Glock vs 1911 … Or is the 1911 Just DOA

By Don McDougall
Glock vs 1911, will the best everyday carry handgun please stand up.

Elderly 1911
The Elderly 1911
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

USA-( A local range/gun store asked me to put together training for their employees who carry at work. That’s pretty much everyone on the floor and the range offices.

There are plenty of handgun proficiency tests around, including a couple good ones here on Ammoland. So putting the basic together was not too hard.

The issues started when a few of the employees wanted to carry 1911’s. Some of the younger employees objected saying that 1911’s are not safe and that they’re obsolete; that only Glocks are safe.

They didn’t want to be around 1911’s that were locked and cocked.

Who knew there was a “Safe Space” for Glock owners.

Only a few of the employees under 30 owned a 1911, and some had zero intention of every buying one. The first real pistol most of us owned, is now not even in the discussion for new shooters. The “kids”, impression of the 1911 is an obsolete, heavy metal gun that has long been passed by. However, when given the option to wear one on their hip it was the “Bad Ass”, gun of choice.

Glock 21 Handgun
Glock 21 Handgun

A Glock is about as good a gun as a mil-spec 1911. The reset for the striker on the Glocks mean that the gun wants a trigger in the 5lb range. For a 1911 my competition guns were right at the 2.2 lb limit. The 1911 triggers lack creep and pre-travel when done properly.

Wilson Combat Bill Wilson Carry 1911 Safety
Wilson Combat Bill Wilson Carry 1911’s Safety

The Glocks reliability comes from their generous tolerances. (This is the same for the mil-spec 1911) The more play there is with a gun, the more likely it is to go “pew” every time.

There are myths about both guns. There’s no proof ever of a Glock surviving 300,000 round tests, and a .45 ACP will not just kill you it will kill your soul, the round is SO powerful. That too is a myth. (It just messes your soul up a bit.)

I find a 1911 to be a safer firearm, the external safety and the hammer being visible provides a lot of trusts to be in the gun and its condition. But that is just me.

The declining love of the 1911 is due to other factors:

  • Cleaning – Shooters these days are lazy, and stripping and cleaning a 1911 is more work than a Glock.
  • Sales – Younger sales reps sell what they know. That means they direct their 1st-time gun buyers to Glocks.
  • 9mm Vs .45 – Let’s be blunt a 9mm is a lot like a .22. You can shoot them all day and it takes little to no effort. The .45 ACP can get tiring after 200 rounds. Plus 9mm ammo is cheap.
  • Weight – The 1911 is heavy, and the .45 ACP round is heavy. Hauling the gun, mags, rig and 300 rounds to a match can be a challenge all by itself.
Elmer Keith
Elmer Keith : “Well known among firearm enthusiasts, the name Elmer Keith is synonymous with gun writing, magnum cartridges such as the .357, .41 and .44 Mags, and of course we can’t forget his Old West personality.” ~ Guns And Ammo

Lastly the single biggest issue is that Elmer Keith is dead. Precision shooting is left to NRA Bullseye shooters and the Olympics. Stop by after-hours at the range and you’ll find the employees on the line seeing who can empty a magazine the fastest in a target that is 10 feet away. Back in the day we would put the target out to 10 meters and see who could shoot the smallest group. It is not that the Glock is a better gun than a 1911. The difference is that the games shooters are playing have changed, and precision shooting is no longer a valued skill.

Most of the Glock Clones have tighter tolerances; they shoot flatter and tighter groups. They’re also just not as popular. They require a bit more care (cleaning) than the original. See the pattern yet?

Remember, both the 1911 and Glock started as battlefield weapons. The 1911 was designed to allow a US soldier to drop an adversary on the battlefield. The Glock was made to provide a handgun to an Austrian Army that is more of a show piece, as well as a reliable choice in community policing.

The Glock is a fine weapon for the purpose it was built, a reliable minor caliber gun for personal protection. The 1911’s long history of service speaks for itself. As a major caliber man stopper with accuracy, there is nothing better.

