Bucks Love Primos’ New Take Out Deer Attractants

Primos Row Crop
Primos Delicious, Aroma-Packed “Fall Harvest” and “Row Crop” Blends Bring Whitetails In and Keep Them Coming Back for More : http://tiny.cc/dz1tdy
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FLORA, Mississippi-(Ammoland.com)- Primos Hunting, a leading innovator of game calls and hunting accessories, gives whitetail fans irresistible new options for bringing big bucks into their hunting areas with Take Out deer attractants.

The all-new Take Out family includes two proven blends designed to match natural food sources deer love in all regions of whitetail country.

Take Out Fall Harvest is an alluring combination of mixed grains, molasses and corn. Its components were carefully chosen to mimic the most compelling whitetail foods found in a variety of woodlands and other natural settings across the continent.

Aimed at areas where agricultural entrees are on the menu, Take Out Row Crop features the most desirable farmland flavors proven to reliably draw deer into farmers’ fields, including oats, soybeans, alfalfa, barley and molasses.

Take Out Fall Harvest and Take Out Row Crop both produce powerful aromas to help whitetails quickly home in on the attractant from a wide area. When deer arrive, the impeccable taste of these proprietary recipes keeps them coming back for more. Plus, each attractants’ all-natural flavors leach into the soil, encouraging return visits long after the food is gone.

As a bonus, Take Out Fall Harvest and Take Out Row Crop offer the added benefits of protein and fat that deer seek out and desperately need in their diets during the stressful fall and winter months.

Both blends are sold in convenient 5-pound bags. And of course, each tantalizing mixture has been tested and approved by Primos’ hard-hunting pro staff to ensure the same quality, purity and unparalleled effectiveness of the company’s other industry-leading attractants.