How to End Radical Islam

Islam needs its own Council of Nicea, or its internal forces of darkness could control its destiny
by Scot Faulkner

Islamic Terrorist
Islamic Terrorist
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USA -( It is time for moderate, forward looking Muslims to regain control of their religion. They need to take historic steps to bring Islam into the Twenty-First Century, returning it to an honored place among the world’s great religions.

Slaughter in an Orlando Nightclub, slaughter on the streets of Nice, slaughter in Paris and in a Normandy church, slaughter at airports in Brussels and Istanbul, slaughter at a San Bernardino picnic, slaughter at Fort Hood, slaughter at the Boston Marathon, attacks on trains in France and Germany, the list is endless.  The weapons used were diverse – guns, trucks, pressure cookers, axes, knives and bombs. Only the motivation remained constant: jihad for Allah.

The threat and the fight are global. Terror can now arrive anywhere, anytime, in any form. Some already label this World War III.  The problem is that increased drone strikes, bombing ISIS’ capital in Raqqa, Syria, or expanding intelligence gathering will not end the threat. This is because every day millions of young boys attend radical Madrassas and learn how to hate, kill, and die.

In the mid-1970s Saudi Arabia used the flood of oil revenue to become the “McDonalds of Madrassas.”  Religious schools and new mosques popped up throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This building boom had nothing to do with education and everything to do with spreading the cult of Wahhabism.

The Saudi Royal Family owes its rise to power to Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703-1792).  He envisioned a “pure” form of Islam that purged most worldly practices (heresies), oppressed women, and endorsed violence against nonbelievers (infidels), including Muslims who differed from his sect.

This extremely conservative and violent form of Islam might have died out in the sands of central Arabia were in not for a timely alliance with a local tribal leader, Muhammad bin Saud.

The House of Saud was just another minor tribe, until the two Muhammads realized the power of merging Sunni fanaticism with armed warriors. Wahhab’s daughter married Saud’s son, merging their two blood lines to this day. The House of Saud and its warriors rapidly expanded throughout the Arabia Peninsula and collided with Shi’ite and more secular Sunni powers.

Saudi forces were defeated but rose again, fueled by Wahhabi fanaticism.  These various conflicts always included destruction of holy sites of rival sects and tribes. While done in the name of “purification,” the result was erasing the physical touchstones of rival cultures and governments.

In the early Twentieth Century, Saudi leader ibn Saud expertly exploited the decline of the Ottoman Empire, and alliances with European Powers, to consolidate his permanent hold over the Arabian Peninsula. Control of Mecca and Medina, Islam’s two holiest sites, gave the House of Saud the power to promote Wahhabism as the dominant interpretation of Sunni Islam.

This included internally contradictory components of calling for eradicating infidels while growing rich from Christian consumption of oil, and pursuing lavish hedonism when not in public view.

Unless Wahhabism is eliminated or moderated, the West is fighting a losing battle. 

The decline in oil revenue gives the West rare economic leverage.  It is time to convince the Saud family to convene an Islamic version of the Council of Nicaea.

In 325, Roman Emperor Constantine the Great convened a religious council in Nicaea (near modern Istanbul) to resolve various differences within Christianity.  This included consolidating and codifying beliefs, rituals, and the calendar of holy days and rites. Over three hundred church officials and theologians attended.

While the Council of Nicaea did not resolve everything, it did establish a culture of dialogue and collaboration within Catholicism. Christianity had its own wars and schisms, notably the Reformation, which was more about geopolitics than faith, and the Thirty Years War. Isolated fanaticism and superstition led to abuses, from the persecution of Galileo to the Salem witch trials.

However, the framework and mindset was permanently in place for Western religions to move with the times and adapt as knowledge and culture advanced. These forces of moderation and reason assure the continuous rise of civilization to this day and the marginalization and isolation of extremists.

In his famous work “The True Believer,” philosopher Eric Hoffer asserted, “the character and destiny of a group are often determined by its inferior elements.”

Reasonable people, spanning religion and ideology, are hoping Islam finds a way to isolate and diminish their forces of darkness. It can only be done from within.

