Day or Night, Firefield’s Spartan Night Vision Monoculars Lead to Victory

Firefield's Spartan Night Vision Monoculars
Firefield’s Spartan Night Vision Monoculars

Mansfield, TX -( Firefield’s new, lightweight, compact Spartan Night Vision lineup lights the way to victory with reliability you can stake your mission on.

Inspired by Sparta’s legendary warriors, Firefield takes its legion on the offensive from dusk ‘til dawn, when most opponents cower in the darkness.

Firefield Spartan Night Vision models include a 3×42 monocular (FF24122WP), 4×50 monocular (FF24127) and a 1×24 head-mounted monocular, also referred to as a night vision goggle system, perfect for tactical operations, search and rescue, and surveillance.

With an operating temperature range of -22° – 104°F, premium glass, rubber armor coating and durable ABS plastic body construction, all Firefield Spartan Night Vision Monoculars deliver big on the kind of operational performance you need. Sparta ranked at the top of the warrior heap meaning Firefield Spartan Night Vision is aptly named. Each monocular features high-quality gen 1 imaging and resolution, 36 lp/mm resolution, 500fL brightness gain, S25 multi-alkaline 24mm photocathode, ±4 diopter adjustability and built-in IR illumination with 805 nm wavelength for excellent low-light, no-light image quality.

Firefield's Spartan Night Vision Monoculars
Firefield’s Spartan Night Vision Monoculars :

While the Firefield Spartan 1×24 monocular features IP66 weatherproofing, a head-mounted goggle kit and an equivalent IR power of 30mW, both Spartan handheld 3×42 and 4×50 monoculars boast 100mW and IPX4 weather resistant protection. Firefield Spartan Night Vision is powered by a single CR123 battery with a robust battery life of up to 20 hrs. with IR and 40 hrs. without.

Each model also includes a carrying case, user manual, cleaning cloth and ¼-in. socket for tripod mounting.

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Firefield's Spartan Night Vision Monoculars
Firefield’s Spartan Night Vision Monoculars :

About Firefield:

Firefield offers force multipliers and accessories for mission-critical operations and extreme shooting sports involving rifles, shotguns and pistols. Designed for next generation shooters, boot-on-the-ground operators and serious gun enthusiasts, Firefield provides products for hard-charging, action-oriented situations. Firefield—Victory Justifies Everything!

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