Mexico Repeats Call for U.S. Gun Ban while Ignoring the Obvious

By David Codrea

Claudia Ruiz Massieu wants to talk about banning U.S. guns, but is mum on Mexican government corruption and complicity. [Photo by Sergiozaragoza, ShareAlike 3.0 Unported]
USA – -( “Mexico’s Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu on Monday asked the U.S. Congress to restrict the sale of assault weapons as ‘they cause harm on both sides of the border,” China’s Xinhua News Agency reports. “Ruiz Massieu made this call at the Second Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.”

Citing the “news” arm of the PRC…? The government that has called U.S. gun ownership a “human rights violation”…?*  What gives?

Clinton Liberal Media
All the news that’s fit to manipulate.

U.S. establishment networks and the major papers, evidently don’t consider this “newsworthy.” And with their exhaustively documented sins of commission and omission, especially when it comes to guns, what makes them different from state-run propaganda efforts, anyway?

As for Mexico calling for the U.S. to ban demonized semi-autos, there’s nothing new about that. They’ve been doing it for years, blaming their own utter corruption and complicity with cartel barbarism on “lax U.S. gun laws.”

Operation Fast And Furious Scandal
How many have died from “Gunwalker”?

Note Massieu’s call for U.S. citizen disarmament acknowledged neither Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” nor the porous border. Admittedly, that allows for some U.S. guns to go south, although many more, including the military grade stuff comes north into Mexico from Central America, and comes from corrupt Mexican government officials.

Also left unsaid was the flood of drugs and illegal immigrants coming from Mexico into the U.S. That’s hardly surprising, as corrupt government policies, officials and politicians on each side of the border rely on both. And Massieu likes it that way, and if you disagree, you’re “racist” and “xenophobic” and “absurd.”.

Unfortunately, or more accurately, outrageously, Congressional and media investigations to expose the truth on Fast and Furious – and to bring real accountability to those responsible for it (including finding out who all of them are) – have been practically stonewalled to death.  The media never wanted to report on the story in the first place, and still dismisses a cynical plot to “pad statistics”* and bring about an “assault weapon” ban as a “botched gun sting.”

Eric Holder escaping…

And yes, Eric Holder still has a “contempt of Congress” charge hanging over his head, but who thinks anything substantive will come of that? Or that the Republicans have sufficient incentive to pull out all the stops going after someone no longer in power?

Mike Vanderboegh
Mike Vanderboegh

Realizing people with power and reach aren’t interested (for reasons they’re not disclosing), some of us have still not given up, basically those of us who have been trying to get to the truth of the matter since the beginning.* It was still a priority with my colleague, the late Mike Vanderboegh, right up until the end.

Kent Terry

Another man who has been unrelenting at not giving up is Kent Terry, brother of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. He has joined in a Freedom of Information Act request which, among other things, can help determine if the State Department, Hillary Clinton, and higher-ups in the Mexican government, were truly in the dark about “gunwalking.”

Hillary Clinton Supports Australian-style Gun Confiscation
No one wants to take your guns?

It’s no surprise that Clinton’s political incentive is to keep the border porous, and to usher in more new “pathway to citizenship” Democrats. If she wins the presidency, federal and Supreme Court appointments will be hers to make, and you’d better believe an upheld “assault weapon” ban, along with a reversal of Heller and McDonald, will be tops on her agenda.

*  Note asterisked links may load very slowly — they are originally from the now-discontinued site, and are now only available via the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Paul cragle

They want us to ban guns so the drug cartels move their killings over to the United States


I could careless what Mexico thinks.

John Hauserman

I’m being censored, I had a suggestion involving a Me+ican [email protected]%y $e+ $how being deleted twice.
But MUCK FEXICO! and her and the Donkey she rode in on FU** Mexico.

John Hauserman

And she can go join a Mexican Donkey $ex $how with that idea.

John Hauserman

And now its back.