There will always be a market for the 1911, but its dominance as the American Pistol will continue to decline as long as dumping a mag into a target at 10 feet is seen as more desirable than hitting the X ring at 10 meters.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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I’ve heard the argument shot placement is the most important yet they practice by dumping a mag into the target instead of small shot groups in the X ring. I’ve heard the argument that that the 9 mm is just as good as the 45 acp because of modern day expanding ammo. Yet what they seek to do is mimic a large caliber round which necessitates a fragile bullet that doesn’t expand to soon and has adequate penetration. I don’t trust my life to a polymer pistol with a bucked of bullets. I have never trusted 9 mm in any… Read more »


You have part of the expanding bullet theory correct but in the wrong attribution. The old .45 ACP round is slow enough that is requires a weaker bullet to start expanding. The 9mm has tested BETTER that the .45 ACP based on whether or not the cartridges are loaded to their original specifications as they were designed. The 9mm over the decades has been under loaded by 25 to 30% while .45 ACP has actually had it power increased. I agree with Massad Ayoob (actually he agrees with what I’ve been saying far longer than he has) that the 115… Read more »


I don’t use expanding 45 acp bullets. I use Military Service Grade 230 FMJ. I don’t trust or use 9 mms.


Wow the absolute ignorance in your statement tells me everything I need to know about you


Why do so many bloggers and gun article writers perpetuate the 1911 vs Glock controversy? Both are great guns. The 1911 will be around for at least another hundred years. It is the quintessential ‘American pistol.’ My wife and I both own one and love to shoot them. I qualified on a 1911 in the Army and my first auto-loading pistol was a 1911. But neither of us carry one as our EDC. I prefer either my G21 or lately the new Ruger American Pistol, and she swears by her Beretta 92. But perpetuating this controversy, which really gets vicious… Read more »


I was one of those younger guys who was directed towards a polymer glock type pistol when I first got into handguns. After awhile of trying different models and caliberz even, I realized my problem was that its plastic mostly and it didnt feel right in my hand. So, I set out trying a bunch of different guns in my hand to see what felt right. Beretta 92 felt decent but a bit bulky for carry. Picked up a Colt .45 and I literally said, now this feel natural and right to me. I told the store owner that that… Read more »


My EDC is based on hand to hand CQB. This is what I have experienced in real-life. My EDC is a custom MEUSOC 1911 hand activated light and laser bearing pistol, in a custom level two kydex OWB retention holster. My BUG is a deep concealment custom Colt 1908 25 caliber pocket pistol. My knife is an Emerson CQC-7 clipped horizontally in my gun belt. I train for hand to hand combat because that is the only thing that has ever happened to me. When I have been engaged in hand to hand combat I know my 1911 EDC weapon… Read more »


The Glock is the perfect mass issue pistol. It stepped into place once the S&W M10 & Colt Police Positive became largely obsolete. They are well made, very reliable, accurate and come in a size and caliber to make just about everyone happy and have plenty of firepower. As an instructor I really like their simplicity and the easy of training they offer. I carry a 4th gen model 22 and it’s a great gun. I would carry my Sig Tacops if the department would let me (I’m working on it) because the 1911 grip fits my hand perfectly, the… Read more »


It would be interesting to know the full story behind the Marines’ decision to abandon the Colt 1911s they purchased. All I have heard is that the Corps was extremely unhappy with them and could not get rid of them fast enough. (I wonder what warehouse they are collecting dust in.) SOCOM has adopted the G19 as their basic sidearm loadout because it is small enough to conceal when mission requirements dictate concealment. The troops (yes, younger guys) reportedly like the Glock. I am sure other sidearms will continue to be available to SOCOM units on an as needed basis.… Read more »


For that you would need to read the rational of the XM9 procurement. The military was buying more than 30 small arms calibers. The logistic problems had become severe. There was a need to start using a large number of handguns. In one arsenal more than 16,000 M1911A1 handguns were examined. Over 60% were found to have cracked frames. That still was not enough of a problem to consider buying a new standard handgun and caliber for all the services. What was probably the “straw that broke the camel’s back” or the “tipping point” was that armorers trying to repair… Read more »


Author starts out 1911 v Glock and then seems to imply Glocks are only 9mm and wobbles off into a caliber comparison. News flash, they also make Glocks in .45 and 10mm too. Egregious errors like this greatly diminish the value of any opinions. Carry what you want and know how to use it.


