Iron Mountain Products Announces the Release of the Third Generation Game Vector

The new Game Vector 300 transmitter is lighter, more aerodynamic, more effective and now solves the problem of lost game for both the vertical bow and crossbow hunter.

Game Vector 300 transmitter - 3rd Gen
Game Vector is a modern day tool that can greatly enhance the locating of downed game under a variety of challenging conditions, and especially when time is of the essence due to weather or darkness.
Ridge Road Outdoors Network
Ridge Road Outdoors Network

Lecompton, KS -( Iron Mountain Products announces the release of the third generation Game Vector, a unique electronic tracking system that brings state-of-the-art, patent-pending technology to one of the oldest forms of hunting: bowhunting.

Game Vector's scientific approach greatly improves a hunter's ability to locate and recover arrowed game in all environments.

The new HideRider 300 transmitter, which is compatible with both arrows and crossbow bolts, is lighter, more aerodynamic and provides superior animal attachment.

The research behind the development of the Game Vector science and componentry spans a period of more than five years. The idea for the tracking system came when a bowhunt went awry for Kansas native Dennis Steinman, the product’s inventor.

Steinman arrowed a world-class whitetail buck in his home state, but it took him two days to locate the dead animal in the overgrown cover. The bittersweet ending frustrated the longtime bowhunter and motivated him to use his 30 years of experience in the electronics industry to come up with a solution for tracking arrowed game that moves out of sight and leaves little or no trail to visually follow.

Steinman and a team of mechanical and electrical engineers have since invested thousands of hours in developing the right combination of materials and technology to deliver the easy-to-use and proven highly reliable Game Vector system. The new version called the GameVector 300 now gives the crossbow hunter the same confidence that game will be recovered after the shot.

The new Game Vector 300 system consists of two parts, the HideRider transmitter and Game Vector receiver.

HideRider 300
An aerodynamic capsule called the HideRider 300 houses the transmitter and attaches to the arrow or bolt.

The 300 model transmitting device is called the HideRider 300 and features two stainless steel barbed “needles” that attach to an animal's hide as it separates from the shaft upon impact, allowing the arrow or bolt to continue to pass through. This molded capsule houses the transmitter and attaches to the shaft right behind the broadhead.

The HideRider features an aerodynamic design for true flight and weighs about 55 grains. Laboratory and field-testing reveal that the capsule causes no noticeable impact on accuracy at shots of 40 yards and less, the preferred shooting range of most bowhunters.

The battery powers the transmitter and a tiny LED that flashes when the unit is turned on. The transmitter is automatically activated upon impact and it continues to blink and transmit afterwards. The HideRider’s battery life is 30 hours.

The Game Vector receiver is a handgun-style design with a flat, rectangular antenna that mounts across the top of the frame on a horizontal plane. Assembly is fast and easy with no tools required. The antenna is easily removed and folds in half for easy storage. The receiver works with all previous versions of the HideRider transmitter.

Game Vector 300 transmitter - 3rd Gen
The lightweight Game Vector receiver provides audio and visual signal detection to help determine the direction of the signal's source to help locate a downed animal.

The receiver features water-resistant construction and weighs less than one pound, affording easy one-hand operation. It also has a Picatinny rail for attaching a flashlight.

Two AA batteries power the receiver. A power button turns it on and off, and there's an indicator light to reveal when the power is on. There are also indicator lights for range and signal strength.

The range indicator light changes colors according to proximity of the receiver to the transmitter. The light shows blue for the farthest ranges, representing a “cold” reading. Green indicates a mid-range transmission, whereas red signals being “hot” or close. A red light normally indicates the receiver is within 100 yards of the transmitter.

There are five signal strength lights to help determine direction; the more lights illuminated, the stronger the signal, which indicates the direction of the signal's source. The receiver also has an audio alert to show signal strength, and it can be heard with optional ear buds. The audio feedback is adjustable.

With an animal down, the hunter uses the Game Vector receiver in a slow side-to-side sweeping motion while monitoring the visual and audio indicators to determine which direction produces the strongest signals. The hunter then advances toward that direction, continuing to sweep the receiver back and forth as he or she follows signal strengths to locate the transmitter.

Many factors can influence the range of radio frequency signals, including topography, ground cover and whether the animal is lying on top of the transmitter. Under optimal conditions, the transmitter has a range of up to two miles. A few hundred yards is more common in hunting environments.

“The Game Vector system is not intended to replace traditional tracking methods that hunters have used ever since the very first bows and arrows,” explained inventor Steinman. “This is simply a modern day tool that can greatly enhance the locating of downed game under a variety of challenging conditions, and especially when time is of the essence due to weather or darkness. I can assure you, Game Vector was developed out of the highest respect for bowhunters and the game we pursue. The product delivers a proven performance.”

Since the RF signal is unique to Game Vector, multiple hunters in the same camp can share a single receiver for use with their individual HideRider transmitters on their arrows. HideRider transmitters can be purchased separately.

The new HideRider 300 works on arrows and crossbow bolts of all sizes and is compatible with most broadhead styles, including expandables. HideRider practice capsules, representing the same aerodynamic shape and weight of a HideRider transmitter, are available for practice shooting.

The Game Vector 300 kit consists of the directional receiver, one HideRider 300 transmitter, a 150 grain field tip and two practice capsules. The new kit retails for around $399.99.

Game Vector 300 transmitter - 3rd Gen
Practice capsules and HideRiders are available.

HideRider transmitters purchased separately retail for about $49.99 each.

HideRider practice capsules are sold three per pack, for around $9.99.

A durable, molded plastic carrying case with protective foam interior is available to hold the Game Vector receiver, antenna and related accessories. It retails for about $29.99.

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