Elevate Your Hunting with Advantage Hunting’s Optional Elevation Systems

Elevate Your Hunting with Advantage Hunting's Optional Elevation Systems
Elevate Your Hunting with Advantage Hunting’s Optional Elevation Systems
Advantage Hunting
Advantage Hunting

USA-(Ammoland.com)- Quality rigid ground blinds have a lot going for them in the right setting. The Advantage Hunting Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Whitetail and Deluxe blinds are spacious, comfortable, weather resistant, accessible and virtually maintenance-free. They give you a great view of deer from an extremely concealed location.

However, the obvious downside of ground blinds is that they are on the ground. Many great hunting locations just don’t allow ground hunters very good visibility. Areas near thick bedding cover and the edges of agricultural fields before harvest, for example, typically have so much ground-level vegetation that seeing well from the ground can be challenging.

That’s why Advantage Hunting developed their QuadPod elevated platform systems for the 2- and 4-man versions of both the Whitetail Blind and the Deluxe Blind. These optional QuadPod systems safely elevate Advantage blinds, and are compatible with either the regular side-door or the trapdoor version.

The 10-foot Galvanized Blind Platform is made in both the Deluxe and Whitetail models for 2-man configurations. This elevation system provides everything you need to get any Deluxe or Whitetail blind up in the air. It features galvanized steel legs and braces – it’s rated to support 500 pounds in the 2-man version.

The galvanized components assure that like Advantage’s blinds, the QuadPod will hold up for years while being virtually maintenance free. You just set it up, and go hunting – it’s safe, easy and reliable, while allowing you to sit comfortably with your eyes about 14 feet above ground level. The 2-man blind components weigh just 150 pounds, so you can transport it and set it up without heavy equipment. A complete hardware/ladder/tie-down kit is included.

Advantage Hunting also makes QuadPod kits to fit every version of their blinds. These kits include a steel-welded frame that is designed to bolt onto the bottom of the corresponding Deluxe or Whitetail blind. Washers, bolts and steel leg inserts are all included – the hunter just supplies the 4X4 lumber to complete the system. Two man versions are rated to support 500 pounds, while the 4-man versions are rated to support 1,000 pounds.

In the end, this blind elevation system gives you a better chance to bag a trophy. You can now stay concealed and hunt in comfort, while staying out of the wind and rain.

This year, let the Advantage QuadPod system help make sure that all your hard work hunting finally pays off. Because serious hunters take every Advantage they can get.

For more information on the various models, options and accessories Advantage Hunting has to offer, check out www.advantagehunting.com.