When you go to the range with your buddies they pull out there glocks and no attention is given! But when my colt .45 comes out they all come over and wanna touch it,smell it,and shoot it!!! Its a mans gun not something you see on Call of Duty…..if i want the feel of plastic i will reach for my water bottle!


1911 is actually on COD…not Glocks. Just FYI. Plus, I don’t carry my handgun for its “cool” factor. 🙂


I had absolutely no idea that Glocks could not chamber the .45 ACP (as implied by the article)!? I swear that someone told me that Glock has a few models that do shoot the .45 ACP, to include a couple that can actually accept a 13-round magazine as standard!!

Some people just need to stop writing articles just to sell themselves off as “experts”.

Bill T

Entertaining article, pity you don’t have an editor to clean up the typo’s.


I like Glocks and 1911s both. I have a Commander and my wife has a Government Model. We both enjoy shooting them and shoot them well, but neither of us carry them EDC. 1911’s are wonderful guns, but I carry my Glock 21 and she carries her Beretta 92. Why? Because they are both absolutely reliable and they both have a much great ammo capacity and more reliability than a 1911. The 1911 was the cutting edge of technology when it was introduced, but it is not the gun I want to carry today. Is it more accurate than my… Read more »

Old enough

My 2 cents, I own a Sig Scorpion Traditional with a flat trigger, fantastic! I hit what I aim at. I agree with many others, carry what you are comfortable with.
My wife owns a Glock, she likes it, doesn’t feel right in my hands.
My summertime, go to is a Ruger LC9s, easy to conceal, accurate in my hands.


You do know that Glock’s come in .45 acp (and .45 GAP but I digress) and 1911s come in 9mm don’t you? I’ve never understood why the Glock design vs. 1911 design somehow ends up in a caliber bash.


Anyone, who believes “Glock” isn’t a safe handgun, is to stupid to own a gun!!! Look, I guess I have to spell out every single meaning or sentence, (Like, Donald Trump)! When I said the above statement, yesterday! I’m talking about Glock’s (over all design) is very “SAFE”. Of course, you can hand (ANY FIREARM) to a FOOL, and it will find a way to shoot themselves or someone, if there not following any basic gun handling safety rules, or have never, ever been expertly trained on the weapon!! Yes, Glock, when you pull the trigger, or reholster it, and… Read more »


I like them both, and carry both. I’m more accurate at 40 yard with the 1911 than the glock, but both are well in the needed accuracy range for for self defense.

Lee Cruse

Very entertaining, especially the comments. Having both Glocks (9mm) and 1911s (.45 ACP), I can agree with both sides. I carry both, usually based on what I expect to do during the day. I also have other brands. I do take exception to the claim that Glocks have a “bad” trigger. Certainly, if you do not like a Glock trigger, it might be bad for you and your application. However, the real success of the Glock is that you can change the trigger be whatever you want by changing one or more of the parts, with a cost of under… Read more »


There is so much hate for both Glocks and 1911ds…I say own what works best for you. I hated striker fire pistols until I owned a FN FNS….I love my 1911, I just got a Glock…I rely mainly on revolvers to carry. My first gun was a Glock 21 back in the early 90s…I hated it. Mainly because I am a lefty and it would drop empty brass on top of my head. Also I never cared for the lack of the external safety. I ended up with a Smith 4506. To each thier own. I never understood why you… Read more »

Daniel Lewis

My FNS 9C shoots better than either one but I will never give up my 1911, I did get rid of my Glock.


