ATF Reclassifies Wetted Nitrocellulose as Explosive Materials Under Federal Laws

Wetted Nitrocellulose Reclassified by ATF

Washington, DC
ATF Reclassifies Wetted Nitrocellulose as Explosive Materials Under Federal Explosive Laws
Reeves & Dola, LLP
Reeves & Dola, LLP

Washington, DC -( In an Explosives Industry Newsletter issued in June 2016, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) reclassified wetted nitrocellulose [also known as flash paper, flash cotton, guncotton, and flash string] containing greater than 12.6 percent nitrogen as a high explosive under the federal explosives laws.

As explained below, this is a dramatic and sudden change in agency policy with a significant impact on the ammunition industry. The new policy was announced in a newsletter without any opportunity for industry input.

I. Background

The federal explosives laws, 18 U.S.C. Chapter 40, regulate commerce in “explosive materials.” The term “explosive materials” is defined as explosives, blasting agents, and detonators. The term “explosives” is defined as any chemical compound mixture or device the primary or common purpose of which is to function by explosion. The definition requires ATF to publish an annual list of explosives that fit within the statutory definition. The 2015 List of Explosives is available at

Exemptions from the requirements of the federal explosives laws are provided, in pertinent part, for: (1) the transportation, shipment, receipt, or importation of explosive materials for delivery to any federal or State agency; (2) for small arms ammunition and components thereof; and (3) for the manufacture under the regulation of the U.S. military of explosive materials for their official use.

The term “ammunition” is defined in 27 C.F.R. § 555.11 as follows:

“Small arms ammunition or cartridge cases, primers, bullets, or smokeless propellants designed for use in small arms, including percussion caps, and 3/32 inch and other external burning pyrotechnic hobby fuses. The term does not include black powder.”

ATF's longstanding position is that the small arms ammunition exemption applies only to .50 caliber or smaller rifle or handgun ammunition as well as certain shotgun ammunition. This position is clear in a June 2013 Explosive Industry Newsletter addressing exploding ammunition.

ATF Exploding Ammunition Wetted Nitrocellulose Requirements Newsletter
ATF Exploding Ammunition Wetted Nitrocellulose Requirements Newsletter

ATF also exempts other components of small arms ammunition from the requirements of the law and regulations, but only if such components are listed in the definition of “ammunition” in 27 C.F.R. § 555.11. This means that smokeless powder and primers are exempt from record keeping and storage requirements. However, other explosive materials used to manufacture ammunition will not be exempt until incorporated into one of the components of ammunition listed in the regulation, including smokeless powder or a complete round of small arms ammunition. Thus, wetted nitrocellulose containing greater than 12.6 percent nitrogen may be lawfully shipped, transported, or received only by persons holding federal explosives licenses or permits. Nitrocellulose must be recorded in records of acquisition in accordance with 27 C.F.R. § 555.123(b). The wetted nitrocellulose must also be recorded in the daily summary of magazine transactions required by 27 C.F.R. 555.127 and stored in storage magazines meeting the construction, tables of distance, and other requirements of storage regulations in 27 C.F.R. Part 555. At the point the nitrocellulose is incorporated into smokeless powder or a complete round of ammunition, it is exempt from the requirements of the record keeping, storage, and other requirements of federal law and regulations.

II. ATF Newsletter Article

The June 2016 newsletter article [see image above] states that ATF was recently asked about the status of nitrocellulose under the federal explosives laws and regulations. The article notes that “Nitrocellulose explosive” is on ATF's List of Explosive Materials and states ATF has determined that “nitrocellulose containing greater than 12.6 percent nitrogen is a high explosive under 27 C.F.R. Part 555.” The article indicates ATF is aware that the U.S. Department of Transportation may assign a nonexplosive classification to nitrocellulose when it has been wetted with water or alcohol, based, in part, on the diminished likelihood of explosion in a transportation accident. However, because nitrocellulose retains its explosive characteristics when the water or alcohol is removed, the wetted nitrocellulose remains a nitrocellulose explosive subject to all controls of the federal explosives laws. Because of the diminished likelihood of wetted nitrocellulose exploding, “ATF will consider variance requests to store the wetted material under an alternative arrangement.”

III. Impact of ATF Reclassification of Wetted Nitrocellulose

Manufacturers and importers of smokeless propellant have relied on ATF private letter rulings issued prior to 2016 stating that nitrocellulose wetted with water not less than 25 percent by mass is not subject to regulation under the federal explosives laws. Accordingly, the manufacturers have set up their logistics, storage and operations consistent with nitrocellulose not being regulated as an explosive. Manufacturers and importers may not have adequate storage facilities or record keeping systems to comply with the law. Licensed manufacturers also rely on private, unlicensed vendors to store wetted nitrocellulose in facilities that do not comply with storage requirements. A number of manufacturers also report an adverse impact on their contracts to supply smokeless propellant and finished rounds of ammunition to the Department of Defense.

Publication of the change in classification in an industry newsletter without advance notice has left manufacturers scrambling to determine what standards ATF will allow for alternate storage and record keeping and to obtain permits for unlicensed storage vendors. In the meantime, manufacturers and importers are violating federal law, as ATF allowed no grace period for coming into compliance. We note that ATF has authorized such periods in the past when changing agency positions. For example, see ATF's November 12, 2010 Open Letter regarding explosive pest control devices.

IV. Conclusion

ATF's sudden and unexpected change in policy on wetted nitrocellulose will likely have a significant impact on industry's ability to deliver products to the military and commercial markets. Industry members have relied on the exemption for wetted nitrocellulose for many years and are aware of no accidental detonations or diversion of this product into illicit channels. Consequently, it is unclear why ATF believed it necessary to change its policy and, more importantly, why ATF announced the change in a newsletter article with no advance notice to industry.

We are working with ATF to address the issues raised in this alert, including a possible agency announcement of delayed enforcement. We will notify our readers of any developments in the future.

About Reeves & Dola:

Reeves & Dola is a Washington, DC law firm that specializes in helping clients navigate the highly regulated and complex world of manufacturing, sales and international trade of defense and commercial products. We have a deep understanding of the Federal regulatory process, and use our expertise in working with a variety of Federal agencies to assist our clients with their transactional and regulatory needs.

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Update August 31st 2016 from ATF (h/t Jeff Knox)


National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Shooting Sports Foundation

Larry Keane of the National Shooting Sports Foundation commented :

“We welcome ATF’s announcement today and look forward to engaging ATF in a constructive dialogue on behalf of our industry. We appreciate ATF’s goal is to protect public safety and look forward to resolving any confusion or misunderstanding that may have arisen and explaining how longstanding ATF-approved industry practices have achieved that goal.”

