Bone Collector Announces Delivery of Badlands & Badlands Jr Boots

Old Dominion Badlands Boots
Old Dominion Badlands Boots
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Madison Heights, VA -( Slated for delivery in September 2016, the Badlands and Badlands Jr, offers a functional hunting boot from Michael Waddell.

Michael Waddell, president of Bone Collector and host of the award winning tv shows “Bone Collector” and “Realtree Roadtrips” designed the Badlands and Badlands Jr with hunters of all types in mind.

The boots offer 400g Ultra Thinsulate, full-grain leather, a fully waterproof membrane, and an anti-fatigue contour footbed for all day comfort. Adults can enjoy the Badlands, while the younger hunter can enjoy the Badlands Jr.

Look for these boots and other Bone Collector footwear to be released on the shelves of major retailers in the upcoming weeks.

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Michael Waddell, president of Bone Collector
Michael Waddell

Located in Madison Heights, VA, Old Dominion Footwear is proud to be the exclusive manufacturer of Bone Collector branded footwear.

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About Old Dominion Footwear:

Old Dominion Footwear was incorporated in 1996 with its offices and distribution center located in Madison Heights, Virginia. The company has the exclusive license for the Realtree brands which include Realtree Outfitters and Realtree Girl, and also has the license for Team Realtree brand. Old Dominion Footwear designs, manufactures, markets and distributes all genders of footwear, available in various sizes and widths, to department stores, sporting goods stores, catalogs and independent retail stores throughout the United States, Canada, South America and around the world.

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    1. If the boots are made in china with chinese soles (non vibram) the box will likely out last the boots.

      1. Exactly my thought too. I went to the old dominion web site and could not find the answer. But my experience has been that if a manufacturer does not openly declare they are made in the U.S.A. they usually are not. Our country is rife with corporations that see Americans as good enough to buy their product, but not make them, and I find that insulting. Then I’ll hear that they can’t afford to be competitive if they manufacture here and their CEO will be earning $30,000,000/yr.

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