Creedmoor Ammunition’s New .38 Special 125gr XTP +P: Loaded for Extreme Situations

Creedmoor Ammunition - .38 Special 125gr XTP +P
Creedmoor Ammunition – .38 Special 125gr XTP +P
Creedmoor Ammunition
Creedmoor Ammunition

Anniston, AL -( Ready for shipping now, Creedmoor Ammunition’s new .38 Special 125gr XTP +P is the perfect handgun round for hunting, self-defense, and law enforcement–and is even accurate enough for target shooting.

The XTP (Extreme Terminal Performance) bullet achieves controlled expansion thanks to precise serrations that divide the bullet into symmetrical sections, weakening the jacket at just the right points for maximum expansion, even at low velocities. At the same time, the solid core holds together and drives on through!

The +P velocity of the .38 Special 125gr XTP +P round drives the bullet faster and with more power, for those “extreme” situations.

Distance FPS Energy ft-lb
Muzzle 1050 306
50 Yards 977 265
100 Yards 921 236

Creedmoor Ammunition’s .38 Special 125gr XTP +P is Made in America at the company’s facility in Anniston, Alabama. And, the .38 Special 125gr XTP +P is actually affordable, costing just $12.25 for a box of 20 or $11.64 per box on orders of five boxes or more. Order direct from the Creedmoor Sports website at

Every round Creedmoor Sports produces is hand inspected, after being loaded in new state-of-the-art AmmoLoad machines. Like all Creedmoor Ammunition, the .38 Special 125gr XTP +P handgun rounds are offered at the lowest prices possible because Creedmoor sells directly to consumers.

No distributors or middle-men to drive up prices!

About Creedmoor Sports:

For over 35 years, Creedmoor Sports has been serving the high power competitive shooting community. Over that time, we have dedicated ourselves to manufacturing only the best products to give the shooter the confidence needed to win at every level of competition.

For more information, please visit or

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I like the 38sp/357mag revolvers too. It’s old school and makes me feel young again. Colt .38sp.det. snubbie rev. was my first firearm in ’72. I never understood why people by a .38sp revolver though. Buy the .357mag rev.and be able to shoot both.

James A. "Jim" Farmer

Being a staunch fan of both the .38 Special and .357 Magnum I couldn’t resist posting something in reply. Of course, the .38 Special 148 grain lead target wadcutter still can’t be beat for hunting small game: rabbit, squirrel, and grouse, dispatching vermin: raccoon, skunk, and possum, and even for butchering livestock. Obviously a .22 or .32 will likewise do the same. But for the person who has only a .38 caliber revolver on their person while engaged in camping, back packing, fishing, the outdoors, etc. the .38 Special wadcutter remains highly effective. I have never tried the above. No… Read more »

peepee poopoo

Might as well go with 357 magnum.



Wayne Clark

Speer Gold Dot .357 158gr. Personal Defense is about twice the cost. Seems like a reasonable alternative to me.