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        1. It helps solve the only real problem they have with guns which is the lawfull ownership of guns by a lawabiding populace. You they dont wamt us to have any ability of protecting ourselves from an out of control government . What part of “shall not be infringed upon” dont they understand , because they are well beyond infringing upon

          1. we already have a well armed army of 2nd amendment folks that are ready to through down the obama anis type holes when needed. all these games this anis is playing well back fire on these dumb hind ends. they are right now showing themselves so we need to know who to put down when the time comes. hopefully it wont be needed. all hell well be the only result. churches that back this anis well dry up & blow away, as should certain movie stars.

            1. “A well regulated” in the common parlance of the day meant well trained. We are not, and we’ve avoided this. It would simply be a bunch of yahoo’s being either killed or arrested.
              Revitalize the Militia as the laws of the land state and you will not have to resort to blood in the streets. “[t]he Militia of the several States” is recognized in the Constitution as having the authority “to execute the Laws of the Union”. If the 2nd amendment folks get their heads out their derriere and revitalize the constitutional Militia it has the authority to arrest, and protect the proper lawful procedures to prosecute anyone. The Constitution does not allow for immunity.

          2. This has always been the suspected way that the Feds would diminish gun ownership. Just mess with the bullets!!! Lock and load!!! Resist tyranny!!!

        2. our ability to defend ourselves when Doggie-Doo unleashes his martial law. This will happen when Trump wins and Doggie-Doo refuses to leave his throne.

        1. Just like ALL CFRs they are written by bureaucrats that have little if any Congressional oversight, and are used as a Government tool to push an agenda. In all of my 60+ years I have never seen EPA / ATFE regulations written with such disregard for it’s affect on business, economy, or personal freedoms. This is the “Velvet Glove” of tyranny with the steel fist inside it.

          1. @Garvin D, Actually, that is a brilliant idea! Amend the enabling statute that promulgates the Code of Federal Regulations to require that all CFRs must be proved to have minimal effect on business, and the economy, and no impact on personal freedoms. Were the statutes and regulations intended to serve American citizens or were American citizens made to serve the statutes and regulations?

          2. It’s not going to work, We will tear all this bullcrap up when TRUMP WINS, LOSERS, LOSERS, and LOSERS. Good luck trying to enforce a law they have no right to install. ALL LIBERAL CRONIES.

            1. Soros just stated that “Even if Trump gets more votes by a landslide, Hillary will occupy the Oval Office the fix is already in”

          1. Dave:

            Yes there is a congress.Unfortunately it has been ducking it’s responsibilities for years now. It continues to so do also.

          2. Dave:

            Yes there is a congress, though congress has been ducking it’s responsibilities for quite a while now. If this turns out to be a second reply, disregard one or the other.

      1. another way to keep track of ammo production , and control and limit to the american people.

        this is another OBUMMER traitor trick

      2. Since they can’t get our guns, they’re trying to make them no more than clubs!!! This is BS and totally unConstitutional. But this doesn’t surprise me at all, as Obutthead forgot anything of the Constitution that he might have known!!!

      3. Agree, just because they call them regulations does not mean they are, these are infringements on our constitution, time to put a stop to all of these people that violate the law , we need a new congress that does the job we have them there for, defund and abolish all of these bureaucracys that go against the people and all that don’t honor their oath.

        1. Regulations, policies, rules, statutes, etc. are NOT laws; they ARE actually meant for governmental workers, governmental agencies and those who work for those governmental agencies, subcontractors, etc. THEY are NOT for the “people” NOR are they binding upon the people ONLY those who are part of the government, work for the government or subcontractors of the government, etc.. …OR those who are post-1933 US citizens who due to the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 and ITS subsequent amendments to the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917 (a copy of a British act of about 1915/16). These amendments made US citizens into belligerent, enemy rebels in a Federally occupied zone.

          The US Citizen was created in 1868 by Sectionn-1 of the [unlawful] 14th Amendment which declares ‘…anyone born in the United States [district of Columbia NOT America]; or “naturalized” in the United States [DC]; is a citizen of the United States [DC] and subject to its jurisdiction.’ If you are a “Subject” you are NOT free! You become a US citizen by the “Constitutionally right to unlimited right to contract” thus a a properly created contract is the highest law. We contract every day …and most of us don’t know that we have done so..

          Another caveat of the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933 is that any time there is a “declared” National Emergency …or a “declared” Declaration of War the President may act without Congressional oversight for one year.[the powers of a tyrant/an Emperor]. Congress has always acted to keep TWEA in force when whenever it was necessary thus we have been under TWEA every day since the enactment of the Emergency Banking Relief Act. And I’ll bet most people think “the War on Poverty”, “The War on Drugs”, etc. were just “figures of speech!”.

          Congress essentially has NO powers as long as TWEA is in force and every President since and including FDR has had that ability to use Executive Orders that cannot be reviewed by Congress for one year. FDR used that for nastiness, probably Truman as well. I believe JFK was going to bring down the whole “house of cards” using EOs and the PTB found out his plans and had him killed. His telling the Pope to his face that HE would not be his puppet probably spurred things along.

          The proof of these facts can be found in the Acts themselves, the Congressional Records, etc. it’s out there to be had. See: Secret Treaty of Verona (1822) which was also the basis for the Monroe Doctrine.

      4. It has nothing to do with “shooting sports”. It has to do with disarming the citizens of this great nation. If it is done slowly through exorbitant taxation or restrictive ammunition components costs Witshing one or two generations at most GUNS and shooting will be a thing of the distant past. How many of you have seen the demonization of hunters and sport shooter? It used to be all of my friends in school either owned or had access to a .22 rifle for plinking and small game hunting. Do you see that anymore? Unsupervised youths out enjoying an afternoon of shooting? Our culture is being changed before our very eyes.

      5. It is called “incrementalism”. It’s when one thing is innocuous and the next thing done is also innocuous etc. and you’ve got “boiled frog”!

      1. No, no, no. You must ask yourself why they are working to disarm we, who care about America. We, who’s forefathers created and defended this once, great, country.

    1. All these people swear an oath to uphold, defend and protect te Constitution. I hope that Trump wins in November and the impeachment of all the ATF, DOJ and FBI agents, executives and appointed or elected officials can begin.
      Don’t tell ATF about grain dust and flour!

      1. These villains of liberty have figured out that they can break their oath to the constitution and suffer no consequences.People bitch and moan, but take no action.

        1. @Bill Miner, What action would you have us take? All we can do is vote. After we vote, the villains of liberty don’t need us. They have the power that they sought.

        2. That’s because congress sits on their asses and doesn’t stand up for the American People . Too busy with all their side deals bringing them in money . We Must vote out these people and start electing regular citizens the way Our Country was meant to be run . This is why IT IS SOO IMPORTANT TO VOTE IN TRUMP !! We have to rein Our Constitution back in. He’s not bought and paid for by these other bums involved in taking Our Nation down , he’s for restoring it .