Guessing I’m one of the old farts here. But here are some observations 12ga at close range is number One, iche ban , 30-06 beats 308 that beats .556. Bigger is better. Carry the biggest you can acuratly shoot on target . All said , a 22 long rifle on target is better than a 50 cal near miss. I have shoot a few of these in anger/ hostile action


,old man you’re spot on right !


Another old guy here. Carry a 1911 with Military Service Grade 45 acp FMJ and while I sleep it’s in the headboard. 12 gauge behind the bedroom door loaded with Military Grade 2 3/4, 00 Buck.


I feel as though I have the best of both worlds, the Glock G41. Long slide, 45 Cal and 13 +1 rounds. WINNER WINNER. Chicken Dinner

Old Curmudgeon

I’m an old retired LE officer…so old that when I got my first badge I also got a wheel gun in .38 … We weren’t allowed to carry semi-autos and wouldn’t get that option for many years. Glock hadn’t even been born yet, so when we finally won the hard fought battle it was mostly Colt .45’s or the occasional S&W 9mm. When Glock did start showing up we called them “Tupperware guns” and teased their owners about cleaning their pistols in the dishwasher. I will admit to currently owning a Glock 17, but I only bought it because it… Read more »

L.L. Smith

The 1911 is dead? I didn’t know is was sick. I will have it’s funeral as soon as possible. The last time I shot it it was feeling fine. It never failed to shoot no matter what I put in it. It’s a little heavy and I am old but it is the real deal. Most of them time I carry an M&P .45 A.C.P. with a Crimson Trace laser and Tritium Fiber Optic night sights. It holds more ammo so with an extra magazine I can miss the crook 21 times. I bet I can scare him (her) as… Read more »

Doug Graham

Hmm…let’s see…which pistol has been around for over 100 years?

What’s that, Glock? I didn’t hear you…


I’m tired of gun writers who don’t know there facts. There have been many GLOCKS that have shot, alot more than 300,000 rounds. It’s not a myth!! I took a Gunsmithing course from GLOCK, 20 years ago and they told me of many GLOCKS that have gone that many rounds or a whole lot more!!!! Get your facts straight before you publish your articles!!! Your opinion is not fact!!!!!

Tom R.

I’ve carried a 1911 for 48 years now. I trust my life to it and have trusted my life to it many times in the Military and as a Law Enforcement officer.
I’ll continue to carry one till I kick the bucket and leave this planet.
Oh, and any one that gripes that a 1911 is too heavy to carry daily is a wuss!

Wild Bill

The article seems to set up a either Glock or 1911 kind of mentality. I suppose that if I am out running errands when AHBL, I will have to put up with one pistol, but other than that, I am surrounded by Berettas, Brownings, Colts, Smiths, NAAs, Hammerlis, H&Ks, Paras, Springfields, and even Rugers. I can not think of a single one that I would divest myself of.


,Glock or 1911 ? Bill,if you could get only one for free which would it be ? TEX

Wild Bill

@TEX, Well, I grew up in the Army, and the Army has a long tradition of making people learn to shoot what ever the Army issues. So, just by learned habit, whatever someone puts in my hands I am going to learn to shoot. Eventually, a guy develops an affinity for what he is most familiar with. I guess that is not much of an answer.


,you should had been a politician. Take care,TEX

La Longue Carbine

I have the best of both worlds, I have been shooting an HK USP .45 Tactical for many years. It is an excellent polymer framed pistol with a modified Browning action, and a “Match” trigger. It is sturdy, durable and easy to fieldstrip and clean.


You bet’cha! I have Four Glocks and a Kimber, but I carry the USP .45 daily.


My favorite weapon is the Baretta 92F because ease of breaking down, carry capacity & shoots well. Own several 1911’s & it’s my carry weapon because of the different safety’s but most of all, the trigger. I would carry the Baretta, but fully loaded it’s very heavy. Owned a Glock & it shot well, but didn’t like that it doesn’t have an external safety, didn’t feel right (like a square tube) and didn’t like the trigger. Still have the Baretta & all of my 1911’s. Sold the Glock. Just my preference. Each to his own.