Build Trump’s WALL it is a WIN – WIN situation! . In an article a couple of years ago, Mexican President Calderon has repeatedly pushed the U.S. to take more responsibility in fighting the two countries’ common drug problem, including doing more to stop the flow of illegal U.S. arms into Mexico and trying to combat the demand for drugs north of the border. Build Trump’s WALL and; 1) Both the US and Mexico WIN in fighting a COMMON DRUG problem. 2) Mexico WINs because it will stop the flow of illegal U.S. arms into their country. 3) The US… Read more »

Gene Ralno

Some chutzpah. A million Mexicans illegally enter the U.S. every year. And illegal aliens commit 5,639 murders in the U.S. every year. And the loons in charge demand that U.S. officials disarm the victims?!! A hundred million American firearms owners probably won’t agree, won’t comply and will vote against candidates who even entertain such an outrageous notion.


This is why the immigration issue is linked to the gun rights issue no matter what the nra or gop says. If there were not millions of mexican immigrants in the us, what power would a mexican government official have to even suggest a change in american laws?


An American official could suggest a change in Mexican law to. For instance,,as I recall, a foreign born person who had taken up Mexican citizenship could not hold elective or other public office in Mexico. Our official could call for a change in that Mexican law, which I doubt would receive much, if any attention. And so,it goes.


Putting it succinctly, perhaps crudely, FU** Mexico.


To put it in classical English: MUCK FEXICO!




Some I agree with others just not ever miss another dose of your made. The problem is not Obama,fast and tedious was started during the Bush administration. Guns and bullets or violence will not either fear will not work either. Our only hope is the ballot, not for POTUS but our cangress and senate. They sit on their fatty acids and take money from special interest groups and get very rich, once in Washington they forget who put them there yet they only work at keeping their seat. We vote them back in because the little honest guy running against… Read more »

Lynn Pridgen

Mexico can’t even take care of the drug cartels much less tell the US to ban weapons. The arms that they get come mostly from South America or Europe. This woman is smoking something!


Mexico is a failed state run by plutocrats like Claudia Ruiz Massieu and drug cartels. Corruption is so deeply ingrained in their culture that they will never rise above being a 3rd world country. I seriously doubt that Ruiz Massieu is above indulging in the “mordida”, drug running or kidnapping. Isn’t it amusing that a plutocrat from a failed state wants to tell us to dismantle our freedoms?

Wild Bill

@Wolfram, You are right about Mexico, all they can do is drag us down to their level. Institutionalized corruption wouldn’t that make things easier for hiLIARy Clintoon and her minions!


U.S. to Claudia, go crap in your hat and pull it down over your ears. Mind your OWN freaking business !

Lynn Pridgen

Gee! I must have been asleep when Mexico gained control of our fire arms. Oh! Wait! Mexico is sovereign so, perhaps they should keep their wet backs at home and mind there own business. Last time I looked we made our own laws in America and didn’t interfere in Mexico’s business. Let’s see, you keep your people on your side of the Rio Grande and we won’t shoot you if you stay over there. See how easy that was?


I spent time in Vietnam and Haiti. I understand why people would want to come to the US. But Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and all those others also didn’t like the way the country was changing. They did not run like cowards, they fought for freedom and many gave up their wealth and their lives. This democracy was designed for those who want freedom and have the intelligence to want to follow the fair laws of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I say let them fight for freedom at home before they ask for rights HERE. Jefferson warned we… Read more »


Claudia, you screwed up your country. Stay out of America’s business.



Lewrockwell has linked to this story on the main page, and lew linked to it yday on his political theater blog. Outstanding!

Gene Ralno

Hopefully, when Trump’s president, it’ll be as acceptable to dislike Mexico as it is to dislike North Korea or Syria. Hopefully, he’ll promote the notion that Mexico is not a race. Perhaps someday, we’ll even admit the vast differences between Latinos and Mexicans. I keep waiting for writers on this subject to learn the definitions of terms Latino, Hispanic and Mexican. The only term that truly fits is “illegal alien” for several reasons. I’ve been trying for years to eliminate some of the confusion regarding illegal aliens and the use of two terms. As a 40-plus-year resident of a state… Read more »

John H.

Idiots from Mexico, should take care of their own corrupted government before they try to screw around with the American gun owners !!


The Real WIN WIN here is if Mexico will PAY for the Wall and take back ALL of THEIR Citizens…. the Wall will prevent any Firearms flowing to Mexico, while at the same time keeping the Drugs and THEIR Citizens from coming to the U.S.