      2. When did messing with someones constitutional rights by
        someone who swore an oath to uphold and support the
        constitution become so common place, and have no
        consequences. If it was the 1st or 5th or any other
        rights the left would be having a fit as it should
        but why is the 2nd different. They all need to be rounded
        up and tried for the crimes against the American people.

        1. No, actually as long as you are touting all the liberal crap, the First and Fifth are fine. But if you want to discuss our freedoms from a Conservative view then they are constantly infringing our rights now. Go to a college and try to take a conservative point of view. The liberals have been slowly taking over our youth for years with all the freebies and the B.S. and now we’ve got not only convicted criminals teaching our youth but now have brought in terrorist to teach our future leaders. God help us if we don’t get control on this runaway train.

    2. I don’t understand why some gun nuts are so upset. Those of us who enjoy sport shooting & hunting, will still be able to enjoy these activities. It’s as though some people simply LOOK for something to b^^^h about & someone to hate. They must have sad lives.

      1. I don’t understand why an anti-gun troll would think we wouldn’t identify him instantly by his use of the pejorative “gun nut”. Inform Mr. Bloomberg that you have not earned your pay today.

        1. Did you know she’s on something much worse? It’s a anti stroke powerful and dangerous medication blood thinner known as Coumadin. I was a bit surprised this isn’t more of an issue as my step dad has been on this stuff and it’s nothing you want to be on. Well, just thought I’d chime in. Looks like it’s time to invest to keep our little machines running. Damn but cheers anyway

            1. I am on warfarin a generic form of Coumadin. It is a serious blood thinner and I am always showing bruises on the backs of my hands and elsewhere. I have to have my levels checked every month. Coumadin is actually made of the same active ingredient of rat poison.

        2. I thank it is past time for all people to stand together and let everyone know we are not going to give up are guns so we don’t have a say who can come into are homes anytime they please because there no firearms to worry

      2. Gun nuts you say. What kind of nut are you? I already know the answer, but am curious if you know. The way the federal gestapo went about this is no different than the way the Nazis did their business. This is clearly entrapment, and designed to gum up the works for ammunition makers, large and small. It could result in shortages of small arms ammunition, and subsequent price increases. If the Fed’s play hard, fines and imprisonment will result. It is a solution in need of a problem. I’m sure the regime’s spokesman will claim this is to stop terrorists from obtaining bomb making material, which is a laugh. Nitrated organic compounds can be made from the goodies on the shelf of the local Wall Mart.

        The 2nd Amendment is clear, concise, and understood by 12 year olds. That the Obama regime is unable to understand it can explained easily. They don’t believe it should be a basic human right.

          1. and so is hitlery rottenham clinton. another revolution is coming anyone who supports obummer and clinton is also a traitor We the People do not run this country any longer and that has to changed back to the power of the people not money and power hungry traitors
            Why do you have to give your name and e-mail address to comment ?
            i hope it is not to get on a government hit list because you do not agree with the traitors
            they have already used black mail, murder and the IRS to destroy people who do not agree with them whats the clinton body count up to now ? about 30 that they know of ?
            i hope to live long enough to see this country great again and to see the traitors get what is coming to them This was the greatest Country that ever was or ever will be on the face of the earth. VOTING for Trump is our only chance of saving it
            voting for clinton will be like pissing on the Constitution and the graves of all those who died serving this great Nation. Please do not let this happen any and all freedom loving Americans must wake up and vote for Trump this election will be what either saves or destroys America as we have loved and known it.

            Vote Trump 2016

            1. Wake up stupid. Trump will not give his money to you. But he will take
              away the money from the people by creating wars. In so doing, the government
              or people’s money will be used to buy arms. In buying arms, that is where Trump will take money through legal tender kickbacks from arms-dealers. That is how Third World Countries do it and Bush-Cheaney learned from the process. Furthermore, your children will be sacrifice and die through a President-made war for nothing and your children will be given a Medal of Honor during the funeral ceremony. Trump spent so much of his money in this campaign and he needs to retrieve it back plus interest payment.

            2. Did some country loose an idiot ? N ( and I think I know what the “N” stands for)
              has to be one warped SOB. Oh and by the way, the President of the Philippines told it like it was about a certain momma, thank you sir !

            3. Raymond Miller needs to grow up and get matured.
              He is just a small boy wearing diapers.
              Come to Mama when you need to change your diaper.

          2. You will get no argument from me on that point. That being said, I continue to wonder as to,how he managed to get elected and re- elected to the presidency. Possibly a dumb question, though one whose answer eludes me.

      3. This isn’t about hunting or shooting sports even though you and other trolls and a similar article says “it will hurt hunting and shooting sports”. This is about being able to arm our military, yourself and the 2nd Amendment. Hunting and shooting sports are a by product of the 2nd Amend and that’s good. But what good is the firearm without ammo? If the ammo is too expensive to buy, it has the same effect. What issue does this ATF ruling solve? I’m waiting.

      4. Could you please define exactly what a “gun nut” is? And please explain why you believe that a shortage of ammunition and an increase in price will not affect your sport shooting and hunting activities?

      5. Must not be able to read, outlawing components for the production of ammunition not a concern. Do you hunt and shoot with a pellet gun.R

    3. They may regret picking this fight, because it’s not the first time they’ve tried something like this:. We had to fight them over improperly classifying hobby rocketry propellant as an explosive, which made an already expensive hobby next to impossible. If a small group of us can win at this game, I’m sure the much larger gun lobby can. See Tripoli Rocketry Assn. v BATFE:

      1. And the hobby rocket people won because tha BATFE just “added” rocket propellant to their list without going through the “)notice of proposed rulemaking and comment period” reguired by federal law. Just like their statement of
        ” ATF has determined that “nitrocellulose containing greater than 12.6 percent nitrogen is a high explosive under 27 C.F.R. Part 555″.

        They just can’t add stuffer change the list at will. The industries will sue, just like us rocket people did.

          1. Treason is the charge and as they are obviously infringing upon the most crucial of our rights that enables us to be able to protect ourselves from an out of control gov, no need for trials . Let the hangings begin

      1. Contact what legislatures? We ain’t got any, any more. They who are in office and swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the people that elected them are there to fill their pockets from the rich corporations that actually run this country. If they in fact did their job that they were elected to do, then Obama and his entire Administration including murdering and lieing Hillary would have been impeached arrested tries and incarcerated. But no we have to have corrupt politicians in office that care about themselves then the people that put them there. We are a joke to them. And to think the Democrats are going to let Trump win, think again. FBI says Russia has been able to use cyber space to rig the Elections. I don’t believe that at all. Democrats have and FBI going to put the blame on Russia when the time is right. So Killery will win by a land slide. Keep in mind to they have Obama as a backup. If they can’t win by rigging the election then we go into Marshal Law. And then gun grabbers win. Think again why UN troops and vehicles were seen on our highways. Our military will not start shooting American civilians but UN troops will. I pray to God that I am wrong. But this muslin the White House wants this country brought down to a 3rd world nation. That’s why all his Muslim friends are crossing the boarder in droves.