About the Author:

Scot Faulkner served as the first Chief Administrative Officer of the U.S. House of Representatives and on Ronald Reagan’s White House Staff.  As Deputy Associate Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), he coordinated the Administration’s response to the Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing.  Mr. Faulkner has advised corporations and governments throughout the Middle East since 2002.

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Raymond Miller

KILL THEM, and let their Allah sort them out. It is a gutter cult and it is full of maggots.


Oooooo, so much aggression here! Y’all eatin’ too much red meat and pork. Supreme Leader says Saracens good, Americans bad! Can’t y’all get that? We can do it “THE CHICAGO WAY”.


And what do you know about “The Chicago Way?” Also, if you believe America is so bad, You are invited to pack your crap and get on the first plane smoking for Africa or The Middle East.


Normally I don’t respond to A TROLLS like you. But, damn, you are an IDIOT! You are not even an adequate “baiter”. See if your local JUCO offers a class in SARCASM 101 you effen MORON!!!

Wild Bill

, Hillary’s campaign has admitted to paying people to spread the liberal message on social media with the purpose of aggravating conservative people, and making them feel isolated. The plan is to bog down conservatives and get them to stop communicating. I think that you have smoked out one of them. The way that this guy writes, he may not even be a native English speaker, and his insults are standard baiting technique. But now, the more that you respond to him, the more he will get paid. Just something to think about.


Wild Bill, I do believe you are 100% correct. The stupid Moron can’t even keep on topic, much less put together a complete sentence with meaning. Bet Old Hillary is very proud of this uneducated, illiterate wanna be.


You are both nuts. Really, you just don’t get sarcasm do you? Incredible, and you are the cream of “conservatism”?
Hey, big bad Bills. Did you watch the video? All I hear from you folks is what ought to be done when Trump gets elected. What if, just if, he looses. Then what? What are you willing to do? You see, gentlemen, that is the sixty-four dollar question for you. Oh, don’t bother answering I’m just a paid troll. But you better sit down with your companeros and make a worst case scenario plan. That’s “on point”.


It appears COMMUTATUS is of Spanish decent. BTY, I’m not nuts, I’m completely crazy!!!!!! Especially when some brain dead sheeple attacks the United States. No, I did not watch the sheeple directional information. Also, there are only three (3) bad guy’s in the world and I get a post card from the other two every year. ROTFLMAO

Grey Beard

The solution to Islam is fairly simple and I once thought Reagan might employ it when first inaugurated. Turn that part of the world Flat, Black, and Glowing in the dark. Then round up anyone not home and drop them off back home, probably from 10,000 feet to protect the air crew. Yep, the world will lose some oil supplies, but we can make it work.

BillyBob Texas

And if your Bull Dyke DOES get elected, you’ll be burying your long guns in 8″ PVC pipes in your back yard……

When she gets Heller reversed……there will be NO INDIVIDUAL right to own guns….

I don’t know how she’s planning on collecting them….but it won’t be pretty…..

Wild Bill

I am not advocating this, but if you think about it under islam there would be no Hillary Clintons, no GCA, no NFA, no BATFE, no homosexuals, no DNC, nor liberals of any kind.


True, but, there also will not be any Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, etc….


It would be a lot easier to end the radicals if the US and NATO governments along Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel quit acting as enablers of these scum and providing them with weapons to aid them in their conquest. The bought and paid media is saying the same crap day after day “we need regime change in Syria” Those rebels who are in league with ISIS or if they aren’t soon will be or face death from ISIS are anything but moderate. Take out Assad and like Libya, ISIS will be in control of the country. If the West… Read more »

BillyBob Texas

STOP buying ANYTHING from them.
Stop selling them ANYTHING, including airplanes and guns and oil service equipment and know-how.
Start selling our coal and natty gas to the world. Bankrupt the cork-soakers.

