If You Are “Numb” We Are Losing

The Well Armed Woman
The Well Armed Woman
The Well Armed Woman
The Well Armed Woman

Tulsa, OK -(AmmoLand.com)- When I was younger, I was a competitive gymnast. I am feeling like I used to feel when doing a floor exercise routine or an uneven parallel bar routine: upside down with everything spinning around me.

I don't put myself upside down or flip through the air anymore, (Which would not only be an awful sight but it would hurt!!) but it certainly feels like everything I thought was up is now down. What used to be right is now somehow wrong. Who used to be respected is now abused and the freedoms that I am now realizing I have taken for granted, are being bent and contorted into unrecognizable forms.

I wish I could just focus on new guns, new gear, great training opportunities and all of the amazing things happening in the lives of women shooters across the country. Yes, I will continue to do that, but I must also do all that I can to do my part to nudge our world upside right again and to assist and encourage you to do the same.

Something happened last night that really scared me. When it happened my first thought was “Oh my gosh, I can't let this happen to me” and my second thought was “If this is happening to me, it is happening to you.”

What happened? I was doing what I always do, every day and every night, scrolling social media, checking news sites and reliable pro-gun sites for information and news that will keep me informed and that I can share with you. As what seems to be every day now, I came across multiple horrific news items. Examples of terrorist atrocities, political deception, violence toward law enforcement and ludicrous legislation in CA and then it happened. For a moment, I found myself numb and almost indifferent to what I saw. For a moment, I didn't experience that deep emotional surge that I typically feel.

I caught myself desensitized to what I saw!

When I realized what had happened I stopped, I prayed a prayer for myself and one for you. I prayed that what I had just experienced never happens again to me or to you. We must not let the repeated exposure to what are awful atrocities, inflictions and infringements on our rights EVER become so common place that we don't “Feel” the pain, insult and anger that they deserve. If we let this happen, we become passive and literally allow these things to happen. We lose the passion, fight and the energy to DO SOMETHING. To do anything.

There is so much at stake on so many levels. Be aware and on the look out for this insidious infliction and don't let it infect you.

Don't allow yourself to NOT be moved, pained and infuriated. Speak up when you have the opportunity, act when action is required and VOTE to protect our future.

Grateful to be your Sister in Arms,

Carrie Lightfoot
The Well Armed Woman
The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters

About The Well Armed Woman:

The Well Armed Woman, LLC is the largest, most comprehensive online resource and e-commerce site dedicated to products for the woman shooter. TWAW Shooting Chapters, Inc. is a 501 c 3 Non-profit organization, which exists to educate and empower women in a safe and non-threatening environment for their effective and responsible self-defense with firearms. There are currently 263 chapters in 49 states across the United States. Carrie Lightfoot is the founder and volunteer chairwoman of the board.

Please visit www.thewellarmedwoman.com and www.twawshootingchapters.org.

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Karen M

We all need to get a deep fire in our bellies . We need to yell, scream, shout and holler at ourselves. Our First Amendment Rights are fast approaching non-existence. Our Second Amendment Rights are under great threat. There has been more of an outcry by the public over the threat to our Second Amendment, than over the progressive loss of our FAR. I think there are two reasons for that. One, Carrie spoke about how immune we can become. Even with the horrible persecution and executions of Christians, and other minority groups in the Middle East. When it gets… Read more »


This is one of the strategies of the liberals/socialists – wear down the opposition to the point where they give up, quite fighting back, or fight with less emotion. We must keep the fight strong and moving forward…or else we end up like Australia or England.
Join an organization that fights for our rights – NRA, Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), Gun Owners of America (GOA), etc.
Donate to these organizations.
Send letters and make calls to your state and federal representatives.
Comment on social media when you see the liberal BS being used. Set them straight with the truth.