July Continues Strong Sales Growth Trajectory Among Top Brands

July Continues Strong Sales Growth Trajectory Among Top Brands: Coverage of New Product Intros, Award Recognition, Savvy Media, Social Media

MarketPlace Insight
MarketPlace Insight

Wilton, CT -(AmmoLand.com)- Industry Growth

The firearms market grew 6% from June to July, with the breakout at:

Firearms Industry Growth
Firearms Industry Growth

Category Leaders

These categories were led by the following brands and models in terms of units sold:

Firearms Category Leaders
Firearms Category Leaders

Biggest Sales Increases Month-over-Month

As is true every month, some brands show larger increases than others, and some show declines. We looked at the biggest gainers as a % of total sales in July (factoring out small brands who didn’t have a material impact on the industry). The winners were:

Firearms Biggest Sales Increases Month-over-Month
Firearms Biggest Sales Increases Month-over-Month

The reasons for the unit sales increases are varied and can be attributed to many factors, many of which are trade secrets and market dynamics.

However, in researching each of these brands and their press coverage in the past month or two, we saw that several:

  • Introduced new products or product extensions, including Daniel Defense and Benelli.
  • Received favorable reviews or won awards, like DPMS, Taurus and Beretta.
  • Others, like Springfield, continued their push into stronger digital advertising and content publishing.
  • Lastly, there are likely impacts from inventory liquidations from The Sports Authority and others due to industry consolidation.

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Lloyd Dumas

Great to hear all the feed back and I understand the thought process and intelligent comments behind all. Sorry I got the Grendel part misunderstood, Grendel makes a 22cal magnum also. I am not and I mean not an antigunner but I still maintain this was a Major P.R. blunder by Keltec. If any tool was used to kill another human being whether it be a Chevy or a 2 x4 we do not see manufactory’s giving tours to the ones using their products. Thanks, Lloyd

Pierangelo Tendas

@LLOYD D., Grendel *IS* Kel-Tec. Grendel, Inc. was founded by George Kellgren in 1987 in Cocoa (Florida). George Kellgren is the owner and CEO of Kel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc.; Grendel, Inc. was active 1987 to 1994; Kel-Tec CNC Industries was founded in 1991 and based in Cocoa (FL) as the CNC/metalworks branch of the group. Grendel, Inc. folded in 1994 by effect of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, and Kel-Tec CNC Industries relieved its manufacturing technologies and licensing to start making pocket pistols. So, by buying a Grendel instead of a Kel-Tec? You just purchased a very old Kel-Tec under… Read more »


I’m proud to have been a part of statistical history for KELTEC’s July increase. In July, I added a KELTEC PF9 to my collection.

Captain America

Gun violence is just a term the communist gun grabbers have started using in order to connect the two -violence and guns . It’s completely wrong ! Criminal violence. Is what’s happening here! The gun as an inanimate object is no more dangerous than a car. It’s the operator,user committing the violent act! But they have never let the truth get in their way! It’s all part of the social censureship plan. To get the public to fall in line with them and end free thinking in the masses.


who compiled this load of bulls,,t Just another advertising gimic

Lloyd Dumas

Each time I see Kettec mentioned I cringe, I thought at one time I would buy myself a PMR 30 but got a Grendel instead. I changed my mind after they gave George Zimmerman a grand tour of their manufacturing plant. I thought this act was a direct insult to all the families that have suffered from gun violence.I do not think this have ever been done by any other manufacturer, iit was their way of saying to people, gee look how our guns kill,..shame,shame….I think Keltec made a major blunder and need to issue an apology to all people… Read more »


Zimmerman’s Keltec saved his life. Get over it.


Sorry you feel that way Lloyd, but there is NO such thing as “gun violence” – violence is committed by people (I won’t dignify them by calling them human beings) – regardless of what tool they use. Was that a marketing blunder by Keltec? Perhaps so, but apparently most folks have not been as put off as you appear to be…………
Please tell me, do you have the same reaction when a person intentionally kills someone with a Chevy? Blame the actor, not the tool used. You will most likely find your life much mellower as a result.


That is a really stupid and anti-gun attitude when you consider George was defending himself from a black hood.

Wild Bill

@chuckfab, And it is going to get worse! Right now there are hoods out there that are willing to kill others for their possessions. Soon there will be hoods out there that are waiting to kill other for their possessions.

Wild Bill

@LLOYD D., Grendel! Isn’t Grendel a rifle cartridge?


@Bill,I think it’s .35 Rem.Grendel !