Robert Thomas

It is a matter of time before the west figures it out. The question is, will it be too late? the muslims will eventually get bold enough to do something really stupid. 9/11 was not enough. A dirty bomb in Washington is probably not enough since the US has become so politically correct and pussified. An actual nuke in a US city would probably do it. Or they do something stupid like a significant strike in Moscow or directly at the Kremlin. I have a distinct feeling Putin wouldn’t hesitate. 40 megatons into Mecca, Medina and downtown Riyadh at the… Read more »

James Bailey

There is no such thing as moderate Islam or moderate Muslims: there are Muslims who reject all of the Qur’anic and Hadithic citations which demand violence from good and faithful Muslims. In other words, these Muslims are not faithful Muslims because they reject verbatim citations which called for decapitation, cutting off of Limbs, the rape of non-muslim women, burning non-muslims to death, etc. There are also no extremist Muslims: there are simply Muslims, the majority, who support the goals of jihad via money, material support, logistic support, as well as aiding and abetting Jihad any way they can. The author… Read more »

peewee henson


2nd Amender

“Get yourself a gun, and learn how to use it “.

I read what’s said and I read despair in the hearts of Americans. Don’t go out in a whimper!


There is only Islam. They cannot take back what they truly practice and believe as a whole. The more deeply they practice their so called religion (Ideology), The more likely they are to act upon what is called for throughout the Koran. They are only interested in taking over the world and having everyone worship their so called god, enforce sharia law and kill the infidel. If you want to stay ignorant and believe lies it will be for your own demise. If you want the truth about Islam, go to: and also I hope you take this… Read more »


Great article, thanks! And I totally agree. However, it ain’t gonna happen. Why? Because the Saudis, who have their fingers (and a lot of money invested) in the US gov’t. (among others) make a killing on all the business that flows from keeping all this madness going. Let’s face it, their money was at least partly behind what happened on 9/11, as well as all as much of the madness in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, and now Syria. The keep the arms flowing to all the wrong places (much of which originates in the US, btw). And they’re involved in… Read more »


Simple solution… give ’em nukes, as in “here. catch.”


Radical Islam can be stopped by Congress and The Senate declaring “All-Out-War.” Turn our Military lose on them and have a written declaration of war in hand, then allow the Military Commanders to control the war with the ultimate goal of wiping out the radicals Once and for all.

Dan pukach

Arm your self America the U.S. Calvary the U.S. Marines are not coming its time to circle the wagons , dig In and get ready to fight , fight for your life that of of your family an d friends and for America and Christianity
. The enemy is no longer at our gates they are within our walls and growing stronger and In number every day
America is the Alamo of the world . It is here we make our stand

Wild Bill

Logistics, brother Dan, logistics. We are less prepared, less self reliant, and more codependent than we were in 1861. I made a strip map of my neck of the woods. I determined the probable direction of approach (of gov’t troops), the choke points, the best ambush sites, routes of escape and the rally points along the one paved road that goes anywhere near my ranch. I determined that it would take four fire teams to control the area. I would need to feed sixteen young men, one wife, and myself for one year, minimum. I don’t even have toilet paper… Read more »


Yoou can’t cure rabies, the human think is to put the rabid animal down ASAP.

Wild Bill

I’ve met a few. Not one was likable. You will see when enough of them get here. There is no radical islam. There is just islam. It is a system of life control. You don’t do what they say, they kill you. Just another tyranny in disguise, as communism was a tyranny in disguise; as national socialism was tyranny in disguise, as nobility was a tyranny in disguise.

Dave from San Antonio

I fully agree. Islam is…well…islam. There are no “extremists” or “radicals”. They are just the orthodox muslims that are practicing islam the way the qur’an dictates. Democracy and islam cannot co-exist. Neither can humanity co-exist with islam.

Terry from South Carolina

Islam is not a religion. It is a system of governance of a people, disguised as a religion. All one needs do is look back at history, oh yes and read the koran. There are 2 types of muslim. Ones that are following islam edicts and killing people and the others are just waiting for the first to get the job done, in order to turn the world to islam. You can not trust a people that follows the teaching of a rabid, child molesting, nut. Read their crap filled books, koran, surahs and I forget the other. Come on,… Read more »


Wahhabism is the true cancer, and I too hold the Saudis to blame for spreading it around the world to this day. Only if you wipe out the Wahhabi Imams will you stop this plague, and the real Muslims need to do that, else they’ll never be stopped. Even the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia called for the confiscation of Christian property, which break Mohammad’s Covenant To Christians, and he should be stoned to death.