        1. Run by rich corporations? You mean like the corporations that make ammunition? Try not to wear your tinfoil hat so tight.

        2. you forget one thing. we still have our weapons and we still know how to use then. remember the war between the states. don’t ever forget it.

    4. This is disgusting. This notch by notch restriction on our firearms rights. Little by little.

      Look what happened to the UK, they are now restricting PAPER CLIPS as dangerous. The slope is too slippery for us to let this one slide by.

      We need to fight this one.

      1. If I read it correctly, this change doesn’t affect smokeless powder but it affects the bulk ingredients of smokeless powder. Because powder manufacturers now have to treat the WNC used as a high-explosive, there could be a short-term supply.

        1. You are correct, It will not effect Smokeless propellant used in ammunition. I will effect the manufactureres of propellant transport of Wet Nitro, used in making Smokless propellant for
          amunition. I am a powder company.

    5. It’s complete BS. Supplies and normal distributions of components are just fine and will continue to be until elections. You think if this really had any effect on the industry it would have happened by now after 3 months notice? I can still buy powder at all the places I know sell it online. Every Type 06 FFL holder has already caught wind of this and you can bet they are still manufacturing and carrying on business as usual. You gotta wake up folks.

    6. I think all of the arms and ammo industry should should cut sales and service to the ATF just like Barrett did to the state of California when they banned 50 caliber rifle ammo.

      1. Arnold T has put to print what I believe would be most effective. To those who receive life benifits for short term include anyone on the ATF Payroll or the IRS payroll. Refuse them the sale of Ammo. Govt. can not be trusted as the public finds they are terrorist in their own right. traitors,liars,and thieves. The Dept. of Homeland security should be seven notice they to will be banned from ammo on their next act infringement or violation of their oath of office.

    7. Shooting sports? The RKBA was never intended for sports or hunting. It was intended for the People to maintain the authority “to execute the Laws of the Union”.
      What does this solve? Obviously it brings us closer to a state that can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants without fear of resistance.
      Wake up! The 2nd amendment was placed in order to make it impossible to disarm Militia, which is the WHOLE of the People armed as sovereigns with the indisputable power “to execute the Laws of the Union”. You, me, your spouse, your cousin, neighbor, everybody except those specifically exempt by statute are Militia. “Unorganized” is a fiction, and constitutionally impossible.
      It implies law enforcement, the individual right to go armed, and a power that was never intended to be in the hands of government.

    8. I think that what the ATF is getting at is that wetting nitrocellulose so as to mitigate accidental explosion or ignition during storage and transport does not in and of itself make it a non high explosive. As I read it, they area reaffirming that “nitrocellulose containing greater than 12.6 percent nitrogen is a high explosive under 27 CFR, Part 555 (nitrocellulose containing 12.6 percent or less nitrogen is generally not an explosive material under Part 555). Therefore, it must be stored in a type 1 or type 2 magazine.

      1. The ATF is not going to “re-evaluate and work with the industry.” They are perhaps going to be forced to only if they get pushed into court because of pro-2A activists. For now it seems, the ATF is being pushed on one side to try to limit people’s access to ammunition at the order of the Obama administration, and on the other is trying to avoid getting sued by pro-2A organizations.

        This is clearly evidence of the Obama administration directing the ATF to restrict people’s access to ammunition across the nation. If they were to press for enforcement of this, so many people would have to get federal permits that even people who would do handling of ammunition in a store as employees or people who merely reload for personal use based on this extreme ATF memorandum. But lest we forget, it’s just an ATF memo, it’s not law.

        What is the law?

        “Is a person who reloads ammunition required to be licensed as a manufacturer?

        Yes, if the person engages in the business of selling or distributing reloads for the purpose of livelihood and profit.

        No, if the person reloads only for personal use.

        [18 U.S.C. 922(a) and 923(a); 27 CFR 478.41]”

        Now where did I find that little reference to actual federal law?

        Take a guess.

        If your guess was “The ATF website,” your guess was right!

        Here’s the reference:

        Screw you, Obama! We’ll keep on reloading and won’t obtain any license to do so.

        By the way, in case someone wants to make their own nitrocellulose:

        In case you want to make your own gunpowder:

        In case you want to make your own gunpowder, using just found materials from around your own property and perhaps even from yourself (like from your own piss):

      2. One should say, “for the moment”,perhaps due to “encouragement” by public comment, of which there is likely not enough. How many gun owners/shooters do you think have been in touch with their elected reps, Members of The House and U.S. Senators on this. Speaking personally, I suspect not enough, hat being my take.

    9. Crazy. Wasn’t aware that the executive branch, or an agency could just make laws. So in thay spirit. I’m going to make my own law of ignoring them.

      The day is coming folks. Coming fast.

    10. May 16, 2016 How the President could overthrow the U.S.

      As of 2007 the President has the ability to replace the US government if they feel an emergency constitutes such actions.

    11. First of all the differentiation between “high explosive” and “low explosive” is that high explosive detonates… i.e. the shock wave created by the reaction of the molecules initiates the reaction the other molecules it passes through, detonation happens VERY rapidly. Low explosives ignite adjacent material, and thus the rapidity of the process is limited by how fast the heat can travel through the explosive… that’s why low explosives need to be powders, granules, or other such forms to allow the hot gasses to flow between the pieces for more rapid burn rate.

      I am fairly certain that nitro-cellulose is a low explosive, and this should be immediately taken to court.

      1. Excellent point. All powders have a burn rate, and the results from a detonation would be highly detrimental to barrel life as well as accuracy.

      2. Nitrocellulose with a high nitrogen content is a high explosive material and will detonate in a fashion similar to other high explosives such as nitroglycerin or PETN. When the nitrogen content of nitrocellulose is lower then it will simply deflagurate like black powder or flash powder.

    12. Nitrocellulose is a base compound used in manufaturing of Smokless Propellant, alone, fibrous nitrocellulose is
      perhaps the most energetic explosive and mthe most sensitive. This is why it can only be shipped and handled “wet”
      as in 25% water wet. It is a superb explosive, with exponentially higher surface area than any other explosive. When
      solvated and turned into a putty, it is combined with numberous other compounds, and formed into spherical propellant.
      In this form, the surgace area is exponentially smaller than fibrous nitrocellulose. With such surface area and combined with other chimicals and compounds, it no longer exhibits the caracteristics of a high explosive. Thus the “article” nitocellulose is nothing like “smokless propellant in terms of burn rate, surface area or sensitivity. Dry nitrocellulose is termed a 1.1 explsive. Smokless Propellant in bulk is 1.3C.