Clark Kent

‘Baretta’? Is that a nude Beretta?


@CK,no that’s not nude for Beretta. He just mis-spelled Beretta. He put an ‘a’ where the first ‘e’ should had been. He spelled it Baretta on accident.

2nd Amender

Have 2 Kimber 1911s, 1 m&p .357sig, 1 m657 .41 Rem magnum, 1 PPK/s .380. Will have a Kimber .357 magnum revolver, won’t have a Glock!
If you can’t shoot, it doesn’t matter. Does it?


No matter the brand or the caliber I prefer metal over plastic and hammer fired over striker fired. Double action or single action makes no difference to me. I guess that makes me a ‘dinosaur’.


Good article, and it points up many deficiencies in modern tastes and ”training”. Shooting at ten feet has a value, if timed and rapid. Most defensive situations are under that, if we believe the literature. I carried a heavy-barreled S&W .38 Special most of the time I carried a badge–because I was required to do so. On my own, I went to the ”dump” and in those days, could test rounds on old vehicles and other discarded objects. That is when I was surprised at the deficiencies of the fine old .38 Special. I was introduced to the .45 [again]… Read more »

Grey Beard

Fired a Glock, fired a 1911, I’ll take the 1911. But you can keep the “modern improvements” to the 1911 such as the Series 70 and 80 abominations! I do like my double stack Para, btw. And I just will Never understand Any LEO willing to carry a handgun that does NOT have an external safety that Must be manipulated prior to firing since a LOT of LEO deaths are caused by their Own gun being used against them.

Clark Kent

And a lot of LEO deaths are caused by forgetting to remove the safety when attempting to get a shot off at a bad guy. KISS is the key concept under stress. ‘Yank and crank’ is what a LEO needs, along with a secure duty holster.


That’s a training issue.

2War Abn Vet

Glocks for millennials; 1911s for men (and strong women).

Grey Beard

Yep, I agree.

Ol' Vet

Words, words, words.

I haven’t noticed anyone having used the M1911A1 in combat. It is the best firearm ever made. It will stop a 250 lb man coming at your mad as the devil, and will knock that man on his backside. Say what you will, but I’ve never heard of any other weapon doing that exact thing and savin’ some fella’s butt. There are many copies but only one M1911A1 that served soldiers for over 100 years and still is the best there is, and probably will ever be.

Clark Kent

Hate to break it to you, but the laws of physics state if a round knocks the other guy on his backside it will also knock you on your backside. ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. Nice try; no cigar. Read up on Isaac Newton.


Uhhh having fired both a lot the action of the gun absorbs most of that re action so yeah no. There’s more than basic Physics involved ya know.

HMLA-167 Warrior

Lol. Seriously? Do you know anything of ballistics as they pertain to the laws of physics? It appears that you do not. Every time a person is shot and is knocked to the ground, the shooter falls too? Lolol. Fail.


Been to war and if that’s true why wasn’t I knocked on my ass every time I fired my combat shotgun? Knocked more than one Talib an on his back with that and wad still able to get seconds and thirds. Obviously you’ve never had to shoot anyone. Not laughing cause it’s not funny. So when you’ve been there done that got the t shirt then you can call FAIL

HMlA-167 Warrior

Ha ha. Now this “fail” comment IS directed at you. Son, I was in a war before you were born. Three tours in Vietnam before I lost my leg there. Been there. Done that. Got the shirt. Left half my pants.

But I thank you for your service son. Glad you made it back from the sandbox in one piece. Sucks leaving parts of yourself in a foreign land and dealing with that aftermath for 4 decades.

And by the way, I was replying to CK, not you.


Well let’s see been in the sandbox, drooped a few Taliban, used a combat shotgun to put them on their arse and was still on my feet well enough to drop more than one. They were knocked straight to their arse and me still standing. So when you have been there done that got the t shirt then maybe you can call fail.

Bob's Your Uncle

@MasterORTech. It seems pretty obvious and apparent to me that HMLA 167 Warrior’s comments were both directed at Clark Kent and not you.


