Detroit CCW Holder Fights Back During Attempted Carjacking

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Detroit CCW Holder Fights Back During Attempted Carjacking
Detroit CCW Holder Fights Back During Attempted Carjacking
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Las Vegas, NV –-( Local News 4, reported this week (7/24/2016) police say the driver of a white van followed a Dodge Challenger until it stopped at a liquor store on West Seven Mile Road and Heyden Street.

The driver of that van waited for the customer to exit the liquor store and then approached his intended victim with a gun in an apparent attempted carjacking.

Unfortunately for would-be criminal, the targeted driver had a valid concealed pistol license. Given the bad guys close proximity, the Dodge driver grabbed the barrel of the carjacker’s gun.

He then pulled out his own weapon and fired 10 rounds at the attempted carjacker.

The suspect fired back with 4 or 5 shots before fleeing according to investigators.

Sergeant Robert Wellman, of the Detroit Police Department said Officers are searching for the suspect.

In a separate incident, Detroit Police are investigating another early Saturday morning carjacking that left a 24-year-old man dead. Four people were carjacked around 2:30 a.m. while in a 2007 Chrysler Sebring.

Responding police were flagged down because of a body found in the area. Police say the deceased was the carjacking victim, shot in the back.

Police are investigating reports of a newer model red van with chrome rims possibly seen in the area. They’re also still trying to determine where the victim was shot. No information was given on the other three individuals in this incident.


Now we understand why the first victim fired 10 rounds! An Uber driver commented about these stories on Click On Detroit that it’s not safe to stop at any store or gas station in parts of Detroit after dark.

What kind of animals kill people over a 10 year old used car?

Another always carry your gun story.

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In the poor black Neighborhoods of Detroit, and other big Cities, there are car jacking gangs that patrol certain locations in the Metro Area looking for cars to carjack. What the civilians in this story encountered is some of these. They typically steal certain valuable classes of cars, and they also steal to order, as many stolen vehicles end up in containers heading for places like Nigeria, where there are big car auctions each week of newly arrived vehicles. The young men involved in this gang activity are heavily armed, including with AKs and ARs, and Glocks with extended magazines… Read more »


Sooo close 10 rounds no hits, get a hand grenade.


The dot goes right between the eyes. In reality, it won’t create much damage because the perp is an idiot but at least he’ll be taken off the streets. Oh, and just curious, what was the ethnicity of the perp?

Chris N

I know your comment was said in jest but I think that it is usually best to aim for center mass unless you suspect your intended target is wearing body armor. 😉


If he fired ten rounds and the thug is still walking he needs a lot of practice.

godfrey daniel

I’ve seen videos of cops sending least that many rds. downrange toward a perp also. You know they don’t all hit the intended target.

Chris N

I agree. There is a big difference between being fast and accurate at the range and when you have a gun pointed at you at close range by someone threatening to kill you. One never knows how fast or accurate (s)he will be in that situation until it is thrust upon them even if that person has had training. That being said, more training doesn’t hurt. From what I have read nearly 80% of shots fired by police at a suspect miss their intended target and I think we could all agree that they most likely receive more training than… Read more »