      As I understand it this will not effect ammunition , I do belive this is why ATF is reevaluating . They need to make sure it is clear that the new regs are in its WET form.

      Shooters World Propellant

    13. I think all these haters, hoarders and Obama haters should go back and actually READ the article. Now the President is over throwing the government. As I read this I thought I was visiting a Mental institution full of paranoid schizophrenics. READ the article. Stop playing on some wackos comments and working yourselves into a rage. Get a grip.
      This is not a LAW, it’s a regulation for the safe handling of an explosive. the “DEMS” had nothing to do with this. The “Repos” have total control of any laws being passed. They screwed us, the people, every which way possible just to prevent the President from functioning. I am an Independent looking at the fools of government.
      I truly feel this is just another idiotic attempt to get the gougers and hoarders back into making money and cause more dislike for the government. Individuals scream and gnashing their teeth about nothing. Just when everything is getting back on the shelf. Walmart has powder and any caliber ammo on the shelf at the same price as it was when all the huffing and puffing started. It was all a hoax. They’ve already found a solution to any transport problems.. just ship it wet. Answers right in the article. Nitrogen (fertilizer) has been on the hit list since the Oklahoma City bombing.
      . If you really want to have fear of restrictions think about the explosive powers of the gasoline you put in your car. I dare you to pour a pound of any ball powder used for handloading on the ground, now fill the can with gas and pour it on the ground 10 feet away. Drop a match on the gunpowder. You probably won’t have to even strike a match for the gas, it went boom when you tried to get the gun powder to burn. Nuff said.

      I could be all wrong about this but why worry, there are better air rifles out there all ready. There’s even a gun that uses gasoline. Lewis and Clark had a repeating air rifle when they explored the West Coast. If you cast your own you have the hard part already.
      We Cast and reclaim 99% of the lead we (4) shoot. I still have 58 lbs of my original 65 lbs.
      THX Ray

      1. “Gun that uses Gasoline?” do share link my friend that interests me…..i know about the Lewis and clark Air rifle it could fire 20 rounds on a tank….neat weapon…….

      2. Just keep one thing in mind. Until an agency “officially” stretches their jurisdiction beyond reasonable bounds then the attorneys have nothing to fight. Just because they say it doesn’t make it right or law. We have to wait until it becomes a law, THEN the attorneys have something to work on. The Obamas and Clinton and Sanders of this world will always try to take power away from the people. They believe we do not have the intellect to stand on our own two feet much less understand how to insure our own safety. As a hand-loader I can tell you that all this does in insure that people like me will buy more powder and primers and dig more holes. You might come a knockin’, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be a findin’. Not as long as I have breath in my lungs, blood in my veins, and a means to deny and fight.

        1. “attorneys” people that have the legitimate state monopoly to defend us in court are just as illegitimate as the judges.

      3. NITROGEN is inert. It makes up 80% of the AIR WE BREATH!
        Now, organic nitrates, what is used in fertilizer, can be used in an explosive compound.
        Also, Rayber, the “Repos” or anyone in Congress CAN’T pass a law WITHOUT the signature of the PRESIDENT.

    14. This administration is always screwing with gun rights. If they can’t ban it, they increase the price, the tax, or the degree of difficulty in obtaining guns and ammo. I just don’t trust them, and don’t see the need to change a regulation that has been just fine for years.

    15. “containing greater than 12.6 percent nitrogen as a high explosive under the federal explosives laws.”

      I don’t believe it is nitrogen they are regulating because nitrogen is an inert gas. It also makes up about 80% of our atmosphere. If they are the earth is in violation of this ruling.

      ATF’s longstanding position is that the small arms ammunition EXEMPTION applies only to .50 caliber or smaller rifle or handgun ammunition as well as certain shotgun ammunition. This position is clear in a June 2013 Explosive Industry Newsletter addressing exploding ammunition.

      Explosives Industry Newsletter issued in June 2016, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) reclassified wetted nitrocellulose [also known as flash paper, flash cotton, guncotton, and flash string] containing greater than 12.6 percent nitrogen as a high explosive under the federal explosives laws.

      I stand by what I said. All these individuals ranting and raving about taking over the government , taking away the guns etc.. are just noisy trouble makers. They are try to impersonate the paid moths on TV and Radio. They suck at it. I wonder is some of them are actually stable enough to own a gun. They are nuts and sound dangerous. That should make for some great replies. Maybe the words are too big for them to understand so they make up what ever comes to mind to cause more discontent in our country.

    17. Well more gov’t b.s. and Barry Hussein NoBoma at it. When are we, the people going to take back OUR country and put a complete end to all of the ridiculous gov’t crap!!! I am so so sick and tired of this gov’t and all of their nonsense. Those rat dogs like Barry Hussein hate this country and want to ruin it, it is so obvious people. He is a no good radical, muslim idiot himself and he is mad that he lives with a damn tranny to go along with it! If any of you vote for Crooked Hillary, well you deserve to have your innards removed with a dull pen knife.

      1. Illegitimate is correct. Treason doesn’t yet fit by constitutional definition.
        However, if the so-called pro-2nd community would abide by the “LAW”, that is what is written in the Constitution, then none of this would be taking place.
        “The Militia of the Several States” was to keep this a free nation. The 2nd amendment community wants nothing to do with their obligation to keep a free and prosperous nation. It’s not an opinion, but rather what I’ve found in over 20 years of explaining this law.
        The congress realized what was happening, so in 1902 they passed the Dick Act granting the states the consent to “keep Troops” in time of peace. If you read the act, you might realize that the congress did not eliminate, change, or remove any authority of militia as the Constitution forbids it. However, they needed to do something so that the populace would at least have something in time of emergency. If you read at least the writings of Thomas Jefferson you’ll realize that he understood that ambivalence and ignorance on the part of the people would destroy the nation.
        Militia is the whole of the People, and National Guard is a part of the army. Militia has the authority “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections…”. The National Guard does not, nor can it have that authority., and indeed the Constitution prevents the congress from making any changes to those authorities, and definitions. If you want to stop this then the so-called pro-2nd community has to work on revitalizing the Militia so that we regain our sovereignty. Again, Militia is the whole of the People, There won’t be any of these “illegitimate” agencies that are not controlled by the People, and CCW will become universal.

        1. It sure is treason by Websters’ definition….

          I am familiar with the militia. I am formally a member of a state sanctioned Militia.
          The big problem is the dumb as dog shit people that are in the command structure. Most of them
          would not know the Constitution if it hit them in the face.

