Looking Forward to the Hunting Season

6 Ft White-Tail Deer
6pt White-Tail Buck with Autumn Backdrop (Photo by – Steve Shaluta)
Countryside Alliance
Countryside Alliance

London, UK -(AmmoLand.com)- As horses are being hardened up having spent the summer at grass and the yellow of the stubble fields provide a perfect place to exercise, the anticipation of the start of Autumn Hunting season is palpable.

The purpose of Autumn Hunting is to educate young hounds and indeed horses and whilst the keyboard warriors are bashing away proclaiming it ‘cruel’ and ‘senseless’, we will be enjoying early mornings out in the fresh air surveying our glorious countryside. I know where I would rather be.

We will never change the views of everyone, especially those not willing to engage with us, but earlier this month we found Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace the perfect stage to communicate with those willing to listen – as most people were. We were joined by the Woolaston Basset Hounds, the Christ Church and Farley Hill Beagles and the Heythrop Foxhounds and each day a huge crowd gathered around the pen. Whether or not people agree with hunting undoubtedly they love to see hounds and they love to meet hounds. Yes we had questions such as ‘I thought hunting was banned so what do the hounds do now’ but when the explanation was given more questions often followed which showed a thirst for information.

Rather than feeling an air of animosity towards us and the hunt staff present I would say that a common theme ran through their questions; a lack of understanding (see Jim Barrington’s blog on this in a story further down). This is why it is so important that we go to these events and that hunts continue to open their kennel doors and encourage those that are new to hunting.

Hunting Newcomers’ Week will this year take place from October 22-29 and we urge all of you to get behind this initiative and help spread the word. If you haven’t been hunting then now is your chance. Hunts participating will be listed on our website and any supporting literature/information can be gained by emailing [email protected]alliance.org.

Happy Autumn Hunting to you all.

Tim Bonner
Chief Executive
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