You pilgrims need to understand a fact ! Clark Kent is a liar and a fool ! Disregard everything that SOB says and don’t reply to him.

HMLA-167 Warrior

It appears that Ol’ Vet is smoking you cigar… But not in a Bill Clinton manner.


I got something for you to smoke junior.


@CK,that’s Sir Isaac Newton ! Think man think !


If you like BIG Bullets, try an ounce and an eighth at 1,200 fps. Even that won’t do what you say though.

Stephen Hendricks

In Miami some time ago a young thug was wounded 46 times with .45 ACP by agents. They still couldn’t catch him. He was arrested the next day in a hospital getting treatment. At some point he might have bled to death. Although I find a lot of his work flawed due to questionable methodology, Fackler noted that a .45 velocity dropped it created a wound like an ice pick (his words although I’ve often said that about slow rounds.) The .45 ACP caliber and the Colt handgun (and company) are in decline world wide. There will be fans for… Read more »


The best use for a 1911 with a lanyard is to open a bottle of beer. Why would you throw a good bottle opener away???

Gary Howell

I could be wrong; never remember seeing it wrote about somewhere; but the original 45acp “ball” as it comes cheaply in a world where defensive ammo is a $1 a pop or more; is a good choice for the tight budget. More energy transfer to the target with a larger bullet. As a “prepper” I appreciate that. I do carry the expensive stuff in the city just because I worry of “beyond the target” issues.


I carry a Lionheart LH9Nc. All the best features of a Hi Power and a 1911 in a 9MM modern design. I can carry cocked and locked in in the DA+ mode. The gun is all metal and Cerakote and the grip is perfect. I’ve got nothing against either the 1911 or the Glock but I just like my Lionheart and my Sigs.


Carry what makes you comfortable and secure. I have fired and carried a 1911 since the 1950s. I have plastic guns but none feel as natural as my 1911’s. Which is better is like the debate on which came first, the egg or the chicken. Who cares as long as you are safe, accurate and reliable with the one in your hand. If it saves your life or the life of others the name is not important.

Jim Macklin

Don’t forget the YouTibe video of the DEA Agent giving a lecture on gun safety.

“This is a Glock, I’m the only one here qualified to use it!” [BANG]

Mark Devine



Watched the video & lmao


And now you know why people think gun owners are all idiots. They do stuff like that and the kids go home tell mom n dad and boom another anti gunner is born


The young black man don’t need to be in LE ! Maybe the negros dreads gots inz hiz way. The negro try to play it off while he be bleeding all over the flow.

Captain America

I’ve tested the Glocks 9 mm at the local range and the trigger is horrible,Horrible! Had to take extra time to stack the thing before aligning the sights to get only fair accuracy. Asked range,store clerk who said they are all like that. Growing up reading all the classic gun writers and having a neighbor who instructed at gunsite as a guest from time to time I was taught accuracy is a mans attribute. Plus my grandfather a Calvary officer during the transition to 1911s from SAA must of predestined me to the 1911. It’s pure ClASSIC never outdated! The… Read more »

Don Bailey

There are many great comments and opinions on here. My relationship with the 1911 began in basic training in the Navy in the late 1960’s and on through the early 70’s as a Corpsman. I was never happy having to carry the 1911 and it’s extra magazines. The 1911 seemed too flimsy and the barrel seemed too light and plus you needed extra space to spread out all the pieces when you cleaned it. But it was only after I had gotten out of the military and started shooting revolvers again that I started to appreciate the 1911. Skip a… Read more »

Jim Macklin

A 1911 without a firing pin lock can fire if dropped about 12-14 feet onto concrete or steel plate so that it land exactly vertical with no rotation. Ruger solved that slight problem with a titanium firing pin and a strong spring. A properly fitted Series 80 [ Colt type ] firing pin lock uses the action of the trigger to unlock the firing pin. A Kimber uses the Schwartz lock actuated by teh grip safety.. Personally I think the Ruger is best solution, then Colt and lastly the Kimber [because the grip safety must be fully depressed. You can… Read more »