          1. @InalienableWrights, I take it then that you were part of the NY Naval Militia, and drilled once a month? I’m not sure if it still exists. I know of no other constitutional militia remaining.
            This is a tough subject to bring to forward because most of the leaders of the so-called pro-2nd community are either ignorant of the topic, do not want to jeopardize their positions, or have fallen prey to the propaganda laid out by groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center who uses the word racist for anything and everything.
            I did write a comment that starts off with “Tough question”. Let me know what you think.

        2. Militia means able bodied persons able to bear arms and defend freedom.,..English colonialists were not exactly very altruistic.. Freedom under colonialism was under their terms..US won the war of independence and the war of 1812…Most americans believe the Englanders are our friends…I remain very skeptical on that issue…they are friends only when it suits their underhanded purposes..

    18. @Nick, When you write, “The 2nd amendment community wants nothing to do with their obligation to keep a free and prosperous nation.” what do you mean by that specifically?

        1. When you write such a comment, how much of the law have you studied in this area?
          Have you read anything at all about this topic from originating the Militia in the early 1600’s, and all the statutes surrounding the law in this area? Statutes that are still on the books, but are ignored.
          Tell me about all the years that you’ve studied this topic in detail. Tell me why Alan Gura couldn’t answer the questions of Justice Stevens in Heller. Tell me how successful that case has been in the face of all the regulations that have been imposed on over 100 MILLION people in this nation, and how it prevented actions like this article speaks of.

          1. @Nick, I am not sure if you are addressing me or InalienableWrights. As for me, I was wondering what obligation you had in mind? And what makes you say that the Second Amendment Community wants nothing to do with it? I guess that I am as conversant with the early Congress’ Militia Acts, the deficiencies in those acts, and how the Dick Act, and its amendments sought to remedy those deficiencies as any other law school grad.

            1. @Wild Bill, I was not addressing you. However, as a law school grad you should know that congresses delegated authority was to make the training, and obligations uniform throughout the states. The Militia had already been in place since the 1600’s in most states. Only PA did not have a militia because of religious reasons, however, Franklin did convince the state legislature to authorize it sometime around 1750 if memory serves.
              I was addressing you in in the comment that starts “Tough question”. I’ve been at this for a long time. I have numerous friends who are lawyers and judges, well a good number retired now. I’ve discussed the topic with them, and I’ve attempted to bring it to some of the groups where I live, and I see comments such as, shut your pie hole, we gotta get this guy out of here, we shouldn’t even be talking about this. From those I know in the legal profession, its not much different. They approach it from the standpoint that the Constitution is a blank sheet that can be interpreted to mean anything that the court says.
              In the rather lengthy reply, I tried to go through some of the things that I’ve come against, but it is really a “Tough question”, since its more of you have to be there.

      1. Tough question. Regardless of what you believe, or what you’ve been mislead to believe, the 2nd amendment is clear; “A well organized militia, being necessary to the security of a free State”.
        The 2nd amendment is only a small part of the RKBA rubric that the Founders recognized. There are a myriad of state statutes defining Militia. It is the whole of the People armed, and ready to go at a moments notice. The Constitution only recognized what the Founders deemed as necessary to secure our rights, and maintain a free nation.
        Without going into all the details, I’ve attempted to explain, ad nauseum, what is needed in this area. Not only myself, but also men such as Dr. Edwin Vieira; who is the true authority in this area.
        I probably know more about this subject than 99% of the legal profession. Certainly, in the Heller oral arguments, I could have torn Justice Stevens apart when he asked about the Militia. Gura couldn’t answer any questions because the team, and the NRA wants nothing to do with this aspect of the RKBA. The individual right theory is a modern ploy devised by a group that has pushed through the most overbearing gun control.
        There is a skirmish between those of us who know the entire scope of the RKBA, and those who profit from having an ongoing battle over gun control. Those is this community have been so brainwashed by the individual rights theory, and the propaganda surrounding Militia that they refuse to listen or understand what this all means.
        If I tell you that there is no reason for CCW, or any regulation on gun control, or that unalienable rights are impossible to take away or to give up, or that rights can never be regulated in any way shape or form, what is your response? Well, when explaining these things I’ve gotten we need to get CCW before anything else. No rights are unlimited, and BTW that is based on taking a decision of Justice Holmes out of context.
        The direct answer to your question from my perspective is that people have been so brainwashed that they not only can’t, but absolutely refuse to understand the actual law. In addition, once you have someone who sees, at least some of the benefits, and explain that you have to actually train a few times a year, no one wants to hear that they have to give up any personal time. I’m a veteran so I’ve already done time, but I’ve also petitioned my state for a position in Militia, for which I was willing to give up more time.
        The answer I’ve gotten from insiders is this, the people won’t understand. Well, what won’t they understand? They won’t understand that they’ve been mislead by those who are supposedly friendly, and that we’re not as smart as we think we are.
        Your question is very difficult to answer, but let me ask you this. If I tell you that the “unorgainized militia” is a constitutional impossibility, but is also totally illogical in the context of performing, what is your thought? If I tell you that Militia, as the whole of the People, would curtail crime, both street, in the halls of the legislatures, and from the bench, what is your thought? If I tell you that the constitutional Militia has the authority to arrest upon probable cause anyone including bureaucrats, representatives, and judges who violate the oath of office what is your thought? If I explain to you, over and over, that Militia is the whole body of the People and the congress cannot take that away without a constitutional amendment, but only by our abdication of duty, what is your thought? If I tell you that the purpose of the 2nd was to keep Militia in tact and well armed, would you tell me that the anti-gun people love me? Would you continue on after I’ve explained that Militia and individual right is part and parcel of the 2nd, but it is impossible for one to remain in tact without the other?
        Like I said your question is difficult, but all you need do is to ask yourself if you’ve fallen for the constitutionally impossible “unorganized militia”, and the lie that National Guard is now, or could ever be militia in the authority listed in the Constitution?

    19. The ATF, as is the case with other government agencies, “carries water for the president”. If we ever had a pro gun or pro gun rights or a pro constitutional rights president, we would not see the sort of crap from the ATF that we see. Others are free to argue differently, however they should be prepared to support their claims. History supports my position, sad to note.

    20. Readers who take exception to ATF Antics should immediately contact their elected representatives. DO it RDN, Right Damned Now, not later or tomorrow.

    21. @Nick, In your comments made, today, at 1:07 pm, you stated, “The 2nd amendment community wants nothing to do with their obligation to keep a free and prosperous nation.” What obligation? What is it that you think we should be doing?

