Final Countdown to New National Instant Criminal Check System System

National Instant Criminal Check System
National Instant Criminal Check System – FBI

USA –-( It’s hard to believe that New NICS (National Instant Criminal Check System) is just one week away! The FBI has been working towards this milestone for several years.

It is hard to describe the buzz and excitement in the halls of the NICS Section.

There have been countless hours invested in the vision, development, and testing of this new system. There has been equal time invested in planning for the support of NICS customers during this vital transition. You have received information from us regarding the New NICS command center to support any questions you may have.

The flyer that was previously provided is attached and is titled “New NICS Command Center Flyer for FFLs”, please print out flyer image for future reference. It is vital that you share this information with anyone in your organization that may need it.

In fact, we encourage you to print it and post it in places throughout your work area so that it may be easily accessed by staff. Please know that an entire liaison staff stands ready to work with you should you experience any inconveniences during the deployment of the New NICS.

New NICS Command Center Flyer for FFLs
New NICS Command Center Flyer for FFLs, please print out above image for reference.

Here in the NICS Section, we recognized that communication was going to be key for the New NICS initiative. Effective communication engages the hearts and minds of all stakeholders. We have tried to share pertinent and helpful information about the new system with you over the last few months. As we head into the final stages of New NICS, we ask for your commitment and partnership.

Here’s to a new and improved NICS!

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      1. Yeah, Super, if the Fat Boy Institute used the same programers from the company owned by Michelle Oblabla’s college roommate (like Oblabla Care did), then it could give “instant” a geologic meaning.

    1. The sure used a lot of adjectives and official sounding language. They were sure to write about all the hours invested, while avoiding writing about all the dollars invested. Does anyone know what is “new and improved” about it?

      1. Maybe they were busy protecting us real American citizens from illegal immigrants, illegal drug sales and abuse, and defending the National Security secrets from interlopers trying to hack democrat computers. Just a Wild Ass Guess (WAG).

      2. @BobD, It is up to you, but there’s only two of them, providing a very entertaining medium for our debate, so… you might want to give them a break.

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