Gene Ralno

Over the past 50 years, our government has proven collectively that it has little interest in keeping the people safe. Our immigration laws are convincing testament to the level of absurdity reached when self serving individuals are anointed with power over national sovereignty. Mexico has been dumping uncounted tens of millions of its neediest, least desirable and most criminal people across the border and has the gall to offer a pretense of diplomacy. Often those dumped onto the American economy are totally undocumented — anywhere — no record at all — born outside any population center — never worked —… Read more »


Great pice, I totally agree. My God, WTF has happened to this once great land of the United States? I am beyond very concerned . . . .If Trump does NOT win, well my friends, the fat lady will sing for the last time is all I can say.

Lynn Pridgen

The issue is not the POTUS but with our “do nothing” Congress. No impeachment of Obama, and No prosecution of Hillary. I’m committed to seeing one or the other in the “Cross Bar Hotel!” Preferably Hillary! I’m afraid Sharia Law is next or Hillary trying to take our weapons (that ain’t gonna’ happen).

marc disabled vet

After the Wall is built let them stop the Flow of ,
Illegal Weapons in their own country , ! Like how ,
they stop the flow of their Illegal drugs from coming ,
into Our country (not) Fair and balanced play

Jim Macklin

The “solution” to the invasion of illegals is really simple. They got here on their own, they can leave the same way. Just put the CEO of the corporation that hires hundreds of illegals in jail six weeks the first time ICE raids their company. The second time ICE raids, put the CEO six months in jail. A third raid and 25 months in Federal prison. Regular prison, not a resort with a golf course and amenities. The CEO and Director of Human Resources will fire every illegal and they will walk home. Hell, we can offer them a bus… Read more »


There you go AGAIN with those radical common sense solutions. Are you off your meds, again? If you don’t stop they’ll be putting you in the same category as Tex and me.


Won’t work. The people you want to put up are well connected and varying degrees of corrupt. What would work would be to sentence the illegals to indentured servitude until they pay their room, board, medical care, and ticket home, as well as the costs of their prosecution. Then sell their indenture to the people already employing them for $5 per hour. Then publicize what you’re doing. The flow will stop overnight. The cheap labor boys will get what they want. And they will have incentive to turn them in. And no cruelty will be done. It always amazes me… Read more »

Jim Macklin

FAST and FURIOUS was an attempt by the obama administration to ban guns after Congress stood up to a call from the Mexican President, in a speech on hte floor of the House calling for te US to ban guns because Mexicans were dying. The Mexican government is corrupt and they do have American assault weapons PROVIDED by the DEA to fight the war on drugs. Those guns get to the cartels. They are full auto military guns, why would the cartel pay $1,000 to $3,000 for a semiautomatic rifle from a commercial FFL? They won’t! But Fast and Furious… Read more »

Edward R Burton

I wish Oliver Stone would make a movie about Obama, Clinton, and Fast and Furious, but they’d probably find Olly dead in his car somewhere between the writing and casting phases of the project. I wouldn’t wish that on him!


While I feel sorry for the average American here in the United States (because of the Clintons and all the other “uber wealthy” raping and pillaging our Country), I especially feel sorry for the average Mexican caught between their even more corrupt “govern”ment (can there really be a more corrupt “govern”ment than our own?) and the drug cartels? Talk about caught in the middle! The only way we can solve our problems here at home is to never ever vote for the incumbent. Until politicians (did you ever in your life ever think that being a “politician” was a real… Read more »


It’s time for the revolution to begin. Only after “We the People” have eliminated the current “aristocracy threat” will the United States of America be able to regain its former glory and status. The peasants need to grab their pitch forks and torches and scale the walls of the castle. Let the noble men and women run for their lives.

Wild Bill

@Mike, We have not the logistics for a revolution. We are less prepared than in 1861. How about a march on Washington, then a Trump victory, then pressure Congress. We can always revolt later if we need to, and get the logistics for it.