      1. @Wild Bill, You know its kind of hard to find the comments in here. You would think the e-mail link would go right there.
        “What obligation?” The Constitution recognizes just one authority “to execute the Laws of the Union”, and that is “the Militia”. That placed the power of the ‘Sword’ in the hands of the People. A monopoly of power, so to speak. What we should be doing is revitalizing that authority so that we can regain our sovereignty.
        I don’t know if you were able to find my lengthy comment starting with “Tough question”, but I refer in there to Dr. Edwin Vieira. He has written numerous articles and books on the subject. The most extensive being “The Sword and Sovereignty” that is 2300 pages, with over 4000 footnotes on law and history.

        1. Nick, you are not saying what you believe that obligation is. Further, where in the Constitution does it say that there is one authority to execute the laws of the union?. I am not finding, nor have I ever heard what you are, now, writing about.

          1. @Wild Bill, I thought I did, but I will state it again. This is a nation based on popular sovereignty. We’ve lost it, and certainly don’t understand it today. In order to maintain that sovereignty the Founders recognized that the People must have a MONOPOLY of power. To that they recognized the already existing Militia, and incorporated it as the only recognized authority “to execute the Laws of the Union” at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15. Under the ages old doctrine of law “inclusion unius est exclusio alterius”, the government is barred from creating any other so-called authority. I understand that the courts in conjunction with schools have completely corrupted the rule of law, but none-the-less, this is what the Founders expected as to the functionality of law.
            So, in order to regain our sovereignty, we are obliged to revitalize the militia, participate in it, in some fashion, so that all agencies are under the direct control of the People, and the court system will be protected from corrupt judges and politicians.
            This means the police, EMT’s, and every other agency will be incorporated into Militia. The rest of us, but since the population has become so large it might only be volunteers, will participate and contribute, or learn some skill set. This means that if a policeman commits a questionable act he/she will automatically be brought up before a court martial. No inter-department investigation, and possible coverup. However, I dare say that with a society in tune with their needs, and using their own skill sets with officers to guide, there will be a dramatic drop in crime, and corruption. I would also venture to say that when a disaster arises there will be enough skilled people on hand so that we don’t have to depend on an agency that might do its job.
            One more thing, those who we would consider minute men will receive their pay, but I would also venture to say that budget gaps, missing dollars, and ill-spent money will stop.
            Most of this comes from the mind of a friend who happens to be a constitutional scholar, and has argued successfully before the supreme court.
            As a veteran I’ve already contributed, but even at this age I’m willing to get out there and participate in the training required by Militia statutes. I’ve already petitioned the state for a position in the militia because we still have statutes on the books as do most states.
            Our obligation is to regain what was the intent of this nation, and to pass it along to our children, and grandchildren.

          2. Nick, I think that you are referring to Article 1, section 8, clause 15. describing Congress’ authority to provide for the calling fourth of the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, etc., etc. You have missed, however, Article 1, section 8, clause 18, which describes Congress’ power to provide for the general welfare (e.g. create a federal agency) and to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution … and all other powers vested …in …any Department or Offiicer there of (e.g. give the U.S. Marshal Service guns and arrest powers).

            1. @Wild Bill, I specifically mentioned Article 1.
              However, I did not miss anything as was the case for Patrick Henry who argued that General Welfare should not be there, to which James Madison assured that it meant nothing because they were limited to the delegated authorities that are specifically enumerated. One of those delegated authorities was “to provide for organizing” not unorganizing, disarming the militia, or allowing it to become moribund.
              What you should be referring to is the writings of the Anti-Federalists (anti-constitution) who argued that the way the Constitution was written it did not control the government enough, and specifically that the judiciary would corrupt the word and centralize power. They were proven to be right.
              What you have written only goes to show that the judiciary has indeed done so. For instance, since the Constitution only recognizes that the President can call forth the Militia “to execute the Laws of the Union”, how could anyone create another agency, or grant those powers?
              No! Before the ink was dry on the document, the judiciary started dismantling the Constitution.
              That is why, more than ever we need to revitalize Militia, retake our sovereignty, and dismantle most of the current structure.
              I must resign from this discussion because it is not only distressing, but it also angers me that the people in this nation will continually argue to support the many atrocities perpetrated by government. We are doing nothing more than bequeathing slavery to our children.

    22. If we had honest “we the people” politicians who represented us in Washington then they would have been cutting the budgets for many of these agencies who are hurting this country and belong to the big brother DemonKKKRatic Mafia party. They have crippled our military because of budget cuts but not the agencies destroying this once great country.
      God Bless the USA!

    23. Actually, from what I have read, the public pressure caused the BATF to back off and cancel this plan. It seems to me that we have dodged this bullet. Our worries from here should be to keep the Marxist criminal out of the White House.

      1. I agree CaptT, Trump offers us the one opportunity in our lifetimes to clean out corrupt politicians, and then legislate new and strong controls over our federal government.

    24. There is a little known issue here. States rights and the 2A trump all. So therefore, I say, ‘Obama, F.O.’ come down my street and MOLON LABE!

    25. This will assist Pinnochiobama’s terrorist towel head brothers I their jihad more then his suicidal rules of engagement. soros at work>>>>>>>

    26. The ATF said they reveres their decision Friday after thousand contacted their Congressmen and the ATF…They Raised HELL..!!! If this does stand, anyone with a brain knows the only outcome will be Civil War, and Congress knows this! This could be the false flag by BO to cancel the election, because we all know that Hitlary for Prisonn will most likely drop dead before November! She looks like the Walking Dead NOW! God help us, PLEASE!

    27. Obumma & his sleezy crew a at it again, I think it’s time the American people start standing up to these people . They want to take away all of our rights.BE GLAD WHEN HIM & HIS CRONIES AR OUT OF OFFICE. WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!!!

    28. The answer is so very simple. I have just declared my home state to be a Sanctuary State. We can commit all the crimes we desire to commit and the feds won’t bother us. We might even get some federal money.

    29. Typical beauracrap bullshit. Another case of the fools of tierany coming up with a solution that won’t work for a problem that doesn’t exist to push another agenda on Americans. Wake up folks. These people are NOT dems, they are communist mascarading as Dems.

    30. are they realy this stupid , ever hear of re-loads , personaly if it get to that point , i get 50 of my neighbors together and go hit up the nearist police stations and take what we need including m16’s and then i will start looking for my veitnam vets like me to go to the nearest post and hit up there armory and get the good shit , i still know how to drive a tank, the freak in the white house has no idea who he is messing with , he can fill the country with all the sheeple he wants , untill every last american is dead he will never get what he wants, i don’t look for government to save me , i look to the tennisee ridge runners , the farmers , the mountain men , the people who built this country d.c is destroying , i will stand with them before i stand with some useless ass hole from d.c.