I am new to this. I own a Springfield Armory XD.45ACP and XD 9mm plus a S&W .357 revolver. I went to the range the other day with my son and nephew. My son brought his XD .40 and my nephew brought his 9mm and his 1911. I tried his 1911, ran a couple of mags of .45 through it. First time shooting one. It felt a little heavier than my .45 but was very comfortable in my hand. I was also more accurate with it. If I could afford to buy on in the future I think I would… Read more »


I have a Springfield Armory XD40 myself and love it. I bought it about a year after I bought my first Glock…a G21. I liked the XD40 so much more than the G21, that I sold the Glock soon after. The XD40 just feels better in hand, and for me personally, it’s more accurate. I have other Pistols (Beretta, Citadel, S&W), but my XD40 is my favorite and go-to gun.


I’ve been a 1911 fan forever(USMC in the 50’s), had a Glock didn’t like it,gave it to one of my sons, he didn’t like it. He lost it in a divorce and didn’t regret losing it. Lately I’ve been shooting my oldest son’s 229 Legion Sig, liked a lot.


I trained with the 1911A1 and taught soldiers to use it effectively during my time in the Army. Don’t think you can find a firearm with more safety features than the 1911A1. Yes, it is heavy; yes, the ammo is heavy; yes, there are more parts to clean. But the 1911A1, at least for me, is more comfortable to shoot than my Glock (yes, I have gone to the dark side a little). Mine is a GI issue model, so there is occasional hammer bite that drives me nuts, but that does not outweigh the accuracy, dependability, and safety of… Read more »

Mark Devine

“Heavy” is relative. One can get used to the weight.


The problem is that most of today’s youngsters never built any muscles except in their thumbs from video games, and jaws from talking sh.t so they can handle anything with some weight or recoil, “oh that’s too heavy why do I have to carry that waaaaaaaa.”


@Mastertech,next generation will be candie asses !

Stephen Hendricks

Many of my friends in the military hated the Colt Government issue M1911A1. Their complaints were that it was inaccurate, heavy, dangerous to carry loaded (whether cocked or not with safety on or off), and had too much recoil. Part of this is the characteristic of the .45 ACP cartridge and part of it is a deficiency in the design of the gun itself. The inertial firing pin can cause the gun to fire when cocked and locked if dropped on a hard surface. The sear has a characteristic break which caused the pistol to go full automatic. There are… Read more »


I own Glocks and 1911s, but I carry a Sig Sauer P320. I could argue that the 320 is the best carry weapon on the planet, but that is a dumb argument. If it is reliable and accurate, it has normal stopping power, it fits you and your lifestyle well, and you train with it regularly, it is the best weapon on the planet for you. I will say that if I am going to open carry while dressed up for a night out, a 1911 would be my first choice. 🙂


I don’t think the 2 should ever be in the same sentence really. They are 2 very very different fire arms aren’t they folks? I own several GLocks and have had ZERO problems with them ever. I do not own any 1911’s, not yet anyways, who knows 🙂 I bet there will be a few comments about this topic…boy the author wants to get people fired up a lil bit haha.


I wouldn’t trade for my Kimber 1911. Best handgun I’ve ever owned. And deadly accurate. Glad to put up with a little extra weight.



Tim R

Sorry but glocks are just so damn ugly. I do love my 1911’s. Have several. 9mm high caps with alm frame are lighter, same round capacity, and much faster to shoot if needed. I run splits of .2 with 12″ groups with 5-6 rounds. In SHTF I want rounds on target and just one, even .45 may not get it done. 5-6 I am pretty sure will. With 18 rounds there is enough to get a pack of dirt bags thinking (go away).
Just saying


GLocks – You pretty much either love them or hate them and hey, that’s okay. We are all permitted to our own individual opinions, right guys~ Put it this way – both of those pistols will put many nice holes in bad guys!


Glock 21 all day.


I have a Glock 21 and shoot .45 super out of it, pretty nasty round! Aftermarket barrel and springs.