Free Webinar: Gun Law Update Part 1: Assault Weapon & Ghost Guns

2016 Third Edition of California Gun Laws
2016 Third Edition of California Gun Laws

Long Beach, CA -( Would you like to know more about the new gun laws that were signed by Governor Jerry Brown earlier this year?

Join us on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 12:00 pm (PT) for a live webinar to learn about what these new laws do, how they will affect you, when they will go into effect, and what you need to do to comply with these laws.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The Ammunition Purchase Bill: AB 1235 requires the California Department of Justice to record ammunition vendor and ammunition purchaser information.

Featured Speakers:

  •  C.D. Michel | Senior Counsel; Michel & Associates
  • Joseph Silvoso | Attorney; Michel & Associates

Online pre-registration is required to participate in the live webinar. Space is limited.

So, register today!

About Michel & Associates, P.C.:

Michel & Associates, P.C. is a mid-sized boutique law firm specializing in handling adversarial proceedings and civil and criminal litigation. Michel & Associates, P.C. has earned the highest available rating for legal service providers, an AV rating from renowned legal services evaluator, Martindale-Hubbell. Our practice areas include environmental law, land use law, firearm regulatory matters, labor and employment, trade secret, contract law, civil rights advocacy, criminal defense, and related matters.

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From Golden State to Commiefornia.


Bill, we appreciate, and support your candor, but, please don’t give those poor animals in the jungles of S. America any more problems to deal with! They already have deforestation, illegal hunting, poaching, and slime-ball liberal know-nothings screwin’ up their territory. California’s waste material will shortly slip into the Pacific, where the “bottom-feeders” can properly digest it!


Never thought about it in that context, but, you are 100% correct. Sorry S. America.


Jerry Brown along with all the other gun control sub-human trash needs to be ran out of town and if they return, shoot their Socialistic As* right between the da*n eyes. These Anti-American Son’s-Of-Bit*hes need to be places on a plane and parachuted into the jungles of South America with No Food, No Water, No Maps and No Compass.