    31. I have always been a law abiding citizen, especially with regards to gun ownership but, there comes a time when we have got to take a stand against tyranny and injustice. This is one of those times! This corrupt and incompetent government is acting outside the law to oppress the public and leave US defenseless against our enemies and government tyranny. A person has to be very naive to think that this law will have any effect on the Mexican Drug Cartels, Street Gangs, ISIS or, Hardcore Criminals!

    32. I have made a couple of comments here, read some,not all of the posts, and come back to the following. While commenting,venting here,however one might describe it has at least some value, getting on to your elected reps., that is congress persons and U.S.Senators might have greater value and impact. Have commentators here been on to their “elected things”? If not, why?

      1. Getting a hold of your “representatives” is very much like a chattel slave of the 1860’s begging his masters for some permission.

    33. When will Congress do something about the (OBAMA) making laws, that he has no right to make! This needs to be knocked down ASAP along with any other things that (OBAMA) has made or modified! Do it NOW!

      1. @Jim, Oblabla is not really making laws, he is giving orders to the Executive Branch, the personnel of which will follow those orders, so that they continue to get high wages and pensions. So he gets his way and gets the population programed that things should be a certain way.

    34. Okay this is just crazy. Where are they going to store all the commercial aircraft with explosives bolts in emergency doors? So the intire flight line civilians and military would be classified as hot spots. Next is where is all the bunkers for everyone’s cars equipped with air bags? And if you are driving one with airbags isn’t that considered transporting explosives then?
      Yep smell like and walks like Obumer administration all over it because as usual the air heads did not think. I want the ATF to come to my house and start that construction bunker in my driveway for my car or just turn my garage into a vault. So I can start putting up my placards to notify the local fire and police department I have explosives in my garage when I store my car.WTF=ATF Obumer morons!

    35. Fellow Americans ,NRA Members, gun enthusiast, Constitutional purist ect:
      Do what I do on this and all like issues: Draft on your computer: A reasonable, factual, considerate, but blunt letter
      to the head of what ever dept. concerned (ATF) and a Bcc forward to the e-addresses (OF THE APPROPRIATE
      WATCH DOG GROUP(S) and of your Congressmen,Senators State and Fed whether or not they support your
      wishes or beliefs on WHAT EVER TOPIC after all its not what they want, they work for us or they are gone !
      “WE THE PEOPLE IN ORDER TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION – Read the Constitution for your’s and to your
      Children’s sake it is the only hope for a future. IT IS A GUIDE FOR SOCIETY AND IT’S ONE INTENT IS NOT TO

    36. I am in Arizona and just got my medical Marijuana license. A few days ago I found out I can no longer qualify to buy a gun. No one ever mentioned this while I was applying. I am stunned and totally pissed off. So this is another step in disarming us. I have physical health problems not mental problems. Conserved citizen.

      1. Since marijuana is still considered illegal by the federal government that was a no brainier. Only certain states have legalized it. And so far nothing from the government officially stating it has medical benefits. But there are numerous other pharmaceuticals out now that can prevent you from owning a weapon. So don’t feel to bad about it. Build your own just make sure there is none in your system if need arise to use it.

    37. This is easy to understand as the morons in the voting electorate voted twice for a man that was indoctrinated in Islamism and communism from the time he could talk until present and especially through college. His mentor through the time in Hawaii was the leading communist in the US at that time Frank David Marshal who was the publisher of the communist newspaper out of Chicago and then went to Columbia University and was taught by the radical Francis Fox Pivan and her shakeup Clowerd and then spent 20 years in indoctrinator Wright’s “church” (The quotes are because the “Church’ WAS MORE AN COMUNIST INDOCTRANATION HAVEN then about religion.

    38. Nick, I don’t know about you as I have never met you. I was in the Army for six years, seven months and twenty-six days. i also spent time in the Michigan national guard. I shot expert with the M14 AND the M16. I am proficient with the 45, the 38 AND the 9MM hand guns. Untrained? I think not!

      1. I’m a veteran. I don’t tell people this, but one of the spec ops weapons trainers said that he had never seen anyone shoot like me. That was decades ago. I thought my sons to shoot. When my youngest qualified with pistol and rifle he shot perfect scores, and was challenged to a shoot-off by the sniper giving the test.
        However, my ability to shoot, or his is not what I’m talking about. Are you going it alone? Is there “A well regulated militia” that you will muster with? Is there a group of skilled guerilla fighters that you will be part of?
        Do you have a structured chain of command? Do you have the support of the general public that might risk their lives to help you? Do you have a supply chain in place, or some means of obtaining sustenance?
        The Founders recognized Militia as “necessary to the security of a free state” for a number of reasons. They had all those questions in mind as former fighters of a revolution, but more importantly to prevent it from going to that point.

        1. nick, I have not forgotten any of my training in combat and how to work in coordination with my fellow troops, if need be. I served 18 months in Vietnam and have forgotten nothing of how to infiltrate, avoid detection, target identification, map reading, and other skills. As I said, I shot expert with two long range weapons and am quite adapt with several close contact handguns as well. I love my country and would sacrifice my life for her if needed, just not the damn politicians, thank you! As my father taught me as a young boy, I never underestimate a person I know nothing about.

          1. @soldierboys, Either you did not read what I said, or you completely misunderstood it.
            Are you going at it alone with absolutely no support? Do you have some form of structure, and those you can depend upon, or will come to your aid?
            You have skills, as do many Americans. Why is it that you lack the skill to stand up for the rule of law, and take back your nation as it was designed to be?
            This is the nature of America today. A twisted, disturbed relationship between slaves and masters. We’ll do anything and everything we possibly can to ignore the rule of law and the Declaration’s that some of the most brilliant political minds in the history put together. Instead we would rather talk about our skills that mean nothing at all when there is no feasible plan for victory.

    39. We have a government that is high in sky lore and deals with things beneath the heavens and knows no limit to debt when debt becomes an asset.

    40. Dispicable! Unconstitutional laws are illegal and therefore are not required to follow. Stand up America this is a direct attack on our second amendment. Any atf agent who follows these “rulings” is a traitor to our freedoms

    41. The fact that the BATFE, aka the ATF, continues it’s extra legal, high handed antics speaks most poorly for The Congress (House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate), bodies that have, re the operations/antics of government agencies, oversight responsibility, some thing that they appear to have forgotten or lost track of.

      1. It most likely is the fact that they want what the Demon-Craps want and are just pretending to oppose gun control.
        Let the Dems. take the heat while they sit by, They don’t represent the people anymore, only their cushy jobs and all of the perks oh and don’t forget their Obama-care, it’s better than ours and it’s for ever.

    42. That the congress has failed to check rein the BATFE re it’s firearms enforcement activity is the most serious indictment for non feasence and or non feasence on the part of the congress that yours truly can think of.

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