The Auto Mag Pistol is Back!

Auto Mag LTD, Corp. and Laura Burgess Marketing Team up for Relaunch.

LBM leads the marketing and public relations efforts for the new company undertaking the redesign and manufacturing efforts behind the legendary Auto Mag.


Auto Mag prototype upper on original lower.
Auto Mag prototype upper on original lower.
Auto Mag Ltd.
Auto Mag Ltd.

Florence, S.C. ( – Auto Mag LTD, Corp, a new company created for the sole purpose of reviving the classic Auto Mag pistol, has signed Laura Burgess Marketing for all marketing and public relations efforts.

“The responsibility of managing the marketing of this rising firearm phoenix is both exciting and a little daunting,” Laura Burgess, President of Laura Burgess Marketing confessed. “We are convinced that this new version of the classic Auto Mag will be met with cheers from its dedicated and passionate fan base as well as introduce a whole new generation to the glamour and mystique of this magnificent firearm.”

The history of this much-loved and lauded pistol began in 1958, when firearms visionary, Harry Sanford, developed a pistol around the .44 Auto Mag cartridge, specifically for handgun hunting. Ten years later, through the efforts of a dedicated team of firearms designers and engineers, the big bore handgun was finally brought to market in small numbers. The Auto Mag Pistol (AMP) was a full-sized semi-auto featuring a multi-lugged rotating bolt and was operated by the short recoil system. The AMP was machined from stainless steel with a 6.5-inch barrel and total overall length of 11.5 inches. The magazine capacity was seven plus one in the chamber. The Auto Mag was expensive to produce and was underpriced on the market. It is estimated that Auto Mag lost $1,000 on every pistol produced.

Attempts to keep the production going by TDE, a holding company, proved unsuccessful even though the price was raised significantly to reflect the actual production costs and Auto Mag was remarketed as a “collectors” pistol. In 1982, after several attempts to revive the pistol, Auto Mag threw in the towel and officially retired from the market place.

Stuff of legends, the Auto Mag was popularized by Clint Eastwood as “Dirty” Harry Callahan in “Sudden Impact” and Mack Bolan of “The Executioner” book series who named his Auto Mag “Big Thunder.”

In 2015, after 40 some odd years of cult status, a private investor purchased the rights, plans and spare parts from the Sanford family. The new company, Auto Mag LTD, Corp., based out of South Carolina, has spent the past year reengineering the iconic pistol using advanced materials in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Auto Mag is also now an officially registered trademark as of this month. As the prototype process continues to progress, Auto Mag engineers are working to bring back the Auto Mag, better than ever, while taking advantages of the improvements in materials and manufacturing technology advances available today.

Auto Mag LTD, Corp. will be offering current Auto Mag owners refurbishing services for existing models, plus new caliber conversions will soon be available. ‘Go Behind the Scenes’ at Auto Mag and stay up to date with the prototyping and production of the new rendition of this legendary pistol at


About Auto Mag LTD, Corp.:

Auto Mag LTD, Corp., is a privately-owned firearms manufacturing company based in South Carolina focused on reviving the iconic semi-auto hand gun using only the highest quality materials and latest firearms manufacturing technologies.

Laura Burgess Marketing
Laura Burgess Marketing

About Laura Burgess Marketing:

Laura Burgess Marketing provides public relations and marketing communications to companies within the law enforcement, tactical, military, shooting sports and outdoor markets. An industry veteran, with over 25 years of experience, Laura Burgess Marketing current client list includes: Revision Military, American Technologies Network Corp., MasterPiece Arms, Morphix Technologies®, American Gunsmithing Institute, Gun Club of America, IWI US, Liberty Ammunition, National Tactical Officers Association, Eagle Imports, Adaptive Tactical, Copper Basin™, Bergara USA, DNA Labs International, Parabon NanoLabs, Shell Shock Technologies, Ken Jefferies & Associates, CAA USA, Kalashnikov USA, Flopak®, Slide Fire® Solutions, Tactical Squirrel and Vertx. Laura Burgess Marketing is headquartered in New Bern, North Carolina, with satellite offices in Maryland, North Carolina and Utah.





  • 6 thoughts on “The Auto Mag Pistol is Back!

    1. I have an original 44 auto mag, bought in 1970 with serial # A00766. I have also 6 boxes of auto mag ammo w/ same identification as the auto mag. Still in original case withpaper work . This weapon have been fired twice and all of the ammo that was sent with the weapon is still intact. What is this auto mag worth?

    2. I bought one of these years ago, never have shot it.
      Still sitting in my gun safe from the day I bought it.
      Only reason I was able to own it, was my friend bought it, and was mad he had to send off to have Ammo made for this gun.
      He could afford all that, but didn’t like the problem of dealing with having to have Ammo made for it.
      So, lucky me, happen to be there when he was mad, got the gun and the just received ammo!
      I don’t know what it cost, what he paid, nothing, other then a gun dealer I dealt with back then told me I scored big time, and to take it home and put it away in my safe, it could help my retirement some day.
      From saying that, I’d guess it’s worth quite a lot.
      This is the first article, or anything I’ve ever seen on this gun.
      Thank you

    3. I could never afford one (much less the ammo!) but did have the privilege of shooting a magazine full 😉
      I have often wondered if the Desert Eagle was created as an ‘affordable’ alternative, with factory ammo vice custom made. I’ll probably still not be able to afford one of the new ones either but IF they make it available in ‘common’ calibers (maybe .41mag??) it will probably be a winner with hunters and long distance shooters.

    4. Man, what a beautiful piece of art. Yes that is art. And you can hold it and shoot it.
      When it is finally made available, maybe Auto Mag should get Clint Eastwood to do a review. Of course using the Harry Callahan pen. I know, can’t do it cause of all the Hollywood legalize BS, but it still sounds cool.
      Also, Mrs Pendleton, I have spent many hours enjoying the writing of your husband. Thank you for commenting.

    5. It is nice to see the mention of my husband, Don Pendleton’s use of the Auto Mag (Big Thunder) in his original The Executioner, Mack Bolan Series of action/adventure . It has always been a popular weapon with the fans of his Executioner Series. His original series is now in 37 ebooks, so again the Auto Mag will have some exposure through the novels. Thanks for the mention.
      My best,
      Linda Pendleton

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