I would like to point out a flaw in most peoples thinking that is really important. What makes a rich/wealthy person rich? It is not dollars in the bank! Rich people are rich by their ownership of physical property. Land, art, etc. Seize these physical assets and they instantly become poor people. For example, if the poorly paid workers at a factory “seize” it and continued working, the new owners can continue the already set contracts and create new ones. Looking for the existing government or even a new government after a revolution to fix the wealth inequality is a… Read more »


The minor weapons we are allowed to have are no match for machine guns, tanks, and fighter and bomber aircraft. The Afghanis beat the Russian with hand made .303s, but also had stinger missiles and other weapons we provided. Also the Russians did not trust their own troops or train them properly.
I don’t believe very many would be will to participate in a long bloody revolution, and be easily lead off to the FEMA/concentration camps that have been already prepared.


If those subliterate seventh-century savages in ISIS can capture Soviet main battle tanks, surely the millions of patriotic military veterans on OUR side can appropriate the Abrams and Bradleys and Strykers the regime sends our way. And teach the rest of us how to use them.


I always chuckle at the naysayers (and feel sorry for them because clearly they have already given up before it begins). They fail to recognize from history the many revolutions that were won by the downtrodden facing military organizations supposedly “superior” in manpower and military weapons. I strongly believe that today many of our military would not even fight against their own countrymen (unlike during our Civil War when people had stronger allegiance to their individual state than to the relatively new central “govern”ment of the United States). And “trust?” – United States military commanders at all levels could never… Read more »

Rrichard Underwood

Semper Fi !


Nothing screams Globalist Totalitarian Statism like a Mexican foreign minister railing against ‘assault weapons’ at a U.N. Arms Trade Treaty meeting in Geneva, Switzerland as reported by a Chinese ‘news’ agency.

I reckon mainstream American media doesn’t want to report on this because what’s going on here might even be obvious to the brain dead.

Notice I said ‘might’.

Jorge Norberto Pedace



Mire, huevón. Hay una tecla “bloq mayus”. Si no la encuentras, por favor dejanos en paz, imbecile.
[Admin translate] Look , dude. There is a ” caps lock ” key. If you can not find it , please leave us in peace , imbecile .

Fed Up



Speak English not all out here use your language.


Press 1 for English


Senora ministro: Dju wann de “El Norte” to be as safe as May-hee-koh, which ees an unarmed paradise, no?

Fed Up

ROFL! Senor


I still think that we should reopen Alcatraz (in its present state) and drop the entire Obama regime along with Congress onto it from about 5,000 feet. Parachute not included! The whole area (above, below, around) the island would be declared a “NO-GO” zone patrolled by drones on a 24 hour basis. Any boat, plane or submarine within 500 yards would be destroyed without warning and the waters would be chummed daily to maintain the proper level of shark population. Those who survive will be eligible for parole in about 500 years from the day that individual arrives on the… Read more »


A wee bit too much …. strike the drones part.

HMLA-167 Warrior

I thought the wee bit much part was the crates of chickens and meat animals.

marc disabled vet

Feeding them was a bit too much !
Let them live off their own blood for once .
since they are blood sucking vampires .


Damn right.


I think that as the waters are chummed for the sharks, the population of Alcatraz mysteriously decreases. Hmm…?


Imagine Eric Holder…

…in a Mexican jail.


We can only dream…….


One can only ‘speculate’ how much it would cost for someone, say Dog the Bounty Hunter to ‘acquire’ (with)holder and drop him off in Mexico City……………………NOTE – I am NOT advocating kidnapping, just an exercise in critical thought.


Jeffersonian, I have to tell you, I thought about that for a few seconds and I could feel my blood-pressure start going down to a healthier level. Thank you.


Maybe when Donald Trump is President he should repeat his call for ‘deportation of criminal Mexican illegals’ too?

Wild Bill

@Janek, President Trump should just quietly deport them, and that Moslem trash, and investigate Holder, Soetoro, and the Clintons.

Al Schmidt

No, not investigate them, try them for treason!


AND execute them!

Michael Davidson



I wonder why Congress can not use Holder’s contempt charge to have him disbarred. If there was a price for his corruption and arrogance, perhaps we would have better behavior from the current, and future, AGs.

Silence Dogood

Do as I say and not what I do. Just what you’d expect from the ego-eccentric, condescending, narcissistic machismo, ruling Mexican Elite Class of vile reprobates!!!!! Nothing has changed there!