Less Than 200 People Attend Hillary Clinton’s Scranton Rally ~ WEIRD VIDEO

By Tred Law

Hillary Clinton Scranton 2016
Hillary Clinton Scranton 2016
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Scranton, PA USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- Monday August 15th 2016 presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, held a rally in run-down Scranton Pennsylvania. A town that has seen most of its manufacturing and jobs destroyed by NAFTA. As well as Democrat's cheap labor mass immigration polices.

The coal dust covered town is normally a hot bed of support for Democrats, but this time it seems Hillary could not attract more than 200 or so folks, even delaying the start of the rally, in the hopes of filling the small gym.

Don't be fooled by the tightly cropped images shown on the biased mainstream media, no one was there.

Correction, some Trump supporters showed up to protest and help add some warm bodies to the weak turnout.

Trump Supporters at the Scranton Clinton Rally
Trump Supporters at the Scranton Clinton Rally

Joe Biden In The House

Your crazy uncle, Vice President Joe Biden, showed up to visit his old home town and rally the bystanders in support of crooked Hillary Clinton. But not before he got his grope on with Hilldog at the local airport with a weirdly long hug that even creeped Mrs Clinton out, and she has been groped by the best. (read: bill clinton).

Check the video and tell me what you think. Did Joe hang on too long? Or was it juuuust riiight….

In other news, Donald Trump continues to fill rock star size stadiums with standing room only crowds, and turn even more away. Who you gonna vote for in November?

  • 19 thoughts on “Less Than 200 People Attend Hillary Clinton’s Scranton Rally ~ WEIRD VIDEO

    1. It looked, to me, he was telling her something that could not wait. If he indeed grappled her, it would be assault with a dead weapon!

    2. websites are taking down their comment section, they are spewing propaganda and people cant respond

      1. I could suggest a good surgeon to remove your head from the dark smelly place you have it stuck far into.
        I DO THINK your name would fit better as “pooperthing”.

    3. The screaming-hag Hillary Clinton will be on Nantucket Saturday August 20th. I can’t wait for the slobber-fest Hillary-Hack reporting and editorial in the local Uber-Left Nantucket newspaper The Inquirer & Mirror

    4. The 8/11/16 edition of the Nantucket, MA Inquirer & Mirror covered Trump’s 8/6/16 Nantucket, MA visit. This local pro-Hillary rag reported 500 Protesters. only 135 supporters. The Editor wrote a scathing anti-trump editorial. I wrote a rebuttal, which will never see the light of day.
      Typical media bias in favor of the Screaming Hag. I was there. There were less than 50 “paid” protesters. I have photos. How do I know that they were paid? Because I asked in both English and Spanish. They were mostly too young to vote or undocumented. They started leaving with their Community Organizer supplied signs well before the Trump’s arrived at the function. Why did they leave? The protest pay ran out. Paid by NYC protest Community Organizer Ian Brenner. The I&M rag mentioned that there were some supporters in “pick-up” trucks. As you know this is Liberal Democrat “Dog Whistle” code for dumb Republican Gun Totin’, Bible Thumpin’ Ammoland believers.
      The local Inquirer & Mirror rag must have been confused. There were over 500 supporters to greet Donald Trump, Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump. White, Black, Latino, Asian cheering:Trump, Trump, Trump, USA, USA, USA over and over again; waving American flags. The supporters were back at the airport to send the Trumps off to the New Hampshire campaign stop. They were on separate planes. Trump on one, his kids on the other. I have photos. There was no mention in the reg about the airport supporters. I must however write a disclaimer that the I&M is generally “fair & balanced” on non-political issues. Unfortunately this newspaper is ultra left. To be expected as the Nation of Nantucket is part of the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts.

      1. What could we expect from a pace the elected an imbecile like John Kerry and a hypocrite like Dizzy Lizzy Warren.

    5. She has a couple of hundred here, at another in a high school, there were around a thousand but if you subtract the illegals and students who probably just wanted out of class, a round 300 according to a witness. STILL, the MSM says that Trump is trailing by 2%. Yeah, riggght !!

    6. Reminds me of a narration at a lemming race ………… OK sports fans, just one more hillary to go and the end will be in sight of all the runners …….. but WAIT! It seems that the first lady lemming ever to run this far without breaking out in tears and PMS attacks is DOWN! And who is that guy who just stepped on her fingers?? Why YES, it’s the old man who everyone thought as a mystery shadow on the Oval Office wall all these years, yes, I can see him now, hugging all the girl lemmings and ……… whooooaa there cowboy, that did NOT look like a hug to me, more like an embrace but then, who cares??

      We will have more from our forward coverage at the cliff’s edge as this year’s contenders all vie for that honor to lead the pack over the cliff …………… More after this ……………

    7. WHO wants to hear the same BS over and over ?
      NOT ME ! NOT from HER .
      the few that showed wanted to hear Biden.
      I think they are all hoping she’ll get nailed and ,
      he would step up like he wanted to in the first place.

    8. Hillary should come to Yantis, I can guarantee her at least nine who will listen. I can not guarantee that they will stay or even vote for her, but they will show up.

    9. Attendance numbers at Tromp rallies are way down, too. This is definitely an unpopularity contest.

      1. That’s strange. In Kissimmi he drew 12000 and she drew about 300. The lame stream media won’t tell you that.

    10. Maybe their ID wasn’t good enough to gain admittance to the rally? However that won’t be a problem when they go to the polls in November. LOL

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