is just plastic, and they both stop bullets.

So the Artemis Security should have no problem keeping the innocent safe.

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